THE VIDEO "RAJóACIM" - Carmel 1986

PAUL: Kennyís description of the normal way to get in touch with ones guide, letís say through the study of the Course, it sounds like I did it the hard way. Actually, for about four or five months before my first conversation with Raj I was going through a collapse of a business. We were literally being squeezed out of business, even purposefully and aggressively squeezed out of business. And nothing I did was helping. It was just going down the tubes. And I had been raised in a metaphysical background, and relied heavily on prayer and metaphysical treatment for the resolving of problems. And nothing I was doing was helping.

Finally a very good friend of ours suggested that we go and talk to a friend of theirs who did automatic writing. Well this was really not my cup of tea; I mean itís fun to read about Uri Geller and psychics and so on. And once or twice in my life I had gone to one just for the experience. But to go seriously when I was having a problem was not something I was spontaneously inclined to do. The friends though, I respected a great deal and they respected this woman. And so, I figured it couldnít hurt anything, and so we went.

At this point I canít remember what was saidówhat the information was. But after it was over I asked, "where are you getting the information from"? And she said, "from my guides." And I didnít know what guides were or anything, so I briefly asked. And she explained that all of us have a spiritual guide or sometimes more than one. That was pretty much all that was said because we were blocked in by her next appointment.

So, we went home and I went on for about the next month trying to handle things myself and things continued to get worse. And so, finally I thought, "okay, if there really are such things as guides, Iím going to give it a chance." And so, I had been a student of TM, so I had a means of meditating that I was already familiar with.

So, I just started sitting down at night and I would take ten or fifteen minutes and meditate and become centered, then I would just express my desire to be in touch with my guide. A number of times I remember saying, "If there are such things as guide, and if I have one, will whoever it is please speak up." And I did this religiously every night. I would meditate for about fifteen minutes and then I would take another forty-five minutes just to listen for an answer. I did this for about two weeks and then I started to get impatient. And there was one point that I sort of said, "hey, I have other things to do than just sitting here waiting for you to talk, if you want to talk to me you better hurry up." He didnít say anything that night. But I did become aware and at this point I feel very confident that the awareness was provided to me, that to the degree that I was being controlling and saying "you better hurry up and talk" I was keeping myselfóI didnít use the word ego, at the ego levelóbut I was keeping myself at a level of awareness that inhibited my being able to connect with him or for him to connect with me. And so I decided, okay, I would just let it happen when it happened.

And I continued for another half of a week before this one night I was sitting thereóactually, that particular night I had moved over to my typewriter cause I can type about a hundred words a minuteóand I thought I was open for anything and I thought if thereís automatic writing maybe thereís automatic typing. And so I sat down and did my meditation with my hands over the keyboard and I was perfectly willing for my fingers to take off with my having no idea what keys were being hit. But that isnít the way it happened.

I was sitting there and this flow of thoughts just went through my mind that says, "My name is Rajpur, and Iíve been awaiting the right time to speak with you." My immediate reaction was, "Oh sure"! And then behind that the reaction was, "I could have come up with a better opening statement than that," because it was like I would greet you or anybody else would greet anybody else. And there werenít choirs of angels, trumpets, there wasnít a big booming voice. It was just, "My name is Rajpur, and I have been awaiting the right time to speak with you."

So I thought, okay Iíll go ahead and play along with it. And so I just typed down what he was saying and in about fifteen minutes I had five pages of single spaced typing that was beautifully expressed. He touched on my financial situation and my concerns. Mostly he dealt in that conversation with the fact that I was going to have to speak with him often in order to get past the point where I was thinking that maybe I was making it up. And in fact, it took about three months before I could tell a qualitative difference between when he was speaking and when I was thinking, letís put it that way.

The easiest way I can describe the experience, is that itís very much like if you were to say the "pledge of allegiance" or a poem that youíve memorized if you were to say it in your mind. There would be a flow of words in your mind, but you wouldnít have to be figuring out what to say next. You wouldnít have to figure out how is this going to impact on the person Iím talking to, what am I trying to say, whatís the best way to say it, etc. Itís just a flow of words.

