Raj at Kingston - April 9, 1995


QUESTION:  Well, I’ve asked this question before of somebody else.  I’d like to ask you.  I’ve had this series of vibrations that have come over me over the past probably 12 years at night.  And there pretty much harmless, but they actually paralyze my body when they happen.  And I’m just wondering what your take on that is, and whether you can give me some idea of what’s behind them?

ANSWER:  It is a response to a request that you have made, not a formal request, but an unspoken desire, a desire to experience confirmation of not being alone in the universe.  It is a desire that has been expressed (in using the illustration that I have been using today) from the outside of the diamond. 

But nevertheless, it has been a desire for confirmation that you are not alone.  Indeed, the simplest way I can put it is that at those times you have been being scanned.  And we will say that you have been being scanned by members of the Brotherhood (Awakened members of the Brotherhood) who in one way or another have been identified as the “space brothers.”  This is not in anyway, shape or form related to the sorts of things that have been shared in books like “Communion.”  You have been scanned.  It is almost like the scanning of the picture tube on your television set. 

And in the process of the scan there has been, what I’m going to call cleansing, there has been a bringing into order of little disorderlinesses.  But more than anything they have connected with you at a level of inner recognition.  You are aware that contact of some sort has occurred and that it hasn’t just been a physical event.  And the contact has been benign and reassuring and has confirmed the request or the desire. 

What I want you to know is that these are not “aliens,” and are not contacts that establish anything other than Oneness with the Brotherhood of Man, the Sons and Daughters of God.  In other words, it has been a divine experience.

QUESTION:  So is there a purpose or a direction, or is simply the confirmation, the purpose?  I mean, is there...

ANSWER:  The confirmation was all the desire was for.  And that is the point of it.  It opens the door for new desires, but that was not its purpose.  Its purpose was confirmation.

QUESTION:  If it continues after I’m consciously aware of the fact that it’s there for confirmation is it just served it’s purpose in a sense?  Is there a reason for it to continue?

ANSWER:  No purpose that is originating with the “space brothers.”  It is always reflecting a purpose you have.  If it continues it is because a new desire has been forthcoming within you. 

PAUL:  This is me Paul.  All I can say is that there’s like this feeling of a big smile, and it’s like you know what it is and go for it.

QUESTION:  Thank you very much.

ANSWER:  You are welcome.



Raj at Montpelier 1989


QUESTION:  Who’s Ramya?  That’s the name of the Mothership.

PAUL:  And what is the question now?

QUESTION:  If you would care to share, describe Who’s Ramya today with God’s Purpose, capital “P” Purpose.

ANSWER:  For the sake of the rest of you here, this question is relative to a, for lack of better words, a mother ship.  Now, there are many who, in listening for guidance, find themselves receiving information relative to what could be called the “space brothers.”  This is a term that has been used. 

It is important for all of you to understand that indeed this term, the “space brothers,” is a valid term identifying individualities who are, shall I say, in your vicinity, specifically in your universe, and specifically in your galaxy.  And there presence is for the purpose of supporting the tone, if you will, supporting the attitude I spoke of earlier with which you engaged with the wave, supporting the tone or attitude which will promote your Awakening.

Now as I have indicated before, these ships are not necessary for them to travel in.  These ships are an accommodation to the ego level of development, or shall I say, the ego level of dissolvement that is occurring.  And because every level of ego thought will be addressed in this process of Awakening, the conveying of the message will come in many different languages of expression in ways that everyone will be able to understand, as I indicated earlier.

These ships, as I said, are an accommodation to the present level of thought, because at the bottom line, they inspire your willingness to think beyond your present frame of reference. 

Now, the fact is that these ships have not displayed themselves with any frequency, because it would be overwhelming, frightening, if you will.  Nevertheless, they are present.  Now I indicated that they are present because those of the Brotherhood who are fulfilling this particular aspect of supporting the Awakening process are specifically addressing those whose inspiration is triggered by “beings from the stars,” but they are not aliens, they are totally Awakened beings, therefore, there is no need for fear.

This particular ship is extremely large, hundreds of miles long.  Now it is highly likely to make an appearance within the next two years.  The reason being, that mankind, generally speaking, will be able to bear the experience.  And also, because during the next two years there will be a significant increase in the general experience of guidance and the valuing of guidance.  And through the guidance that will come there will be a general clearer awareness of the presence of the “space brothers.”

