Raj at Kingston -- March 26, 1995

QUESTION: Raj, I would like to learn how to teleport myself. I have a son that will be in Japan for the rest of the year, I have a friend in Cypriot. And thereís some part of me that just seems to feel that this would be a natural thing to do, but when I think about it I donít want to show up in my friendís kitchen and scare her to death or something. So would you talk to me about this, thank you.

ANSWER: It has been a long time since anyone has asked a question about this. The first thing you need to know is, that you, everyone, will never teleport by a shear act of will of your own. I mean by that, that a decision that you make at a given instant will not be what will cause the event to occur. Just as with guidance, one must be joined with another who is AwakeóTotally Awakened. The event called teleportation will only occur when one is joined with one who is Totally Awake. You see, in order for anything meaningful, truly meaningful to happen, it must be congruent with the Fatherís Will.

Now letís take this out of a religious context. It must be congruent with the Movement of Creationóthe ongoing current Movement of Creation. When you or anyone else acts independently, by virtue of authorizing an event, or activity, or a thought on your own, that which has been authorized does not have congruence. It doesnít fit in, because the one who has exercised this authority didnít bother to check in, you might say, with the Movement of Creation to see whether it fit.

Now, before you take long jaunts I would encourage you to start going from the living room to the bedroom, or the bedroom to the living room, preferably when no one else is around. For two reasons (1) it might frighten them and (2) you would become self-conscious in the process, and you need to be in your peace. And so literally, I would encourage you to sit down somewhere and meditate, become still, as still as possible, and then in an attitude of reaching out to your guide, express your desire to move to the living room, to another chair, if you will. Let it be from one place to another place that is like the first placeóchair to chair, you see. Or sit on the floor and go from the floor of the bedroom to the floor of the living room.

Do not try to will yourself there, because literally the only thing that will happen is a shift of attention. But again, donít sit in the bedroom trying to move your attention to the living room. This is still you trying to participate in the act of authorizing the Movement. You ask for guidance, you ask your guide, or you ask the Holy Spirit to move you.

Now you will find some subtle things occurring in your mind. One of which will be, "Well, if I really relinquish this even to the governance of the Holy Spirit, who knows where Iíll end up? What if I donít end up in the living room?" Now all that amounts to is one last little attempt to justify exercising some authority over the event. It also is a way of justifying not trusting. And just as with listening to guidance where trust is essential, trust is essential to moving from one place to another by a simple shift of the attention.

What I am telling you is that you must ask the Holy Spirit or you guide to facilitate the shift of attention. Because until it is done for you you will have a preconception of what that means. It isnít until you yield to the support of the Holy Spirit and have the experience that you will understand what the shifting of attention really means, especially since at this point you think that the shifting of attention is always an act of willóa decision of your own. And yet, shifting the attention can occur without an act of will, and I cannot explain to you how that can be, you must ask for the experience that you cannot be in charge of so that the experience can be had again without your being in charge of it but with your knowing what it means to shift the attention in a way that causes you to one instant be in the bedroom and in another instant to be in the living room.

Now I am not meaning to make this sound complicated or as though it were something you could never achieve. Since 1988 it has been possible, prior to that time it was not possible for anyone on the face of your globe to do it because of the density of the thought, globally speaking. In 1988 a threshold was moved over in which it became possible. And so you can indeed approach this with a clear sense of its possibility, even though you donít have the foggiest notion of how to make it happen. And you know what, I encourage everyone else to give permission for his kind of experience.

I want you also to realize that if indeed everyone where able to move anywhere instantaneously privacy would forever be gone. Safety of your belongings would forever be lost. I mean by that, that it would be very easy for someone to teleport into your house, pick something up, teleport out with it. This is why it will not happen as an act of will. You see? And those who are willing to allow the experience to occur with the help of the Holy Spirit, will never find themselves being able to teleport for an inappropriate reason.

Nevertheless, as individuals begin to give permission for the experience and the experience occurs, everyone will be faced with the opportunity (surprise, surprise) to experience the real meaning of community. It will be something that will draw people together because in the face of it defense will become nonsensical. If you stop and think about it privacy is for the purpose of defense. You defend your space when you maintain privacy.

As the ability to move anywhere instantaneously begins to occur, everyone will find it an absolute requirement for them to stop defining their fellow man as enemy, as someone to protect themselves against, because if they donít abandon it they will live in a constant state of fear. A fear so tremendous that they will find ultimately that they have no other choice than to abandon it and embrace and love and let in their fellow man.

If everybodyóIím coming back to this illustration that I said couldnít actually happenóbut if everybody, anybody and everybody could have access to your privacy it would be an overwhelmingly scary thing. And yet the act of maintaining privacy is the act of constantly resubstantiating separateness, lack of trust. And lack of trust about your fellow man is what each one has to abandon, whether itís because teleportation is beginning to happen or perhaps just because itís the only intelligent thing to do. Itís the only intelligent thing to do because to do otherwise means that you are maintaining a definition of your fellow man. And in maintaining it you are holding your fellow man hostage to your definition of him or her as enemy, whom you are justified to keep out of your space, out of your privacy.

Now, I just am trying to point out to you that the freedom to be anywhere you want is going to take away privacy. In other words, itís going to require some major changes of how you treat your fellow man and of how you conceive your world. And it is another one of those disintegrating structures that seems very valuable, but isnít, that many people will work through, I will even say, suffer through, because they cannot conceive that what is behind the structure of privacy is desirable. But what is really behind the structure of privacy is communion, is love.

Now, (Raj laughs) you may also wonder whether you want to be the first one to teleport and set all of this into motion. And I encourage you not to be that conscientious or serious about doing it. I encourage you to be light about it. I encourage you to have an expectation. I encourage you to give permission for it. And remember that you must join with your guide or the Holy Spirit and you must say, "This is my desire, Thy Will be done."

I will tell you that your capacity to teleport is natural. It is your birthright. It is therefore something that there is no justification for not being able to experience. There is no justification for it not happening. The only thing is that it must happen according to Thy Will, His Will, the Fatherís Will. It must be congruent with the Movement of Creation that is going on at this moment. It must fit in.

So be a light hearted explorer in this regard. If it could have happened anytime since 1988 then whatever "impact" it may have on the world, the world is ready for. I am glad you asked the question.


Raj at Kingston -- January 21, 1998

QUESTION: Raj, Iíve been on a spiritual path for a long time. And I followed you for a long time, but I just recently started the Course of Miracles," and Iíve run into a little snag, which I was hoping perhaps that you could shed some light on. And Iím going to read to you what the paragraph in which it appears. It says.... Well, for one thing it is the word "create" and "creation," which they use frequently. And in the preface it states: "Truth is unalterable, eternal and unambiguous. It can be unrecognized, but it cannot be changed. It applies to everything that God created, and only what He created is real. It is beyond learning because it is beyond time and process. It has no opposite; no beginning and no end. It merely is."

Now I believe that God does not create, because if it did it would take that time and process that they talk about, and it would require a beginning. And I believe as it says there, it merely is. What is your viewpoint on that, and the use of the word "creation"?

ANSWER: Would you read it one more time please?

QUESTION: All right. "Truth is unalterable, eternal and unambiguous. It can be unrecognized, but it cannot be changed. It applies to everything that God created, and only what He created is real. It is beyond learning because it is beyond time and process. It has no opposite; no beginning and no end. It merely is."

ANSWER: Then you have the wonderful opportunity to discover how creation occurs without time. Another word for God is "Being." And very often the word "being" relative to God is seen as a noun, but the word "being" relative to God is really a verb. God is a verb. That is why there is Life. God is the Movement of being, not the movement of a supreme being, but the movement of be-ing the verbóthe movement of existing, except "being" is the more accurate word.