Now it isnít just a flow of words, because thereís a feeling. You feel the meaning of the words. And he explained to me in that first conversation that he was actually communicating to me in meanings and my mind was adding the words. And that if he was speaking to someone in India, he would speak in the same meanings but their mind would translate it into their language, and it would seem as though they were hearing him in their language. And so there is a feeling with it.

Nevertheless, I found that my rational mind was ready to come up with all sorts of explanations and rationalizations, like you are tapping into a very creative part of yourself that youíve never accessed before, etc. There were constant arguments I came up with and yet there was a part of me that knew that this wasnít true, that what was happening was real.

I had in the past done some writing. I had put out a newsletter at one point. And just to put out four pages took me a month of writing and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting, and when it actually went to press I still wasnít finished with it as far as I was concerned. And on that first night to end up with five pages of material that was truly helpful to me, and that was so beautifully put, was something I knew I wasnít able to do.

QUESTION: Can you talk about some of the ways we can be awake more frequently than we are currently?

RAJ: There is really only one way, and that is to desire to wake up. You see the desire to wake up makes a statement to the effect that you acknowledge that you are asleep. That is an honesty which is essential to waking up. It is the equivalent of saying that what I am seeing is illusion. It simply means: I acknowledge that I am not seeing anything in its ultimate, natural, primitive state.

When doubt is cast upon what you believe at the moment, it opens the way for clarification to occur. But as long as you are positive that you understand things correctly, you are a closed mind.

Now there is one practice, which is essential in one form or another to waking up. And that is a practice which causes you to become still. And it is the equivalent of the biblical instruction, "to go into your closet and to pray to thy Father which is in secret," which meansówhich is in the silence, which is in the absence of your busy ego-thinking. And so the practice of becoming still, which is generally described as meditation, is essential in one form or another.

I would encourage you not to use any form of meditation which involves posturing, such as yoga, unless you are already highly skilled at it and have gotten to the place where you are not having to get past your body and the complaints about the postures.

It is not complicated to wake up. It does not require a rigorous exercise or physical process. It simply requires becoming quiet. To be conscious is not the equivalent of thinking. It is quite possible to be absolutely totally conscious with no thought whatsoever.

Now when one becomes still, one becomes definitely established in the moment of conscious experience that he is in. The process of meditation pulls you out of the future and the past. It allows you to be totally present with everything in the now. And the now is the holy instantóthe now of conscious experience.

You wake up by moving through dead center of the moment of conscious experience that you are always in. If you understand that, you will not see yourself as moving toward your salvation, and that maybe someday, sometime, some lifetime you may achieve it. Itís right smack dab in the middle of the moment you are in at this moment.

So become still and then ever so quietly desire to know the Truth about anything you want to know the Truth about. "What is the Divine Reality of my toe that I stubbed today, that is killing me? What is the Divine Reality right there where it is throbbing? I want to know the Truth about my toe. I want to know the Truth about paying my bills appropriately and in a way that meets everyoneís needs when I donít seem to have enough."

Desire to know whatever you need to know. If you donít have any burning issue, just open yourself up to Knowing, with a capital "K," not the ego beliefs and reasoningsódesire and silent listening are the key. It is that simple. Keep it that simple.

The Kingdom of Heaven and the Divine Reality of You do not constitute prizes which you must win or earn, they are your birthright. You must claim your birthright. It must have priority over and take precedence over any other goals.

Now as I said, gently desire it. The more gently you do it the less ego control you bring to bear upon your desire. Desire it gently and then be still and allow it to unfold in and as your experience. Let it in. This is the real definition of love.

Love is not something you extend to something else. It is the acknowledgment, the letting into your conscious level of awareness the Reality of each and everything you see, including yourself. Love is an act of receipt. When you desire to experience yourself Divinely, that desire is the opening of the door that allows you to experience yourself as you are.

As you know, the ego is nothing more than a simple defense mechanism. It is an act of defense. It is an act of blocking. And if you think love is an act of reaching out over your defense system and over someone elseís defense system to reach them, you are sadly mistaken. Love is the letting down of your defense system so that, that which is Divinely presenting itself to youóeven though it thinks itís an ego and acts like an egoócan be seen and acknowledged by you, is what constitutes the act of love. It is what is healing. But it isnít something you have extended to another. It is something you have let yourself experience. You have let the Divinity of that one in. You have not defended yourself against perceiving it. Itís much easier than trying to project it through space, through your belief structures, through the others belief structures and somehow connecting with him. Neither his defense systems nor yours will allow you to succeed in that endeavor.