Now I briefly wish to address one other issue that carries with it a certain amount of fear.  There are stories of beings from outer space who have picked up human beings and examined them and physically violated them in the sense of penetrating their body for the purpose of extracting samples, etc.  I wish you to understand that this has not happened!  Those who would be capable of space travel know everything there is to know simply by listening.  And there is no necessity of violating anyone in order to know anything.

Now, all of this of course is happening as an expression of the Father’s Will.  And you must understand that it is the Father’s Will for you to be Awake.  It is the Father’s Will for you to be experiencing yourself divinely, to be experiencing yourself as the Christ, to experience the fact that you are in the Kingdom of Heaven at this instant. 

And so, there will be varying means of triggering your awareness of your divinity, of triggering your willingness to experience your divinity.  And the space brothers are part of this, and the spacecraft's are part of this, because it helps you to understand that conscious individuality, what you call beings of which you are some, that beings are citizens of the universe, that the universe is your normal domain and not just a small part of the surface of your planet.  Your unity, the unity of the Brotherhood is a universal unity not a local one.

Now, the Brotherhood is gathering, because, also as I have said before, the Awakening process is going to look like something.  The, if I may put it this way, final integration of the Brotherhood in its completeness, consciously speaking, is going to look like something. 

What I am about to say is not an accurate description, but it conveys somewhat of the effect when the remnants of the Brotherhood who are still sleeping, but in the process of Awakening Awaken.  And it will happen very rapidly when it happens.  It will happen spontaneously when it happens. 

It will be as though there is a bright effulgent glow which will emerge and radiate throughout the universe, throughout the infinity of God from the areas where the sleepers have Awakened.  There is a concentrated gathering of sleepers in this particular part of your galaxies.  And so, there are those who have come not only in support but also share in this effulgent emergent movement of Light/Love.  It is going to be a significant event. 

You must understand that every single one of you is part of the Brotherhood of Man, that is the Body of Christ in Christian terms, which is simply the infinite manifestation of the Father. 

This Brotherhood is not experiencing its completeness at the moment, because there are those of you who are insisting upon experiencing a tiny personal private sense of selfhood.  “But Father I’d rather do it myself.”  As that willfulness yields, dissolves, each of you will come into the conscious experience of your Christhood, of God constituting the center and circumference, the warp and woof of you. 

And the Brotherhood as a whole will become infinitely conscious of itself without any part of it being left out.  And you will experience the infinitude of you as the awareness of the Brotherhood in every aspect.  And this relates to the change of self-identification that I mentioned earlier.  So you have great things in store for you.  The “space brothers” and this ship together with all of those who are gathering in support of this event all express the Will of the Father for you to be Awake. 

However, as I said earlier, do not wait for an external event, start to love yourself now, start to be self-accepting, start to be willing to go within into that place where you can discover you so that you might discover that it isn’t some puny mortal sinner, but rather that it is something quite wonderfully divine, so that you may be able to embrace yourself more fully as what you really are.

Figuratively speaking, this will not happen, but figuratively speaking, if everyone refused to do that then the Brotherhood would not manifest the ship so that it could be seen.  You see, your conscious awareness of your divinity cannot be forced upon you, it must be desired.  And that is why you are getting support, and that is why you are not being coerced.

Now I realize that I have gone in a round about way to answer this question, but it helps you to understand how it all fits together.  That’s the end of the answer.



Raj at Princeville 1989


QUESTION:  Would you talk about UFO’s and whether we are getting visits from beings from other planets.

ANSWER:  You are being visited all over the place in all kinds of ways.  Is this not a visitation?  Is not the presence of your guides and your actual experience with them an experience of visitation.  Indeed. 

There are those who are gathering in what you call your heavens.  And why do you think that is?  Because quite an event is beginning to transpire on your planet, the event of Awakening.  And it is known, it is recognized, it is easily seen.  The illumination around your globe that does not come as a reflection from your sun, but rather from the enlightened conscious Beings, if I may put it that way, on your planet is easily visible. 

Some who are gathering, are gathering to help facilitate as I am facilitating and others are facilitating this shift.  Others are gathering to watch the emerging effulgence of light.

Now it may sound as though I am being contradictory here, in that I have already indicated that your bodies are Bodies of Light at this present moment.  But there is a shift in the quality of the light as individual conscious Being discovers its Christhood and dares to own it. 