Movement does not take time. Why? Because contrary to the way you are perceiving at the present time, it isnít occurring in space. And space is the only place where time can exist. So where is life happening? Itís all happening in the conscious experience of its happening. In other words, itís all in Mind, if you will. But Mind is God. God is Mind, God is Life, God is Truth. So the Movement of Being is the Movement of Mind. And the Movement of Mind is the experience of consciousness. And Mind does not occupy space, but it is inseparable from the experience of consciousness. What is there for consciousness to be conscious of? Only itself, because it is the presence that is God, it is the Movement of Being.

The Movement is infinite, therefore there is no place for the Movement to go. And yet the experience of being occurs. Time has nothing to do with it, space has nothing to do with it. And truly the process of awakening involves making a shift from the perception of thingsówhich are really ideas experienced in mindóit is the shifting from the perception of things in space to the experience of them being the inseparable presence of you. And to make that more meaningful, or shall I say more relevant, when you wake up, or as you become more and more clearly awake, you will begin to recognize yourself in everything. You will see it and you will say, "Ahh, itís just like me." In other words, there is nothing about it that is foreign or at odds with you.

Right now you all have experiences of seeing something and recognizing its beauty immediately. Thereís just no question about its being beautiful. This experience of beauty is an experience of recognizing yourself in that thing. In other words, there is nothing about the beauty of that thing which is at odds with your ability to recognize beauty.

Now thatís just an example of what I mean when I say you will say, "itís just like me," except as you wake up it will be more than the recognition of beauty. It is as though every constituent part of that thing, whether itís the view out the window, or an object that is smaller in your hand. It will be a recognition that every constituent part of what you are seeing, whether itís water, whether itís land, whether itís trees that have pine needles and leaves and bark and ants crawling up, all the constituent parts of what you see are just like you. In other words, are not in any way unrecognizable to you as that which is completely in harmony with who and what you are at the very depth of your being. These are inadequate words that I am using to express the wholeness of the experience, but they express the feeling and convey the idea.

You will be aware not just at an overall whole view, but of every constituent part of what is there. And you will recognize yourself in itóitís just like you, or you are just like it. There is nothing out of sync in any way.

Now this experience still leaves everything appearing to be in space with the mountains across the water, and trees on the mountains, and snow on the mountains, etc., with other things closer to you. But space does not remain a factor that is relevant to you. Because you know what? The apparent space between you and those things, and the apparent space between the ants and the needles on the trees and the bark, etc., the very space is just like you. It is a constituent part of the conscious experience you are having.

And so the experience of Life becomes integrated, unified, one and itís just like you and youíre just like it. But everythingís sill apparently is not all jumbled together into an undistinguishable ball of infinite manifestation of God. You see. In this recognition of yourself, it becomes obvious that itís all a conscious experience, which in itself involves no time, and involves no space. But nevertheless, what is being experienced moves because Mind, you might say in the act of being conscious of itself moves and is experienced as something by itself. And that self is you and that self is the needle on the tree and it is the space in between, and yet none of it is segregate or separate from anything else. It takes infinity for that which is timeless and spaceless to be fully realized, or to be realizing itself forever.

So I encourage you to begin to consider creation as something that does occur, but something which does not bring into play time and space and does not take time and space in which to occur. And then as you look at everything, begin to let loose of the sense of time and space to what you are seeing and remember that it is a conscious experience that you are having. And if it is a conscious experience that you are having it must necessarily be an experience of God, even if you have some misinterpretations involved. And then become curious to see God in the Movement that seems to be taking time and have the sense of time thatís involved disappear out of the picture.

There you go, that is something you can be curious about. That is something you can play with, as I said earlier, "what if, what if there is no space to this experience of a world Iím having? What if there is no time to the experience of this world Iím seeing?" Ah! Hey, play with that if you want to learn to teleport. Play with that so that you can play with teleportation. Does that answer your question?


"Rest Time"

From: Raj at Princeville 1994


QUESTION: Iíd like to clarify what has seemed to me to be a space Iíve been in for approximately six months. It began when we finished the foundation of the home that we are building here. And since that time Iíve felt like Iím totally in what you were calling a neutral place, I hope. Or is it possibly an inertia on my part, as I donít seem to be willing, or knowing possibly what is appropriate to do, whether to seek financing through a mortgage situation, or...

I really donít understand whatís happening, so I wonder if you might clarify the present situation with myself and our family, regarding the home and where I am coming from in all of this?

ANSWER: Indeed, and the answer is much more hopeful than you are conceiving it to be. I want you to imagine a conductor of a symphony standing on the podium with the conductorís copy of the music in front of himóthe conductorís score. And there is a line for the violins: the first, second, third, fourth violins; first viola, second viola, cellos, etc., etc. It is as though you are the line that says violas. And the music starts and the violas play, and the music is beautiful.

And then all of a sudden there are thirty two bars of rests for the violas. Well, if you look at it personally, you might say, "What did I do wrong? How come Iím not being allowed to play here? Oh, I know, the composer doesnít like violas." And on and on and on the thinking can go. But itís just that in the overall beauty that the symphony is expressing, the violas go in and out, they play and they donít play. And when they are playing, they are contributing. And when they are not playing, they are contributing to the symphony.

And so, you have a period of rest here that is in perfect order. But indeed, since there is an ethic of doing that everyone finds themselves suffering from, you are saying, "But there must be some way for me to do, some way for me to play. I am a viola player, not a viola rester. I didnít spend all of these years practicing so that I could sit here twiddling my thumbs."

Well, surprise! Thatís exactly what you did. You learned how to play, how to be, so that you could do and not do in the way that contributes uniquely to the universal score, if you will. "Well, I donít know how long I can put up with measure after measure after measure of rests. Hey conductor, speed it up a little bit, please. Make these next thirty two bars go by a little bit faster so I can feel my fulfillment of purpose." But there is fulfillment of purpose in the measures that have rest. And if you were playing, if you were doing something in the world during those measures of rest, it would not be the same symphony.

What you really need to know is that there really are measures of rest. It isnít that there are notes there that you are supposed to be playing, that you have been distracted from, and therefore you somehow need help to have your attention brought back to where it belongs so that you can be doing what you are supposed to be doing. And so I am telling you there are indeed rests in these measures. And in order for you to be fulfilling purpose right now, you need to allow for this silence, or this period of not doing.

And so I am confirming to you that there are rests in those measures. You are not neglecting or overlooking anything. And in spite of what your best judgment says, I encourage you to abandon your best thinking, so that it doesnít interfere with your feeling into the moment, so that you yourself have inner confirmation that there are rests and that you can appropriately not take any steps at the present time.

Do all of you realize that when the conductor raises his hands, and everybody brings their instruments into position, they arenít doing it so that they can get to the end of the concert. Theyíre doing it so that they can be the concert in process. They are not goal oriented in terms of wanting to get from the beginning to the end. They are goal oriented in terms of expressing beauty at every moment, being in the moment, and playing the note that is there in the moment. And it is a disappointment in a way to get to the end, except there is the satisfaction of having expressed a wholeness.

You want your home to be completed so that you can move in. Donít rush the concert. The beginning of things is not when you move in, the beginning of things was already. And in the concert, the building of the home is occurring. You just thought it was Bolero that was being concertized. Surprise!

But the concert that is being played is perfect. And if you will not let your concept of what you thought the piece was get in the way of the piece that it is, you will have your peace.

Everything is all right, in spite of your egoís vehement suggestion that things are not all right. "Well, I donít know if Iíve got as many years left as itís going to take to finish the house." The ego is a dirty scoundrel.

You know the statement, "Infinite patience brings immediate results." Being at peace will allow the perfection of the moment to appear and be felt, even if the perfection of the moment is a measure of rest. Stop fussing about it! And donít waste your time not liking my answer. I love you.