So you make a conscious choice to experience what is Real in yourself and in others. You invite the experience of the Reality in. There is nothing that can block the fulfillment of that desire, because the process does not engage the ego in any way. It does not violate the egoís structures. It simply disregards them. The ego has no defense against disregard! Withdraw your attention from it and it has no power. Fight it and you substantiate it.

There isnít any process to waking up. Regular church attendance, even doing the daily lessons for three hundred and sixty-five days will not get you into the Kingdom of Heaven. They contribute to your arriving at a point of giving up, of relaxing and allowing the Holy Spirit or allowing your guide or allowing your inspiration and enlightenment to fill you. They help you arrive at a point where you can logically and feelingly release your defenses so that the Kingdom of Heaven can begin to get into that place where you have been hiding behind your defenses, and register with you. Love is letting in that which is constantly confronting you, Divinely speaking.

QUESTION: Raj, are there specific examples you could give me of others besides Paul Tuttle that youíve talked to in the last couple of thousands of years?

PAUL: Can I ask, do you mean in the same way?

QUESTION: Well direct communication not through intermediaries or by symbols.

PAUL: Like in form, real life? Iím sorry. You do not mean through a channeling process?

QUESTION: Well thatís what it would be called by most people.

RAJ: I have spoken with many whom you would not recognize if I gave you their names.

QUESTION: Could you tell me some I would recognize?

RAJ: Yes. *Glenda (Lippmann) and Grady (Claire Porter), Virginia Esseam and the one that you are most interested in hearing, Helen Schucman. I have of course spoken with you, not through Paul, but you are not as impressed with that, that is not to say it has not meant anything. That answers your question.

QUESTION: There is an avalanche right now of inspiring material confronting mankind from all sides. Is most of this under your supervision, if you are not directly responsible for it?

RAJ: Supervision is not the best word, because you must understand that this shift of consciousness, this awakening of mankind is a joint effort or movement, which everyone who is waking up is an equal participant in and which he could not avoid or she could not avoid if he or she wanted to. There is no need for force or coercion because it is a natural event. What there is a need for, is support, encouragement. And the manner in which that encouragement is given is technically my responsibility. But it is a responsibility which I do not have to exercise, because those providing the help are equally Awake and are simply being the appropriate and perfect expression of the Fatherís will. And thatís the end of the answer.

QUESTION: Is there a story you could tell us that was behind the choice of a Jewish Psychologist, a self-described militant atheist as your ........(?) have described?

RAJ: Mostly she was willing, even though she fought it, she was willing in her heart. As you know, what one proclaims publicly is very seldom what one feels. There was a simple genuineness there and a very humble piety, an ingrained spirituality, which was a very private thing for her, something which she did not allow herself to look upon in very bright light herself. But nevertheless it was there.

Now it happens that there is orderliness in everything. And so the ways in which you described her, can from a psychological standpoint be treated as facets of the process that cause it to seem to be genuine. Thereís no mistake in that.

But at the bottom line, the reason I worked with her was because she was willing. Now it is irrelevant, because it is what each one does with those books. It is the growing that each one allows himself to experience that counts. To her dying day she claimed not to embrace the principles. She was living proof of the principles and she fulfilled a part in the Awakening process that was essential. Thatís the end of the answer.

QUESTION: Raj, the "Course In Miracles" teaches "In our defenselessness our safety lies." And Iím still not clear what I am defending. Is it this personality that you talked about earlier?

RAJ: Absolutely.

QUESTION: My body? This ego?

RAJ: You defend your feeling of vulnerability. You feel vulnerable because you do not experience who you Are, Really. You defend a very finite experience of your Totality, because you are experiencing everything through the five physical senses only. You feel small. You feel separate. You see this tiny ego sense is a very small area of the Totality of your Being. And this is important to understand. It is not a separate reality. It is a finite or limited part of the infinity of your Being. With this partial experience of what you Totally Are, you end up with a very biased, incomplete sense of self, which cannot help but feel vulnerable because itís Totality is not available to it to substantiate its invulnerability.