That conscious discovery of one’s divinity is visible as well as felt.  And I will tell you also, that in a spiritual equivalent there is a sound, a harmony that emerges.  And just as you joy at watching a beautiful flower open, we joy as our brothers and sisters consciously discover, experience and own their Christhood, their Divinity, their Sonship and Daughtership.  Because along with this brightening, if you will, of the light that you are, there is the experience received and felt of your capacity to consciously be love, which is what happens when you wake up. 

And so you have those gathering who when it is appropriate will be facilitators, supporters if you will.  And there are others who are gathering to observe it.  You must remember that all those who are asleep are a part of the Brotherhood.  And so your Awakening constitutes an experience for those of the Brotherhood who are already Awake, a clearer experience of the integrity of the wholeness of the Brotherhood as those who were unconscious of it become conscious of it.

Now I want to be very clear on a point for all of you.  The space brothers, or whatever it is you wish to call them, are all fully Awakened.  They do not overtake or overpower human beings, and lift them up into their ships and examine them and violate them physically.  Whatever they might want to know, they know.  Do not be afraid of those who have come to be called the space brothers.  They will not intrude, they will not present themselves where they are not wanted. 

You see, we all can only respond to an active inner desire for Awakening, or for truth, or for love, or for healing.  As I indicated earlier, you must get into the Kingdom of Heaven, you must open your eyes by virtue of a motivation and a reason within yourself that stems from you.  And once the motivation and desire is there we can support it and encourage it. 

And so you will not find yourself being intruded upon by any of us.  And so when there are sightings of spacecraft, you may know that it is because an invitation and a readiness to receive or have the experience of contact has been arrived at by mankind as a whole on your globe.

And again, it will not be a time to give your power away, but to ask yourself, “What does this say about me?  What am I experiencing here?”  It reflects a readiness.  And you do not need to be afraid that they will be alien monsters, threatening, aggressive, warlike.  They are fully Awakened individualities.  I will tell you this also, they do not need the spacecraft in order to arrive here, or be here.  It is an accommodation to your science fiction mentality. 

In other words, the appearing is occurring in language of your present perception and that which will not frighten you.  That’s the end of the answer.



Princeville 1991


QUESTION:  Only a moment ago it seems I shared with you a number of experiences with our “space brothers.”  Well, I had asked if I had been aboard one of the ships.  And you had shared with me that I had had an experience of a conscious movement.  I wonder if you could share with me their culture?  What are they doing at this time?  And their plans for mankind?

ANSWER:  Your very question expresses the lack of unity consciousness which I am helping this weekend to diminish.  You see, the ego divides that which is One, that which is Whole, up into parts.  And so you have this group and that group, this culture, that culture, that intent and purpose as opposed to that intent and purpose.  And it does this add infinitum. 

Those that you speak of as the “space brothers” are part of the Brotherhood.  Do not think just three-dimensionally here, as though they are “space brothers” from another part of the three-dimensional galaxy or universe.  They are Awake.  They are not here for ego purposes.  They are gathering, just as others gather, humanly speaking, for an event, whether it be a rock concert, or a Fourth of July display.  It is a gathering for an event that is anticipated, because it is known to be going to happen. 

Mankind is Awakening.  And what I mean by that is those seemingly trapped in the three-dimensional frame of reference are about to experience their release.  Not that their captors are going to come and unlock the doors, but literally because each of you is going to go and rattle the door and discover that it was never locked. 

You must understand that those who are experiencing the three-dimensional frame of reference are not just those who are, in popular terms, incarnated upon your planet at this time.  Those who have passed on, but who have not Awakened, are still experiencing a three-dimensional perception of the fourth-dimension. 

And all who are not Awake are in a process of waking up, because there are no longer enough sleeping to join in mutual agreement about their dreams to maintain the distorted perception any longer.  There is not enough mutual agreement present for the limited perception of things to continue.  That is why there is a breaking up of the dream, if you will.  That is why there is more and more evidence of not being able to be the clear-cut authority over your experience.  And it is happening to those on your planet to one degree or another.  No one is excluded from it.  And it is happening to those that you would say have passed on, who are yet to Awaken fully.

Those that you call the “space brothers” are here, you might say, to observe first hand; and also to act in support of this Movement of Awakening, by—for lack of better words—providing their presence energetically.  There have been a number of instances over the last fifteen years, in which—for lack of better words—your planet has been layered or banded with energy of love, which is, of course, an integrating energy, a harmonizing energy, thus making it easier for all of you to give permission.  Of course, love is noncoercive and so it cannot impel you to do anything.