"Twin Flames"

From: Raj at Ashland 1989

QUESTION: Will you please explain the concept of twin rays and soul mates?

ANSWER: I will explain them away. If it is the case the Father is indivisible, single of purpose, single of self-expression, then the only way in which there could be a division into twin flames, twin rays, soul mates, etc., would be purely imaginary. And indeed the concept is a concoction of the ego suggesting that you are half of something, rather than the indivisible and complete expression of the Father/Mother/God.

Even the term Father/Mother/God implies a division when I use it to express a balanced wholeness that is inseparable in any way so as to enhance your sense of God as Father, as well as to provide for women a more exalting and truer sense of femaleness, as well as to convey to men that because they are masculine and God is the Father does not mean that they have the edge, because God is Father/Mother. And if God is Father/Mother then the Father/Mother is fully expressed in every single male, and therefore every single male had better let in the conscious experience of his femininity.

I will tell you something (and I am directing this to all of the men): The ability to yield is a feminine characteristic, and if you are going to wake up half-way comfortablyóbecause you will wake up no matter whatóyou had better be willing to embrace the capacity in you that is a feminine capacity to yield, to let in, to be defenseless, to not be controlling, to not be in charge, and as a result be open to the fullness of the experience of Being.

I have said this before, but I will repeat it: Every single one of you is soul mates. Every single individuality in the Brotherhood of Man are soul mates. And that is the only way in which the word soul mates has any true meaning whatsoever. You are soul mates because each one of you is the full and complete expression of Soul.

I will tell you something else: Everything that you might hold dear around the concept of soul mates needs to be released from the confines of just one other individuality, and extended to every other individuality. You desire to be in touch with your soul mate unless your soul mate happens to be your neighbor whose driving you crazy, and then you do not want to be in touch with your soul mate.

But in the acknowledgment that he or she is your soul mate, and in the willingness and the desire to experience that divine Being that that one is, and in your openness to it that you would reserve for this one soul mate that is your hearts desire, the factions in neighborhoods, the factions in communities, the factions between nations would dwindle, and community would emerge. And I will tell you something, community is emerging whether you are ready for it or not.

And so I would encourage you to observe how you are defining your brother, whether it is in your country, your continent, or another continent and another country, whether it is one you have called an enemy, whether it is one that you have called an ally.

So if you are going to use the concept of soul mate let it apply equally to everyone, and let the desire that you would naturally bring to the search for a soul mate come into focus in the search for that value that validity of the individual who you find it difficult to relate to or love. Thatís the end of the answer.


From: Raj at Melbourne, Australia 1993

QUESTION: If two people on this plane met as twin flames, what would be the significance of that relationship, and the difference between other relationships?

ANSWER: Twin flames is a wonderful, romantic bit of esoteric bull shit! Not one of you is a half of anything. And I encourage you not to nurture within you, no matter how romantically wonderful it sounds, a sense of incompleteness looking for completeness. Because even if you find what seems to be your other half, you are still not whole without that other half. And, therefore, neither you nor your partner bring to the relationship the integrity of your individual wholeness, and the relationship will become one of co-dependency. And you will value and validate it because of the fundamental belief that you are only a half of somethingóthe fundamental belief that you are not whole.

If you are looking, if you are scanning the horizon for "the one" out of an emptiness in you, you will not be looking with perspective. You will be looking with a sense of inadequacy. You will look without any feeling of deserving. It will be looking with wanting. And there is a significant difference between deserving something, and wanting, needing something. And you will attract into your experience those who are looking for needy ones, and they are looking for needy ones because they need to control. And thus, what you are likely to perceive as your twin flame is someone who is the compliment of inadequacy, which is over-control.

As romantic as the idea of twin flames is, and even in the sense that the coming together as twin flames is the rejoining of something that once was one (which seems to be a reunion or unification, even though it can be expressed in ways that seem most reasonable) it is a most unkind and impractical concept, because it furthers the sense of separation. Even within the relationship you cannot, yourself, be whole.

Let me ask you something: When the time comes where the two halves actually merge, are you going to be the one to sacrifice your sense of identity, as you and you alone? I guarantee you that if that point was ever arrived at, war would start and splitting would occur. And you would find yourself right back where you are todayóstanding at the point where you really do have the opportunity to abandon this sense of incompleteness and the wonder of looking for your other half, so that you might begin to embrace and embody the integrity of you that is absolutely whole.

Now, I am going to speak in a manner accommodating your present point of view, because there is no way for you to understand the absolute Truth. God is Father/Mother/GodóWhole. God does not have a wife, "Mr. and Mrs. God, currently living in the Kingdom of Heaven, rather happily married expressing a great deal of unity."

As Awakening occurs, as your embrace of the Wholeness of you occurs, the masculine qualitiesóthe masculine strength, etc., that you seem not to be embodyingówill become more fully available to you as your sense of your identity, as your experience of your identity. And this other one, that you would have called your twin flame, will find the feminine aspects of his Being filling up more of his experience of his identity. Each partner in a relationship needs to bring his or her greatest available consciousness of his or her Wholeness to the relationship, in order to make it a Holy relationship.

Open up to God, open up to your capacity to know the truth in that inner quiet place so that you may bring what you find yourself knowing into the relationship to share, and from there be with the other one in the relationship. In other words, let the relationship be with God, and from there be with your mate. And as more and more couples begin to do this consciously, there will be greater and greater harmony. And again, as I have said before, it will promote world wide or precipitate the Awakening of everyone.

For you to connect with your wholeness and bring it to a relationship, and for another to connect with his wholeness and bring it to your relationship, will be far more fulfilling than any fantasy you might have about meeting your twin flame. Because coming from your wholeness will be a sane thing to do, and coming from a sense of your incompleteness will be an insane thing to do. And the experience, the difference in the experience of sanity and insanity, is stark and obvious, and no one would consciouslyóknowinglyómake the choice for an insane relationship.

And so, I have shared with you good news, even if it means you are going to have to make an abrupt left turn that you hadnít expected. And the joy of a relationship of wholeness, rather than the joining of two incompletenessí, will be wonderful for you and an example for everyone else that will inspire them. So I have shared good news with you.


"Don't be a Doormat"

Ashland 1990

QUESTION: Okay. So, is it ever appropriate to say to someone that I love and interact with a lot, "this interaction between us doesnít seem loving. And I donít know what to do about it. Would you know why this is taking place?" It seems like that could be construed, I want them to change their behavior. And I do. Because I donít think I deserve to continue in the same interaction that Iíve done before. So, is it appropriate ever to say, "I donít like whatís going on here"?

RAJ: It is if you want an inappropriate behavior to stop. As Iíve said before, love does not mean becoming a doormat for the egoís of others. You can relate to this relative to the raising of your own children. Were there not times that you had to say, "no, this is not loving behavior," or "no, this is not intelligent behavior," or "no this is not principled behavior"? Indeed, and you understood that, in fact, it was your responsibility to make that educational disclosure.

Now, since your children have grown, have you suddenly become a nincompoop, not knowing what is truth, or what is right, or what is principled, or what is loving, and now you must close your lips and be an idiot and say nothing? I am saying it this way to you because it is easy for you to see in this light how completely appropriate it is for you to state your clear perception of truthóyour clear awareness of what is loving and what is appropriate.

Would you let your children mistreat you out of ignorance? No! You would disclose to them what constituted appropriate and loving treatment. Donít hesitate to do this with your brother or sister, your fellow man, your fellow woman.

Do not hesitate to say, "This is appropriate behavior with me. And that is not appropriate behavior with me, because it isnít loving. And if you insist on that type of behavior, you will simply need to do it elsewhere. Because you see, I know it doesnít represent you. I know you are not wanting to convey that. But however, if you insist on saying that you are not conveying that, and your behavior does not mean that, and therefore you see no reason to change, then I will have to ask you to behave like that elsewhere and not in my home, or not in my presence. I love you, but I will not join with you in support of that kind of behavior in my presence."