In this biased frame of mind change cannot be allowed. Change threatens whatever the status quo is that has been able to be established by this finite sense. Change increases the sense of vulnerability. And so everyone defends themselves against their fear. And their fear is of change. And so everyone defends himself or herself against his enlightenment, because enlightenment is going to mean a changed perspective. It is going to mean experiencing yourself differently. This is one of the reasons that there are guides. This is the reason there is the Holy Spirit to help you grasp that that which is beyond your limited sense of self is your Self, totally unforeign to you, because it is you in your Divine actuality.

Now the ego cannot perceive the meaning of what I have just said. And if you have understood what I have just said, then that means that that part of you, that part of what you Divinely are that is constituting this limited ego sense, is hearing and understanding. No matter how much you close down your Infinity, no matter how tiny you make it, still what is embraced within the boundaries of the ego structure is what you Divinely Are. And so it is always present to recognize and respond to the Truth. This is why when you are willing to love your brother as yourself it strengthens him. Because whatever degree of your Divinity you are able to own and acknowledge allows you to recognize the truth about your fellow man and acknowledge it in him, and it strengthens him, and it strengthens you.

What are you defending yourself against? The Kingdom of Heaven. What are you defending yourself against? Your Christhood, your fulfillment, your experience of your Inviolable Eternal Being. Understand, that to deny that, is totally sensible to the ego, because it is a defense mechanism. And the only territory it has to defend is the territory it has created by means of imagination. But understand, that territory is right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, Reality.

This evening is a Divine event of Christís sharing. That is what is really happening. Not one of us is more important than the other or less important. And whether you see it or not a Heavenly event is transpiringóReality is going on perfectly in this spot. And all that keeps you from seeing it, is your fear that if you let it in you will lose your identity. And I tell you that you will gain your identity and lose the artificial imagined sense of yourself that seems more real to you at the moment. You will lose only the limitation. I want you to understand though, that even if you do not let it go in this moment, it does not change the fact that every event is a Divine event and is going on in the middle of Reality or the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not a "far-off" to get to.

You have nothing to protect yourself against. And understand, that your defense creates that which you must defend yourself against, because with defensive glasses on all you can see is the need for defense. Defensive glasses see attack all around it, right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven. Itís preposterous! And you say, "but I must do this, and I must do that, and I must go through this process, and I must yield up this" and so on. All you need to do is take off the glasses, or at least stop squinting and saying that you cannot see the perfection.

You see it is in the relinquishment of the defensiveness that you put yourself in the position of being receptive to the clearer perception, which you call the healing of a problem. It is something you are absolutely conditioned against doing, by the ego. You are told that it is idiocy, that it is foolish to love in the face of hate, that it is foolish to be centered in the middle of a crisis. And yet those who dare to do so find all evidences of a crisis dissolving.

Do not be surprised that you feel the need for defenseóit is not justification for self-criticismóit is perfectly understandable from within your present frame of reference. But there is a greater frame of reference and you have the option to desire to experience it and not blindly assume that things are exactly the way you are perceiving them at the moment, based on the information you presently have. The information that you presently have is not enough to give you peace, is it? But thatís no problem. The information you need is present and available, because all of what you Divinely Are is present. And the steps that will identify resolution, as opposed to conflict, will come to you when you stop validating what your mind is telling you is happeningówhat your conditioning is telling you is happening.

I want you to remember that at this instant and at every instant you are in the middle of Reality, Perfection, the Infinite unfoldment of Life, God, and that It is You and You are It. You cannot even say that you are inseparable, because there isnít even that much separation. And therefore, when you seem not to have enough information to be at ease, you can assume that the information is nevertheless present, available to you and just waiting to be let in.

You are inviolable. Your well-being is inviolable. Believe it! If it is inviolable, the experience of inviolability is available to you, it is active at this moment and anything that your reasoning is telling to the contrary is illusory. Be willing to invalidate the illusion. Do not energize it by rehearsing it in you mind, by playing it over and over and feeling the feelings of fear and at some level enjoying the drama.