Every single one of you must wake up for your own reasons, because you are feeling a Movement and a desire within you.  No one can just willy-nilly move you into enlightenment.  But support is being provided.  It is preferable for you to think of the “space brothers” as members of the Brotherhood, which is the truth, rather than aliens or creatures from other parts of the universe, because they are not.

An image that would have somewhat relevant meaning for you would be that of a football game, where you go and sit in the bleachers around the field because the field, is where the activity is going to be.  What you would call “ships” are literally parked on a grid in space around your planet, eager to see the show.  Why?  Not for amusement, but because, you see, you are part of the Brotherhood also. 

And as long as you have been asleep and dreaming dreams and holding yourself apart from the conscious experience of your unity with the whole of the Brotherhood, the whole of the Brotherhood has not been experiencing its wholeness consciously. 

And so where you would say that in your process of Awakening you are coming Home, they are awaiting the reuniting, the conscious reuniting.  Now you might say, “Well, if they are experiencing themselves as the infinity in which all of Creation is occurring and all of Creation is some aspect of the infinitude of their Being, then they are experiencing every aspect of infinity fully.  There is no need for them to have ships, there is no need for them to be on bleachers, or in parking spots in your galaxy.” 

But not only are you and everyone of the Brotherhood universal, you are also specific; therefore, it is possible for you to be specifically located at the same time that you are universally “located.”  You are universal having specific identity, because the Father in His Self-expression cannot express unspecifically, nebulously, vaguely.  And even though you are universal and experience universally when you are fully Awake, you are still specific and experience specifically when you are Awake. 

The only thing is that one does not choose to experience specifically for personal reasons, for personal gain, for effect, or for any of the other ego reasons that egos do things.  And so those who are here in your vicinity are here because it fulfills purpose, identifying God’s purpose.  And as I said, they have been providing energy and, may I say, the mental environment in which it is easier for all of you to wake up.  There are others of the Brotherhood who are engaged in fulfillment of the Father’s purpose elsewhere regarding other things. 

But I will tell you this:  All of the Brotherhood that is Awake, whether they are specifically located in your area, or experiencing your area from the infinite vantage point, all eyes are on you and those who are Awakening, because all look forward to experiencing the Whole of the Brotherhood consciously experiencing its Wholeness.  And there is great support and encouragement of love that undergirds every step of Awakening that any of you are willing to engage in. 

You see, not only are there not enough dreamers to support the ongoing illusion of a dream, but there are more who are Awake joining with you at the level of your divinity—at the level of what you Really are—in support of your Awakening.  It is therefore inevitable that you will wake up. 

And I will take this moment to say once again:  No one will be left out, because there is no outside of the Kingdom of Heaven for anyone to be.  So let us forget about this nonsense of a hundred and forty-four thousand being taken up and the rest left behind to sort of sog in their, well, I’m going to say, righteous anger at being left behind.  You are not alone.  In every way that you can imagine you are not alone.


Raj at Vermont 1992


QUESTION:  I’m going to use my follow-up question as my question, not that I’m being a martyr, because I’m not, Raj has already answered my question. 

My question has to do with what happened this morning, we were talking about everybody being one with each other, one with all things because there is nothing that is not God.  And also was mentioned, all those people that did not buy into the illusion of duality, that didn’t get caught in that.  And I’m referring to the Ashtar Command and the Federation:  how we relate to them.  Talk to us about our oneness with them and also if you could mention about the Photon Belt that supposedly we’re going to be going through in the immediate future.

ANSWER:  Probably, to the surprise of many of you, I am not going to deny the existence of Ashtar or the Ashtar Command.  And it may stretch your imagination some or your crudity, to think that you might have to embrace those who are called the “space brothers,” and not continue to call those who are listening to the “space brothers” kooks, and you perfectly normal listening to me. 

I said earlier on, meaning a number of years ago in early gatherings, that the message will get through like the early “pony express.”  And it will get through in language of present awareness.  And that obviously, the language of Awakening for an Australian Aborigine will be different from the language of Awakening for a scientist of the Western World. 

And Paul always thought that the language that I meant, that the language for Australian Aborigines would have to necessarily be much more fundamental and simple, because of their necessarily limited degree of education.  And when he went to Australia, he had the opportunity to discover that they were further along than the scientist of the Western World.  And that more accommodation would have to be made to the Western mind, than to the Aboriginal mind.

Now there are those of you for whom there is a readier ability to listen and accept from what you would call, “space brothers,” because there is a strong sense of reasonableness to the idea that your universe is peopled with many beings other than yourselves. 