You must be willing to be straight and direct. And I will tell you also, that you must be willing to dare to express truth. You have the capacity to recognize it. Dare to express it. You didnít hesitate with your children.


Issaquah 1990

RAJ: Remember you are not here to be a doormat. You are not here to sacrifice your simple intelligence in favor of unconditional defenselessness. And if you want authority for that, remember me and the moneychangers. And if you want further confirmation, remember me and the diseases and the "devils" that I dismissed. This dismissal was a result of the capacity to discern between truth and illusion, and not validate illusion. But, also, the refusal to not validate illusion did not involve emotional reaction.

When you are in your clarity, that which is illusion is absolutely ridiculous, and it doesnít require a strong, emotional, forceful dismissal. I was not angry when I overturned the moneychangersí tables. I was simply appropriate.

You are not here to be a martyr and take on everyoneís "sins"óignoranceís. You are here to be the clarity that recognizes these falsities, and as a result, doesnít give them the time of day, doesnít energize them with a response. You must be willing to say, "this doesnít reflect Reality, and I do not invite it into my experience." Turn your back on it, and give your attention to that which is Real, whatever it might me.

And if it is anotherís thoughtless, unloving behavior that you are unwilling to validate, you must say, "I do not embrace this behavior in my experience, and if you wish to behave this way, you will need to go somewhere else to do it." When you find yourself inundated, apparently with unpleasant thoughts of othersóI will give you a clueósay, "this invasion of my mental household was not asked for. I will not cooperate with it. And if you want help, you call me on the phone and letís do it upfront and direct. These are the terms under which I am available. I am not available to be harassed."

You do not have to simply sit there and exist in the presence of confusion and conflict and unkindness, and put up with it. It doesnít reflect the truth. And if someone is going to be in your experience expressing conflictólet us say, problemsóbe clear within yourself that the only circumstances under which you will allow that is in a context of doing something about it so that the conflict is relieved, else you can find yourself being constantly visited with those who will simply come and dump their shit, and leave you to clean it up, and come back the next day because it feels so good for them to be themselves. And you must say, "This doesnít represent who you are. Your expression of your joy would. Your expression of curiosity to have a new viewpoint would. And if you want to explore those with me, I will be glad to have you here, otherwise I really have other things to do. And you need to go somewhere else to find somebody to simply commiserate with you about your ignorance, about your illusion."

Donít be a doormat. It isnít part and parcel of unconditional love. If you really love someone, you do not join in agreement with them relative to their ignoranceís and support it. So donít labor under the false idea that if you are going to open up and become unconditionally loving, that you must simply take whatever comes without any act of discernment, any act of recognition of that which is Real and that which is illusion, and without any act of separating the two, so that what is Real stands forth, and what is illusion is no longer around to disturb the experience of Reality. Donít be afraid to do this.


QUESTION: So is there a way to be totally nonresistant, 100% of the time to feel joy and peace always in whatever is going on or being said in any given situation? So if everything is really joyful, and then somethingís pop up that are said that really can be sort of jangling to the whole thing, how does one approach those things, to be unaffected by them, to retain the joy? And I havenít been able to get over that little stumbling block there, I donít know how to handle it.

ANSWER: As I indicated earlier in answer to another question, the necessity is to pay close attention to yourself, and not play into the apparent justification for sacrificing your joy, and becoming angry or upset.

If you are being in touch with yourself, you will recognize the incongruence of what is occurring with what you are feeling. And you will say, "If this behavior is not going to stop, you will need to take your behavior elsewhere. Because I have learned that there isnít any justification for letting go of joy. If you wish to be happy with me, if you wish to move through what is causing this unpleasant behavior, in an expectant wayóexpectant of resolutionóso that we may enjoy that process, you may stay, and letís move through it and get to the joy. Otherwise, I donít have time today for anything except my joy."

You donít have to become the doormat for otherís lack of joy, for otherís inconsiderateness, for otherís insistence upon grinding their own ax in front of you, in your presence.



Ashland 1990

QUESTION: If I am not totally Awake and have not my lessons learned in this lifetime, will I in the next dimension continue to Awaken and to learn? And will I have any control over whether I will reincarnate or not?

ANSWER: Absolutely, if you were to pass on at this very instant, you would find yourself having experienced no interruption of conscious awareness of yourself, and of conscious awareness of your body. You will find yourself as ignorant as you were the moment before you passed on, and with the same opportunities to wake up that you experience now. And indeed the process of waking up would continue. Why? Because the whole time you have been dreaming a dream you have been doing it in the Kingdom of Heaven, and you have been the Christ doing it.

So inevitably the facts will break through the nature of the dream and rouse you out of it. The fact of you must register with you. Everyone is going to wake up, because no one has ever really stopped being what they divinely are.

Now the fact is that you will not have the choice to incarnate again. The reason being that, literally, this is the last incarnation. Everyone who is still dreaming dreams is on the verge of waking up, because there are not enough involved in the ego sense of existence, or the limited perception of the Kingdom of Heaven to support its ongoing existence. The dream is breaking up.

You do indeed live in interesting times. Awakening has been proceeding at an accelerated rate since 1845. Humanly speaking, this has been represented by, shall I say, the increase in inventions, the increase in discoveries, scientifically speaking. It is as though the limited frame of reference is becoming more unlimited.

Up until 1845, mankind as a wholeóthroughout recorded history within the three-dimensional frame of referenceóhad dealt primarily with survival, had very little time to truly be contemplative, had very little time to do anything other than be defensive and self-protective for the purpose of sustaining his experience of being alive.

Since that time, there have been within the ranks of the Brotherhood of Manówhich in Biblical terms is called the Body of Christ, which in Reality defines the infinite expression of God as Conscious Individualityóhas become unfettered from the sense of identity or identification with the body. And significant numbers of Individualities have Awakened, thus withdrawing their energy from joining with the others who were asleep caught in the limited ego frame of reference. You could say that they have joined the ranks of those who are helping (just as I am right now) support the encouragement of further Awakening among those who are still dreaming, but dreaming fitfully.

And so there are rapid strides being taken. The shift of consciousness from body identification to mind identification to the conscious experience of oneís self as Conscious Awareness, in which the experience of all form, of all specific meaning is going onóis occurring. And it is occurring rapidly enough that there will be within the next 40 years this total shift of Awakening of the Brotherhood of Man coming into its right Mind. And there will be no further dips being taken into the pool of ignorance.

So no, you will not come back again. And yes, you will wake up very soon. And it is not appropriate for any of you to assume that you will not wake up before the time that you would normally have passed on. Put more positively: it is reasonable for all of you to expect to wake up before you pass on. That is becoming the more profound likelihood.

Remember you are doing your waking up at your destination. Remember that, because you must remind yourself that you are not a great distance away from your destination. Itís only a matter of a shift of attention. I fully understand that you donít know exactly what that means in the practical terms of experience, but you grasp the idea that if you are in the Kingdom of Heaven at this moment, dreaming a dream let us say, sidetracked from paying attention to what is going on, obviously your task is not to hike or maneuver your way back to a location called the Kingdom of Heaven. All that is necessary is to let go of the distraction and open your eyes.

Therefore, you donít have to engage in practices that cause you to become deserving of going through the Pearly Gates. It tells you that there is no lectern from which Peter says, "that way," or, "that way." You need to know that at this very instant, because you are already in the Kingdom of Heaven, you deserve to be there. You do not have to earn the right to be there. You donít have to become more than you are to be there. All you have to do is to say "okay" to being there, and then begin to look around you with a curiosity to see the evidences of the presenceís of God. That element of curiosity is what will begin to cause your eyelids to crack open and begin to see the truthóthe truth about you and the truth about where you are. Thatís the end of the answer.