Be willing to even assume that your inviolability is an active vital fact and then take time to be at peace and desire to experience it. And understand that the experience of it relates to everything going on in the three-dimensional frame of reference. And therefore, the experience of your integrity will constitute the integrity and harmony of your life on planet earth. It will not be etheric, untouchable, but wonderful to feel while you are starving. Thatís not integrity. Right where the illusion seems to be Reality is functioning flawlessly. And it is right where the illusion seems to be that your fulfillment is present to be experienced, not in a fluffy pink cloudówonderful spiritual nonsense. Fulfillment is the meeting of the need right where you are. And the reason it can be fulfilled right where you are is because Reality is the only actual thing happening right where you are.

Now Reality might not conform to your concepts or to your goals, but it conforms to you. It conforms to everything that is wholesome, healthy, fulfilling, satisfying and meaningful today with your dense body. Reality is always present at all belief levels and available to be experienced in language of present perception. That is so important to understand. You are never absent from your Good. And as long as you seem to be bound in the ego frame of reference, you will always find your Good, with a capital "G," available in language, in terms that meet the need in spite of the ego sense. Again, the reason being that no matter what you believe, you are always smack dab in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven.

QUESTION: How do we refer to you? Are you an entity, a being? Whatís the proper term for you?

RAJ: The most appropriate one is an individuality, just as you are an individuality. You are, let us say, the Father Individualized. All of mankind, in fact all of Creation is the Father Infinitely Individualized. And so Individuality is the best word, although trees and rocks and plants are not appropriately called individualities.

QUESTION: Are you the Individuality that Jesus became aware of and referred to as the Christness or the Christhood? And are you the individuality that inspired Helen to write "The Course In Miracles?"

RAJ: I am the Individuality who was known as Jesus. Understand, that the Christ is Individuality that is Totally Awake, that owns its Divinity without any defensiveness and therefore without any of the distortions that accompany such defensiveness. Therefore, you are the Christ. I am the Christ. Each Individuality is the Christ. The Christ is the Father in expression without anything obscuring it.

QUESTION: What Iím really interested in knowing, is whether or not there is really anything wrong? And what I mean by that is, if everything we see is an expression of the Infinite Mind, then the ego to some degree had to be created somewhere along the line and Iím assuming also in as much as the ego exists in some sense of the word, must be part of the Infinite Mind. What went wrong, or did anything go wrong, or is this just simply part of the play? I donít know if I expressed it well enough?

RAJ: In the sense that I mentioned earlier, the limited ego sense is, you might say, a small part of the territory of ones Infinite Being. It is not the territory that is illusory. It is the boundary around the territory that seems to separate one from his Infinite conscious experience of Being that is illusory.

The boundaryóthe line, if you willóis what constitutes the little gap, that which seems to separate you from your full conscious experience of what you infinitely Are as the presence of the Father. Now, as long as the boundary, as long as the little separating gap exists, you are experiencing your Being in a false way. And yes, something is wrong! It is not natural! It is not normal! And it literally is not to be tolerated! But each one must come to the point where he refuses to tolerate it any longer before anything can happen.

At this time I am not going to go into "what went wrong." The simple fact is, and this is what I meant to convey to you, that there is something ultimately right going on at this instant, in this moment, in this spot! It is Reality! It is You! And all that is necessary to experience it is to desire it.

You are existing in a state of illusion in the middle of Reality. It does not make sense! Because it doesnít make sense because it isnít intelligent, it doesnít present enough substance, it doesnít present enough actuality to actually bind you. It doesnít have enough substance to restrain you from waking up. And so I encourage you to address your attention to waking up, rather than finding out "what went wrong."

I will tell you this, what went wrong is part of the illusion. When you wake up it will be like waking up from a dream in which something went wrong. Upon waking up you will realize none of it happened. It was a dream, not an actual event.

In effect, you will see that you are always in the Kingdom of Heaven, but simply asleep. But all along you were Divinely what you Are. And so, I encourage all of you not to waste your time figuring out what happened back when. "Back when" is an illusion. "Up ahead" is an illusion. You see, from within the three-dimensional frame of reference Eternity, which is the Eternal now, gets stretched out on a time-line, past to future. That is an illusion.

You are where you are at this moment. And where you are is in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, thinking you are not. And so, give your attention to the process of stopping the thinking, so that you can discover that you are indeed absolutely Divine, absolutely perfect, absolutely guiltless, period. There is no process in time or space. There are no observances, or gyrations, or mazes which you must move through in order to wake up. Okay, thatís the end of the answer.

QUESTION: Okay one other. My understanding in "The Course In Miracles" of the body is that the body is a proof that the ego uses to reiterate itís false belief that we and the Father are separated. And yet this evening in your expression you are quite complimentary it seemed to me to the body. And if you are the individuality that channeledóyou donít like the word channeledówho inspired "The Course," can you clarify where Iím misreading you here, in this regard about the body?

RAJ: It is absolutely true that the ego misuses it. And as a result of that misuse, it does seem to substantiate your separation. But let me ask you this. If as a result of the misuseówhich simply means the practice of hate and distrust toward your bodyóif as a result of that misuse you are suffering from an excruciating tooth ache and rather than rushing down to the dentist to have him pull the offending tooth, you do exactly the opposite of what your body is screaming at you to do and you choose for your peace and you find within minutes that every evidence of pain has disappeared. Then you can understand that your body has served to identify your oneness with the Father.

The fact that you cannot in any way be separated from the Presence of a Divine Love that is greater than any illusory sense you entertain and that indeed your body has a Divine function, to identify the Presence of your Individuality perfectly. You may choose to argue on either side of the fence. If the body is not available to the ego, because you are not energizing the ego, no misuse will continue to occur and you will have the clearer and clearer experience of a healthy, well-formed, beautiful body.

There is much transformation of perception that needs to occur, until as you are already aware, perception is left behind in the experienceóthe simple experience of oneís Divine Being. Okay, thatís the end of the answer.

QUESTION: Can I ask another one?

RAJ: Okay.

QUESTION: When we become Totally Awake so that we experience our Christhood as you are currently expressing and experiencing your Christhood, will the physical matter, or that which we perceive as physical matter, will that be eliminated or will it be transcended or simply purified so that we will be totally healed by tapping into our peace perpetually?

RAJ: The process will be one of the physical healing of physical disease and the tendency toward becoming physically diseased. That will be in the initial stages, which mankind generally is in at this point in time. Then there will be further improvements in a structural sense so that those who for genetic reasons are inappropriately short waisted or long waisted and short legged will arrive at a truer more balanced proportion.

Things which you would not consider diseases, and which you put up with, such as moles and birth marks, etc., will dissolve so that blemishes disappear. In other words, there will be further manifestation of perfection unfolding. Then you will begin to find the body becoming less dense.

I will explain something very simple to you: The ego sense is a defense system. It is a protection. It is the creation and development of a shell. It is a tightening up. And in effect, the moleculesóthat is not the correct word but it is the closest I can come to itóthe molecules of light become compressed, and the more compressed and dense they become, the less light is emitted. Therefore, as this process of transformation occurs as a direct reflection of oneís inner change of attitude and the releasing of his belief structures and his accessing of his inherent native wisdom, the density will begin to become less packed.

The structure that you experience right now, physically speaking, will become less defined, and there will be a gradual shift and, you could say, the coming into experience of this body of light, which you presently are not able to see. You will always have that which identifies the presence of your Individuality, but without any limitations.

Every single form is a light form. And there is color and the color expresses the meaning just as much as the form expresses the meaning. As I said, the substance of this light is Living Love. And so, each form has or communicates a feelingóthe feeling of Love.

And so, everything has infinitely more meaning than you are presently experiencing: the table, the carpet, the fabric, it all is meaning expressed and expressing. It is the same with your body. And so, it is not as though a time will come when you will have this Body of Light, which will walk around and go to the store and bathe and everything else. It will not just be a different way of having a body, the way youíve always had a body. You donít experience your body as having meaning in a universal context. You have no sense of the way in which it fits in with every single Light Form there is. You do not grasp the interrelatedness, the togetherness if you will, and the fact that it is a felt togetherness.