QUESTION: Raj, I have a special affinity for animals, and I was wondering if animals are part of the one Soul, one Sonship? And if so, do animals ever incarnate in human form?

ANSWER: They never incarnate in human form. Indeed, they are full manifestations of the Father. They are part of the infinite Creation of God. They are not a lesser manifestation of the Father. They are just a different manifestation. And when the sense of difference that you experience between yourself and them is gone, you will find communication completely possible and full. I mean by that, that they will be ableóif I may put it this wayóthat they will be able to communicate with you about scientific subjects, or about any aspect of the infinity of Godís Creation.

You, mankind currently has a willingness to embrace the possibility that the dolphins are not an inferior specious. And they are coming closer to the truth here, even though the means of communication has not yet been established. But you see there is a curiosity. And as a result of the curiosity, there is a willingness to pay attention to them and to the sounds they make, as though maybe something intelligent is occurring.

That shift of perception means that they have become more defenseless relative to dolphins. They are not convinced that they are just a dumb animalóa sub-specious. And by virtue of letting go of the conviction that because dolphins are part of the animal kingdom, which is necessarily inferior to mankind, they are, shall I say, right for the penetration of the reality of things to occur. Now it just happens that the same thing is true of dogs and cats and birds and snakes.

So, you can begin to see how valuable this statement is, that nothing that I see means what I think it means. Because if you are willing to embrace that statement, and then approach your world as though there literally is more of the infinite manifestation of intelligence to it, that you can communicate with and commune with... well you will see that that statement opens the door for you because it allows for curiosity, and it brings into play a willingness to give permission for radical, new experiences.

The convictions that you have as to what a thing is and what a thing is not, literally blinds you and binds you to your current limited perception of what? The Kingdom of Heaven. If a dog or a cat is itself the embodiment of God, then why would it want to become a human being? And vise versa. It doesnít need to become different because it isnít lacking.

And fourth-dimensionally, or truly speaking, there is no hierarchy to the infinite expression of the Father. The idea of spiritual hierarchies is a concept colored by ego. It is the way the indivisible, and therefore undivided infinite expression of God looks when looked at through the lenses of the ego. But even though the lenses suggest levels of order, and levels of control, it doesnít change the fact that Reality is undivided and indivisible, expressing infinitely perfect harmony. Thatís the end of the answer.


Auckland, New Zealand 1989

QUESTION: I find it very difficult in my mind the belief in reincarnation, in view of the terrific size and the rapid growth of the size of the population in the world. And I cannot see if the population is growing so large how there can be reincarnation of only the smaller number which have already gone before, lived before in this world.

ANSWER: The process of incarnating is not limited to those only who have incarnated before on your planet, if you will. Understand that the Brotherhood of Man is infinite. And that this planet is not the only place in which one can incarnate into what I have referred to as the three-dimensional frame of reference, or the ego frame of reference.

Now, you are partly correct in your fundamental feeling. And I will put it this way: at this very moment where you are experiencing yourself as a human beingóa physical organism, the result of conception, the joining of a sperm and an egg, and your experience of the world through the five physical sensesóall of this puts you at a disadvantage. Because all of the experience since it is not complete, your five physical senses do not give you the full spectrum of experience that is available. Because of this incompleteness of awareness you are interpreting your body, who you are, and what the world is in an incomplete fashion.

And thus, your experience is faulty to the degree that it is not embracing all that is really going on. That is what is called the three-dimensional only frame of reference. It is a conscious experience of being that is going on in a four-dimensional continuum, if you will. What I have referred to as the fourth-dimensional conscious experience of being, which is to experience being as God is experiencing Himself infinitely and to have no other sense of things than that which is the Fatherís conscious experience of Himself.

Now, there is a gathering occurring. All, whether they are incarnated on this planet, whether they are experiencing the ego frame of reference here or elsewhere, let us say, in what you might call other dimensions, all are in a process of Awakening, of moving free of the limits of the ego sense of the Kingdom of Heaven, of Reality.

And so indeed, just as on a day of national celebration everyone gathers into the city for the fair, for the show, for the celebration, there are those who are gathering, if I may put it this way, in the three-dimensional frame of referenceóin the incarnated stateófor the purpose, I will say fulfilling their desire. As a result, you have those who have incarnated out of ignorance for one last fling in the physical experienceóyou might say for one last fling in sensuality.

And understand that when I use the word sensuality I am not speaking of sexuality particularly, but to hear a particularly beautifully played piece of music is sensual, to enjoy the feel of velvet is sensual, to hug your mate is sensual. The three-dimensional conscious experience of being is a sensory experience, visually, auditorially, sensorially.

You see from within the egoís limited frame of reference the concept of being awake is interpreted to mean a loss of the meaning of everything. The thought is that those who have died and gone to Heaven sit on clouds and strum harps. How boring! Who would give up the full spectrum of conscious experience that is going on here for that?

Now the fact is that in Awakening, in coming out of a personal private sense of all that is going on into the full conscious experience of Godís Movement of Creation as God is experiencing it, truly constitutes coming into a fuller experience of everything than you are now having, and does not constitute a loss at all.

Now there are therefore those who engaging in the ego suggestion that Awakening will constitute loss have incarnated for one last fling in the sensory experience. Then there are those who have not, let us say, been caught in the eddy of reincarnation, who from an Awakened conscious experience of being have chosen to incarnate for the purpose of Awakening while incarnated so as to facilitate from the level of the dream, if you will, the Awakening of the dreamers, because they have Awakened in the dream.

Now there is also a third type that is gathering. And this gathering has only slightly begun. And that gathering is of the Brotherhood who are totally Awake who simply will manifest without going through a birth process, and as a result will not have gone through a process that tends to cover over oneís remembrance of his divinity. These will stand as teachers, if you will. Period.

Aside from those who manifest either by incarnation or by simply manifesting as I have just described, there is great attention on the part of the Brotherhood, the Sons and Daughters of God who are completely Awake observing and rejoicing in the Movement of Awakening that is occurring everywhere.

You see, a point of critical mass was reached in 1845--what I am about to say is not totally accurate, but it expresses the ideaóin what you term 1845 there was a point at which more of the Brotherhood were Awake than those who were asleep dreaming dreams. As I said, that is not a totally accurate statement, but that expresses the idea of a point of critical mass being reached.

It was a point at which those who are caught up in the ego sense of reality, the false sense of reality, no longer have sufficient support from other ego states of consciousness to continue to maintain the illusory sense of reality that is being experienced. And as a result since that time there has been what you would call very rapid growth, not only spiritually but also in terms of your technologies, etc.

The Awakening is occurring. And those of the Brotherhood who are totally Awake are indeed embracing those who are still sleeping and dreaming dreams, they are embracing and rejoicing at the stirring of divine consciousness that is occurring in the common man, if you will. Because as all of the Brotherhood comes into the full possession of their right mind, if you will, the Brotherhood experiences its full integrity consciously.

Now this is important to understand, because it is put forth that those who are enlightened would not waste their time with you, poor mortals. But the Brotherhood is a unity, an infinite oneness. And it requires all of the direct expressions of God, all the Sons and Daughters of God which constitute the Brotherhood of Man, it takes all of you being Awake for the Brotherhood to experience its total integrity.

And so just as your Self, with a capital "S", that which you divinely are, is constantly insisting upon breaking down the ego structures that blind you to your divinity, just as what you divinely are embraces you in your tiny puny little sense of yourself and encourages you and nurtures you into Awakening, just so does the Brotherhood of Man that is totally Awake embrace and nurture you because you are part of the totality. And there is nothing more important thanófor lack of better wordsóhelping you arrive at the point where you will dare to wake up, rouse yourself out of your nightmares or even your pleasant dreams.