The cohesiveness is what is meant by the term brotherhood. Brotherhood isnít brotherhood like you and your brother or sister, because even with brothers and sisters you do not feel your essential Oneness, you do not feel your Divinity. You simply love each other more because you have grown up together and have learned to be more unconditional, as a general rule, with your brother or sister than you do with Joe down the street. Thatís the end of the answer.

QUESTION: It sounds good to me.

RAJ: (Laughing) Okay.

QUESTION: Raj, how can I have a Holy relationship and experience unconditional love?

RAJ: By first of all realizing that a Holy relationship is not a very special, special relationship. (Laughter)

A Holy relationship is a relationship in which you honor yourself wholly, w-h-o-l-l-y. You are not half of something. You are the full representation of the Father. You are the full expression of the Father. All that the Father Is, constitutes You. "All that I have, is Thine," that is the dictum of the Father, the nature of the Father.

And so, if you want to have a Holy relationship, go into it in a whole wayónot to get anything. And honor your partner in the same way, as whole and not needing you.

Need is the prison which couples generally bind themselves in and believe it is "true love." But, need always employs control, manipulation, in order to see to it that the need doesnít surface too much, so that it isnít felt too much.

I guarantee you that when you are not confronted by a needy person, it is much easier to be defenseless. When you are around somebody who is cloying, who would hold you, who would entrap you in order to make him feel safe and secure, you will be hard pressed not to become defensive. "Give me some space." The real experience of being needed by another is not comfortable or pleasant. If you have to be defensive, you will not have the peace or the obvious capacity to give willingly. A demand for your gift invariably causes the giver to pull back. An obligation for a gift causes one to tighten up and withhold.

The gift you must bring to a holy relationship is the best sense of your wholeness that you can bring to the relationship and a desire on your part to connect more significantly with your wholeness within you, without laying a trip on your partner to provide that sense of your completeness.

Remember that I said, love is really a matter of receipt, the letting in of that which is Real in each and everything? If you are not feeling whole, you will feel defensive because you will feel vulnerable. And as long as your defenses are up, you will not let in the experience of recognizing the essential Divinity of the one you are with. Out of your peace comes the ability to join with your partner without any sense of need.

Whenever somebody is around someone who is not expressing need, that one feels comfortable and at ease. One feels spontaneously light, because there is no edge of defensiveness, no uneasy feeling that could be interpreted as, "I donít think she likes me. I better be careful, something funny is going on here."

The key to waking up in relationships or simply in life, is being willing to be quiet; to go within; to be the door through which the Father moves into expression now; to be the place where your Being can flow without obstruction into appropriate actions. And as you take the time to nurture the experience and you experience it and feel the integrated joy of it and the immovable peace of it and you recognize that this is the experience of what you essentially are, as I said before, you will discover what is truly lovable in your partner whether he sees it or not yet. And your vision, which is really coming from a level of experience, will make it easier for him to let go of his defenses, because you are harmless.

A Holy relationship is a relationship in which, to the best of your ability, you be what you Divinely Are. It is a relationship in which you do not magnify the ego, you do not gather your information from the egoís memory banks. It is a relationship in which you desire to know the truth, you desire to know what you need to know to be in absolute harmony with who you Divinely Are and who your mate Divinely Is.

When both desire to live out from the holy spirits guidance, more than proving who is right or who is wrong, more than either one of you getting what youíve always wanted all your life, you will have a joy and a peace and a living proof of the reasonableness of being defenseless.

It is work, because the ego does try to get in there. And you must make a choice for the ego or for your Being, with a capital "B," for the ego or for the Holy Spirit.

As I have said before, but not this evening, the Holy Spirit is the ninety-eight percent of you that you are not presently accessing, that you are presently rejecting by means of this little ego boundary, this line that constitutes the little gap. The Holy spirit is your Self, held in trust while you play around at being a little ego.