And so do not think that you are not worthy, and do not think that they would not waste their time with you. Because the integrity of being must manifest because it is, and the sense that it is not is an imagination, or what you could call a delusion. Thatís the end of the answer.


Auckland, New Zealand 1989

QUESTION: I would like to ask if you could comment on how the individuality decides to cease being in the body. In other words, how they decide to leave their body through what we in this world describe as death?

ANSWER: I will be very frank with you, it is by virtue of a process of giving up. And when I say giving up I mean, literally yielding to the ego. It is always with a sense of failure. It does not represent the divine Movement of Life. It involves a becoming so tired with the struggle that one simply yields to what can only be described as fate.

Now mind you, the illusion of life in matter, the illusion of life as a manifestation of physical evolution, the illusion of life as being something other than absolutely divine is being entertained by one who is the Son or Daughter of God, by one who has never been an organism, by one who has never actually been separated from the Father, by one who has never been anywhere else but in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven.

And therefore, the illusion of death is no more significant than the illusion of life in matter, or life in the middle of the Universe as an insignificant speck of consciousness that is the end result of physical evolution. One simply arrives at a point of deciding to give up the struggle. However, this giving up does not constitute a yielding to the Father. It is rather a yielding to the illusion.

And I will tell you something, all of you in fact, all of mankind is entering into a time here, and I am not talking of a time of another 10,000 years, but a time of approximately 20 years in which the stirring within you of your divine actuality, and of your longing for Home, and your willingness to embrace the possibility that you are flawlessly divine will begin to supersede your investment of faith in yourself as a simply human organism with a divine Soul, or a divine Soul that is temporarily inhabiting a physical organism.

I will tell you something, your body is as absolutely eternal as your individuality. And the one who passes on who seems to drop a body or leave a body behind, has no such experience of leaving anything behind, and finds himself or herself still uninterruptedly with that which identifies him or her. And as I have put it before, that which everyone else buries is the after image of that individuality present in the mind of those who are left behind.

Now, the experience of limited life, as well as the experience of death are a dream sequence, if you will. Which a Christ is experience, you might say, in the middle of a nap on a grassy knoll in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven. And so it is all illusion.

And we are talking now about a shift in consciousness that mankind as a whole is entering into where Awakening is occurring. And in the process of this Awakening the belief of the inevitability of death is going to yield. And there will be those who will leave this incarnation taking their bodies with them without going through any process of death. And they will leave by choice or remain by choice. They will become free of the sense of being some part of a physical evolution of a physical universe that has little or nothing to do with the divine intelligence called God.

And this universe and universes that you cannot conceive of will begin to become available to you consciously as you access your greater capacity to be aware divinely. And as you begin to experience the infinity of yourself as consciousness, as that which embraces the infinite self-expression of God. You see the shift is from an organismic definition of self and of life to an awareness of yourself as conscious being, as that Mind in which the infinite experience of life is going on or is embraced.

Death is an illusion to be overcome. And I do not speak out of turn, nor am I too fantastic when I state that within the next 20 years there will be the beginnings of the overcoming of death. And there will be the increased manifestation of physical perfection, healing, if you will, that will go beyond just overcoming specific dysfunctionís that would seem to lead to death. It will involve the greater and greater expression of perfection, the removal of blemishes, the elongation of waist and legs, and joints and arms so that symmetry and balance becomes manifest.

You see you do not think of healing in terms of the ongoing and increasing manifestation of perfection, you only conceive of healing as the getting rid of the particular ache or pain or dysfunction that might be threatening to your experience of life. And I do encourage all of you to embrace within your concept of possible healing the ongoing manifestation of increasing perfection that goes beyond even the physical manifestation.

I mean by that where you begin to perceive the emination of light. It is as though the very adams themselves will become uncovered so that the light of them becomes the radiance of you, the radiance of the love that you are, the expression of the Christ that you are. Compared to 200 years ago your conception of the potential for healing is greatly increased, and great strides have been taken in the breaking down of limits relative to the manifestation of physical health. But I want you to be more expansive still, and not assume that all you can expect is relief from heart disease, or relief from lung damage, or relief of corns on your toes, that the potential is even greater.

You see that of reality which you do not experience is the result of a conscious disbelief in that possibility. And the moment that you begin to be more expansive and embrace the possibility of your accessing a greater capacity to be aware than you are presently experiencing, then the blocks to that increased capacity to be aware diminish because you are not resisting it through your spontaneous belief.

Now I am aware that I could go into various metaphysical descriptions of the process of death, but that will not be helpful. Because what you need to understand is that from the stand point of the conscious experience of individuality not one of you has experienced ever any interruption in that conscious experience. You have never experienced anything called death, even though you apparently have, many of you, lived numerous lifetimes. And never for an instant have you been minus the experience of body.

And so why go into New Age or metaphysical descriptions of death, when life is the only thing that has been going on, is the only thing you have ever experienced, whether it has been an uncomfortable or a pleasant one. And letís be clear on this point so that you can address yourself to the clearer and clearer experience of life with less distress, and not just have some marvelous metaphysical interpretation of an illusory process.

I will tell you that each of you can begin to challenge the idea of death as something inevitable, by beginning to embrace the possibility of experiencing healing physically that will negate any necessity, any seeming necessity for the experience of death. The more and more harmony you experience, the more and more reconfiguration that occurs identifying your fulfillment, the less and less reason there will seem to be to justify giving up and yielding completely to the illusion. And that is what itís all about. Thatís the end of the answer.


Melbourne, Aulstralia 1993

QUESTION: Iíd like to ask if reincarnation occurs, why? And could you talk about the idea that children choose their own parents?

ANSWER: Iím going to say, indeed, reincarnation occurs. We could say itís like a night of successive dreams, in terms of your going to bed and having dreamsómore than one in one night, perhaps with some period of time between them. One gets hooked on the challenge of success, the challenge of overcoming, the challenge of proving that you indeed have what it takes to not be threatened successfully.

In other words, there is deep within you the awareness of your invulnerability and your sovereignty. That is a remembrance of Home; that is a remembrance of the truth about you. And because that is there, you know that you can beat the challenge. But the ego, and its desire to insure its ongoing existence, provokes you into using your remembrance of your invulnerability to overcome the illusory threats. And so you keep coming back for more. Because by damn it, this isnít gonna get ya down.

Now, the real answer is to give up. And that is what is so humiliating about waking up. It requires giving up, backing out of the challenge, recognizing that the ego is a liar and not playing into its ploy. You have to arrive at a point where you say to the ego, "the only way to win the game is not to play the game at all," and give your attention in a new direction.

What I am sharing with you is the encouragement to give up the game so that you may come back into the undistorted experience of what all of this really isóthe Kingdom of Heaven.

PAUL: This is me Paul. What was the other part of your question?

QUESTION: The idea that babies or unborn children choose their parents?

ANSWER: It is a truth: there is great order. And there are what you would call guidance counselors available to those intending to incarnate again. And help is provided in the choice so that those things which you were most hooked on by the ego, in the last lifetime, will have the greatest opportunity for being worked through in this lifetime. No one incarnates by force. No one reincarnates by force. It is always by choice.

You must realize that those who are waiting to be born are not really infants toddling up to the shoot, but individualities experiencing themselves in an adult form. And they know full well and good that the experience will seemingly involve going through a process of birth and growth to adulthood again.

You could best liken this process to students going to university for their first semester and meeting in a large hall, where the teachers are seated at long tables and the students can go to sign up, hoping to get a particular teacher, etc. And there are counselors helping the student choose the classes which will best promote the fulfillment of the particular education that the student is looking for.

Mind you, this is also going on within the limited perception that you are experiencing. It is not occurring in a place where everyone, including the ones incarnating, are totally Awake. And so, the guidance counseling that is provided is of the same sort that I am sharing with you, that I share with Paul, or that your guides will share with you, in helping you be where your fulfillment of purpose can most clearly be uncovered.

Itís very important for you to know also that it is not just those who are incarnated who are experiencing the three-dimensional only frame of reference. Just because one passes on does not mean that they are suddenly Awake. They carry with them their same resistance to truth that they had before they passed on.

And the only place where there is invariably a breakthrough, as a result of the experience of passing on, is if they have passed on as a result of a disease and they find that they are still alive, that the disease didnít kill themóthat the thing they had so greatly feared did not cause them to cease to exist. And in the absence of the fear of the disease, the disease is gone. The rest of their beliefs are still present for them to release themselves from. And so they are still experiencing the limitations of the ego frame of reference.

Now Iíve shared with you that there is a Movement occurring, a Movement of Awakening that is already happening. And I want you to know that it is not just happening on your planet, but it is happening throughout what you would call the ego frame of reference. Anyone who is still imprisoned in a false sense of identity is involved in a process of waking up. And so you might say, that a universal reunion is in the process of occurring, in which no one will be left out.

Now, I have digressed. Indeed, children choose their parents, except that they are individualities who choose those who will be their parents and they do it with help. You must realize that even in your apparently greatest ignorance, you havenít stopped being the divine One that you Are. And, therefore, your distorted tiny sense of identity, that you are believing constitutes the whole of your identity, is still safely embraced in what you divinely Are. And it is still safely embraced within the Totality of what God is Being, which is what constitutes your Presence.

And so, even in your darkest hour, even in your greatest ignorance, you still are always at that specific point where breakthrough can occur. You never become lost. There is always guidance, whether it is the active guidance of your guide, or whether it is the absolutely unavoidable Presence of the Father.

And so, always your specific ignorance, your specific problems, contribute uniquely to your growth and your Awakening. Not because problems are helpful, but because you are experiencing this ignorance right in the middle of the omnipresence of God and, therefore, the ignorance cannot curse youóblessing must be the result.

Not one of you has ever been with a wrong parent or a wrong mate; even if it was not appropriate for you to be with that mate, it was not wrong at the time that it happened. Because even in its greatest misery it was what uniquely propelled you out of it, with your dignity intact and with the strength to move forward, without keeping you small.

The Course says that the Holy Spirit turns your every circumstance to your advantageóthat is another way of saying it. You do not have to choose problems to grow. But if you are resistant to Reality, it is inevitably going to create a tension which is going to bring you to a point of such discomfort that you say, "I choose not to be in this anymore"óand you reverse your decision. It isnít because you are being punished or pointed at or singled out. It is because that when you are trying to do something that doesnít workóit doesnít work. When you are trying to be something that you arenít, you canít be what you arenít. But you can create a circumstance of certain dynamics, which some of you come to feel is the meaning of life, even though itís pain and struggle.

If there is one message that I could give you this weekend, it would be give upóabandon the attempts to be a good personality, in control of your life, developing a marvelous identity. Abandon it so that when it is gone, you can discover that right in its place is a Real You, the divine You. Why can I say give up and have it be a constructive thing that will not result in chaos? I can tell it to you because you are not a fugitive from justice, you are already innocent. And you donít have to keep up the struggle. You donít have to repeat this process over and over. You donít even have to choose parents again, because you are innocent; because you never ever were something different from God expressed.

So what is it you give up? You give up trying to be responsible for yourself. You give up the idea that thinking is the solution to everything. You give up thinking itself, which you will ultimately find was a defense against the stillness in which the discovery of who you Really Are could occur. Thinking is the insulation I was speaking about yesterday, which gives you distance between yourself as the fugitive and the justice, which is trying to catch up with you.

Itís interesting that justice is always on your tail. Why? Not because it wants to prove you are guilty, but because it is inevitable that your innocence will be uncovered to you. Its pursuit of you is a pursuit of love, which your ego perceives as threat. And indeed, it is a threat to your ego, but not to You, because You are not your ego.

If you are having a dream and a monster is chasing you, and you are running for your life, the dream will go on for awhile. But if you had the capacity to stop in your tracks and the monster would catch up with you and get you, you would wake up. I agree you would wake up as a result of great fear. But nevertheless, the illusion of a seeming reality of a monster that would get you would be stopped, and you would find yourself on your bed in your room, where none of it had been actually happening.

Let justice catch up with you. Give your divine Self (that is Present as an actual experience to you right here today) let it have the opportunity to register with you, by beginning to value silence, and by not letting your thinking run away with you, and by not letting your emotions steamroller you.

I will tell you something: If you are not thinking, you cannot experience emotions. You all scare yourself by virtue of your thoughts. And by virtue of your thoughts you create physical sensations in the pit of your stomach, and elsewhere, that you then say are a valid proof of the need for defense. Without thinking you would not experience emotions. Without thinking you do experience your feelings: peace, joy, love, compassion. Without thinking you do not become dysfunctional; you become so unfettered, so free of reactive states, that you are able to be more present and be appropriate with clarity and obvious intelligence.

Itís time to get off the wheel of history. And here is some encouraging news: If you donít get off of it, you will fall off of it, because itís time. More are Awake than those who are asleep. And as a result, there are fewer today joined in dreams and mutual agreement as to what constitutes reality within the dream. And as a result, it is becoming harder and harder for those still dreaming to continue, because there is not the reinforcement of the joining of others in dreams.

Those of you who want to hold onto the dream a little longer will likely find yourself frustrated, because this wonderful thing called becoming disillusioned is happening.

You know what? You have heard of the last days and you have heard of the gnashing of teeth and so-on. You want to know something? The gnashing of teeth will not be because something terrible is happening, but something more wonderful than what you want is happening. That says it in a nut-shell.

Innocence, permission and curiosity are the three simple elements with which you can easily get off this wheel of history without engaging all of the complicated, psychological aspects of the ego that it has developed to ensnare you. And although I have said some things this weekend that could be considered deep and difficult to grasp, the simplicity of there meaning will become obvious to you if you are willing to engage in becoming still, and becoming familiar with what that stillness feels like, so that you can then begin to enlarge the circle and embrace more of your world from that peace.

You will not understand your way into the Kingdom of Heaven, you will feel your way into the Kingdom of Heaven. And I donít mean groping, I mean with the most wonderful, grounded, peaceful motivation to move forward and embrace it.

I have enjoyed being with you this weekend, and I will tell you that we will be back. I thank you for your attention.


QUESTION: I was wondering, could you tell me please did Jesus fall asleep as we fell asleep, and then Awakened himself as we need to be Awakened. Or did he merely incarnate to help us Awaken, himself never having been asleep?

ANSWER: I guess you could say it was half an incarnation, since I only had half of the compliment of human parents that everyone else has.

I will tell you that this was the only "incarnation" that I participated in. And, therefore, my presence was not one of a long series of incarnations. And thus, the process of birthóthe physical process of birth and what you would call developmentócould not successfully hide, completely from me my divinity. Because my divinity had not been "lost" through a series of lifetimes, the one incident of birth could not successfully obscure from me my divinityóthis was on purpose.

And indeed, it was my purpose in incarnating to not forget, and to be able to be present to help remind my brothers of their divinity that they had become unconscious of. And indeed, that is what I am continuing to do at this time, without a physical presence. And it is for very good reason.

Although each one of you is identifiable and your identifilability is called your body, you are not a body. And the shift of consciousness that mankind is moving into at this very time, is a shift from body identification to mind identification.

You are that Conscious Awareness in which the conscious experience of body and chair and buildings and world and universe are going on. You are unlimited Conscious Awareness. There is no available experience of boundary to you as Conscious Awareness. If I were to appear in form, you would make stronger the identification with body, and this would inhibit your making that willing shift from body identification to Mind or Awareness identification.