And so, if you wish to have a Holy relationship, you will be constantly making a choice for your Self, with a capital "S," not your ego. Your Self, with a capital "S," and your partners Self, with a capital "S," are inseparable, in absolute harmony and yet there is distinct individuality. And when both of you are willing to take guidance from the Holy Spirit, which as I have just said is truly each of your capital "S" Selves and you act out from that level, you will exist in a beautiful harmony. And you will set the tone for the reestablishment of the Brotherhood of man as an actual experience on your planet. Okay, thatís the end of the answer.

QUESTION: "The Course" says that there is no death. And in some of your conversations you have spoken of the alternative of ascension rather than the traditional death. Can you give us a discourse on this?

RAJ: You have already stated the fact quite succinctly. All I care to say at this moment is that each and every person who is hearing what I am saying is absolutely capable of moving beyond, let us say, this life experience by ascending. No one is at too primitive a level of development to not be able to leave except by dying.

In other words, I want it to be perfectly clear that ascension is possible in this lifetime. Do not assume that it is something for you to experience at a later lifetime, after there has been more spiritual growth. You must begin to think radically, now. As I said earlier, the only thing that limits you is your belief. The clear undistorted perception of Reality is available in only one place, and that is in the middle of the moment of conscious experience that each one of you is always in. It has nothing to do with time.

Your freedom to move from here to any point in the universe, your ability to do it, is available at this moment and the only thing that keeps you from it is your belief. Your ability to ascend is available also. You must stop projecting your Awakening out on to some actual time-line that you believe exists, because all you do is delay your discovery of your present potential. Okay, thatís the end of the answer.

QUESTION: Is that true for someone with so-called Alzheimerís disease and with a fetus that is about to be aborted voluntarily?

RAJ: It is the possibility of course. What governs it, is the decision of the individuality and the belief structures that are being employed.

QUESTION: Do you have a message for this group, at this moment, in this now?

RAJ: Only this: You are Whole, even though you are presently experiencing, let us say, but two percent of what you are in your Totality, your Totality is present and functioning flawlessly. The ninety-eight percent of your Self, which you are defending yourself against, is of course intent upon not being divided in any way. And so, it is constantly insinuating Itself through these ego structures that constitute the ego boundary.

So, my message to you is, that your Being has a message for you. It has had, and it has constantly been goading you out of your limitation. And the only necessity there is, is for you to start actively listening. The moment you begin to listen, you are not energizing your defenses against your Awakening. You become in harmony with your Being. You can see in this way that each one of you is your own savior. That which you Divinely Are is what will save you from what you think you are.

Do not look outside yourself. And when you think of the Holy Spirit, no longer think of it as a part of the trinityóthe Father, the Son and the Holy Spiritóas though it were in some way Divinely separate from you, but available to you to help you in your piteous trek to spirituality. This Holy spirit is your disowned Self, your rejected Self, which your ego sense has rejected. It is You that you are listening to and the Holy Spirits perfect wisdom is Your wisdom. And when you own it, when you allow it, then you discover that you are the Son that you had thought of as part of the trinity. And you will discover that the Son, is the Father in expressionóabsolute unity, Oneness, Indivisibility and therefore the total absence of conflict. And you wonít even talk about the Father and the Son, you will just Be what you Are and what you Are is just the Father Being All.

I am not here to do anything for you. I am here to encourage you to dare to be like me, your Self, because there is no difference except in your belief. And you must dare to think well of yourself. And you must stop playing into the role of being this worthless nothing, that isnít even supposed to eat the crumbs that fall from Godís table. Your place is at the table, it always has been. And you want to know something? You have been sitting at the table for Eternity, you havenít stopped for an instant from being what you Divinely Are. But in your imagination you have dreamed many dreams and believed them. You donít need a savior, you need to discover that you Are what you are looking for. You need to dare to own it. You need to dare to incorporate it.

Okay thatís the end of the answer. And that strikes me as being an appropriate place to end. Thank you all for coming.

QUESTION: Thank you.

RAJ: You are welcome.


*Glenda and Grady wrote a book titled: Conversations With JC (Listening to my Self) Vol. I & Vol. II.

I think Virginia Esseam also might have written a book but Iím not sure Iím spelling her name correctly. You might ask James Yax, he was the one who gave me the information a long time ago.

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