You could say that the first time I came was just to get your attention, while at the same time sharing the essential truth so that it was present toóyou might sayópercolate. It fulfilled prophecy, it fulfilled divine Order. Because you see, although you can sleep and dream and have what had been called vain imaginations and believe that they are true, they cannot alter what is true. And, therefore, because sleeping and dreaming is not your natural estate or natural state of awareness, everyone will eventually wake up.

I will tell you something: By conceiving yourself as going through a series of lifetimes in which your Soul is being refined, you actually delay waking up, because you conceive that there is much more growing and refining of your Soul that must be done.

And do not let this feel monotonous, but you are going to keep hearing me talk about abandoning things, not working through them. And it is time to abandon this so-called refining of your Soul. Soul can only be written with a capital "S", because it is one of the seven aspects, you might say, of God.

Soul is Godís capacity to feel the Meaning of His Movement, His capacity to recognize Himself in that Movement and say, "Behold, it is very good." In other words, to feel good about it. Being is a feeling thing, and Iím not talking about emotion, Iím talking about Soul-sensing.

PAUL: If you have a "yes, but" or an addendum to it, heís inviting it.

QUESTION: Yes please if I could. One of the first contacts with spirituality, I guess, was through Edgar Cayce. And I understood that he had mentioned that Jesus had incarnated a number of times. What youíre saying seems to be a contradiction of this. Can you ease my mind anyway here?

ANSWER: Well, you have gotten it from the horseís mouth. Are you going to take my word or Edgarís?

I will elaborate a bit more in response to the last question, in this respect: Indeed, as a child growing up there was not the full conscious awareness of myself inseparable from the Father. I could not at that age have said to anyone, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." Because that was not my conscious experience of myself. And so indeed, I experienced the things that you experience. And thus, when I speak to you, I speak with understanding as to the nature of the manner in which the ego functions and controls your experience.

And I will tell you something (and Jewish mothers havenít changed that much in two thousand years): My mother never let me forget who I was. Now Jewish mothers donít tend nowadays to not let their sons remember who they divinely are, but my mother was excellent at reminding me of my divine nature. It wasnít just a metaphysical thought or a religious teaching to her that I was divine, the manner of my birth made it obvious to her at a feeling, experiential level that I was divine.

And so, when the times came about where I was getting into fights with the other guys, and feeling ego peaks and valleys, she was very quick to remind me that this was not my nature. She was not pushy about thisóalthough I perceived her to beóbecause, of course, I wanted satisfaction, and what she was sharing with me obviated the necessity for satisfaction from an ego level.

I am speaking to you at this moment in a very human way, although it is not my present perception really. I say it because it is so important for you. When you are talking to your children, when you are thinking about yourself, when you are relating to friends, or lovers, or mates, find ways to acknowledge their divinity.

Now, you do not have to sit at the dinner table and say, "Now, George, remember youíre the Christ." But praise, acknowledgment of that which has been done that is loving (because you know that they are the Presence of the Christ, the direct expression of the Father) does not reinforce their negative, limited, down-bearing self-concepts.

And it makes all the difference in the world for the inner false sense of limitation not to be nurtured, but to be counteracted much in the way that a frightened child hears his parents say, "There are no ghosts, you are safe." They donít need to be told the metaphysical perspective about ghosts. They donít need to understand about ghosts. They only need to hear, "You donít need to be afraid." And they need to hear it from someone who isnít afraid so that they can conceive of the possibility that itís safe to relax.

And when someone behaves in a way to you, or expresses themselves to you that says, "I donít have the capacity to love. I donít have the capacity to endure this situation," you can be encouraging and remind them that they do have the capacity to love. And it doesnít come from their body, it doesnít come from energy gotten from the food that they eat, it comes from an inexhaustible source in them.

There are ways for you to talk to each other. There are ways for you to talk to each other that nourishes and supports movement beyond whatever the conviction is at the moment as to oneís limitations. Because the more safe one feels, and the more oneís concept of oneís self reflects the divine original, the easier it becomes for that one to let go of overt attempts to control, and instead begin to allow their fulfillment to occuróto allow their enlightenment to occur.

Indeed, as the Bible says, it was not until John and I were

in the river and I was being baptized that the last of the scales

fell from my eyes (I knew the word, Paul forgot it) and I came into the full conscious experience of having no other Mind than the Mind of God. This is your Birthright.

Indeed, I did not experience the ego sense of life to the degree that most of you are experiencing it. But I will tell you that a little bit is pretty bad, and did ultimately require a willingness on my part to abandon it, even though it felt as though abandoning it would be a grave and serious mistake.

And so I understand what each of you seem to be faced with. And you may always know that no matter what I say to you directly in the quietness of your own being, it is not without an understanding of how things appear to youónot only appear to you, but feel to you. And in this case I am using the word "feel" to describe the emotions of fear and doubt and mistrust that accompany listening to divine clarity, and the demand it makes upon you to do what flies in the face of the egoís definition of security.

I do understand. You could say I am able to read the situation correctly. I am not so other-worldly that I cannot comprehend what you are going through and, therefore, I must have misunderstood you. I encourage you to believe that I have understood you perfectly. And if what I have said seems a little unbelievable to you, you can dare to say, "Maybe he knows better than me. And maybe I can dare to look at what he is saying. And maybe I can pursue my objections to it with him so that he can clarify it further, and free me up of the doubt I have that keeps me from embracing it wholly."


Princeville 1991

QUESTION: Hi, Raj. As you were saying in your opening comment this morning about our addiction to thinking and figuring out, I was listening and agreeing and thinking how wonderful it was. And you started handing around the mic and I was busy figuring out what questions I was going to ask. And I was into it for awhile before I realized what I was doing, only because it didnít feel very good. Itís very hard to give up not doing that. So I thought, "Well, whatís the worst that could happen? I can get the mic and not have a question." Which is kind of whatís happening.

But actually what Iím a little bit curious about is the time when I made a decision to incarnate on this planet. And Iím curious to know how clearly was I seeing? And if I was still seeing only from a three-dimensional frame of reference, how wise was my decision to incarnate? Did I come here with specific things to accomplish or do? And wouldnít the really wise decision be simply to Awaken and Ascend in this lifetime? And hopefully thatís the decision I was making when I made the decision to incarnate. But I wonder if you could maybe comment on that for me?

ANSWER: As it happens that was the caseóthat was your intent in this incarnation. Understand that the decision to incarnate is basically yours, but it is always accompanied with guidance. You might say that you had guidance counselors, such as school counselors, who help you set up the curriculum of your education, knowing what you have need of that you, at the moment, do not know that you need.

But ultimately, your decision to incarnate again is yours, even though it is an ignorant choice. And you are not corrected for having the desire. Because, after all, your ignorant choice or your choice for ignorance of who you are is going on in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven. And you are the Christ. Therefore, no serious mistake can be made.

Now, why arenít you told that it is an ignorant choice? Because the decision to dissociate yourself from the Kingdom of Heaven is a choice that must be reversed by you for your own reasons. Now I used those words very carefullyó"the choice to dissociate yourself from the Kingdom of Heaven." It really means the choice to dissociate yourself from your infinity, from the wholeness of your Being as a conscious experience. And so a dissociation mentally, you might say, occurs in which part of you in your Totality is being denied in favor of a part of you that is then treated as though IT were the whole.

Now, everyone is very close to waking up. But not everyone is close to being conscious that they are going to wake up. As it happens you are close to being conscious of it. And so it became part of your choice in this incarnation to incarnate and awaken while incarnated. And indeed, you are indulging in nothing significantly that would impede that happening. And so I will simply say that you are on target.