Now this does not mean that Ashtar and the Ashtar Command, meaning that “body of individualities” under Ashtar’s Command, they are not people from other planets, they are part of the Brotherhood, just like every single one of your guides and like myself, and like all of the Brotherhood who are Awake, they are Totally Awakened.  And they do not need space ships to be wherever they want to be, because they are aware of their omnipresence, and thus can bring their focus of attention to any point in infinity by a shift of their attention.  But they come to facilitate the Awakening of mankind in this part of your universe, just as I do, but in a different form that registers easily and meaningfully to many of you. 

Be willing to allow the messengers to appear in whatever form they appear, and understand that they are accommodating the many various mindsets or frames of reference that all of you are in.  And each of you pay attention to that which is meaningful to you.  And if you hear inconsistencies, do not assume that these inconsistent “messages” cannot possibly represent an Awakened perspective, else there would be absolute consistency.  Because the problem is that your ego mindsets are inconsistent. 

A Course In Miracles is an accommodation.  You listen through sieves.  You sort out before a thing even arrives, anything that is arriving.  And you would be amazed at how much artistry is required in order for us to get a nondimensional truth through some of the crazy patterns of your sieves so that you end up hearing it half way as it was intended.  I’m not complaining.  If you knew, however, you would know how loved you are, and that is important. 

Truly, at this time, in this setting, there is no need for me to address any of the other aspects of your question.  I would just encourage all of you who might enjoy letting your imaginations run wild, that the idea of passing through a Photon Belt is not one which needs to cause you any concern.  Indeed, if it did, I would be addressing it further. 

You all need to know something:  The one thing you all have in common, your one life saver, if you will, is that because that which is encased within the sphere of ego structures is the divine You, just as that which is outside the sphere is the divine You, you forever have the capacity to recognize Truth. 

Do you realize that this means you never need to give your power away?  You never have to rely upon someone else telling you what the Truth is, or that you should believe such-and-such a thing is the truth.  It means that you have the ability to listen to anybody saying anything without fear, because you have the inherent capacity to recognize truth, and you need to begin to exercise that capacity. 

And then whether someone says, “this message has come from the Ashtar Command,” or somebody else says, “this message has come from Raj,” or somebody says, “this came from somewhere else,” it will not be the apparent source that will be of interest to you.  What will be of interest to you is that when you observe it or take it in that you measure it against your deepest understanding of what truth is—your deepest feeling of the truth of it.  And in this way your Integrity is left totally intact. 

You don’t have to deny this one, and deny that one, and accept that one.  That is stupid.  Because the one that you say, “I don’t need to deny,” you are likely to listen to without paying attention.  And in the absence of actually paying attention to the point where you are measuring what you hear against your deepest knowing of what truth is, you give your power away and lose your sense of your Integrity. 

Why does everyone want to grow up?  So that they can stop learning!  So they can finally learn it all and relax and what? not have to pay so much attention any more.  Well, not paying attention is not being conscious.  And in not paying attention you lose the experience of your Integrity and you do give your power away.  And then you end up saying, “she’s using me.  He’s using me.  I’m being mistreated.”  You have mistreated yourself.

So remember, each of you has the inherent capacity to recognize Truth.  Practice that capacity!  Stay conscious!  And thus, keep alive to yourself your experience of your Integrity.  And then you will not need to be afraid of anyone, or off-handedly discount anything.  You will not be afraid to let anything new into your experience, even if it’s Ashtar the “space brothers.”  That’s the end of the answer.



Raj at Winnipeg 1989


QUESTION:  Well, having traveled to Stonehenge and other various ancient wisdom sites in the last few months, as well as being very very interested in these high energy places on the planet, I’m wondering, Raj, if you might comment on the recent publicized circles that have been discovered in the fields around Stonehenge?

ANSWER:  I would be most delighted to.  They are what you hope they are, they are evidences of “spacecraft.”  These vehicles were not visible at the time of the landing.  It was the intent to create the visible marks that would spark the curiosity and interest of those around your globe without frightening or overwhelming them.  Because as we discussed earlier, the limits of the three-dimensional frame of reference and its sense of vulnerability almost invariably interprets the unknown as threatening. e

There are those on your globe who are expressing more enlightenment now.  And so, extraterrestrials are not grotesque, vegetable creatures, but unusually appearing gentle, kind, intelligent beings such as those in “Close Encounters,” or “ET,” or “Star Wars,” etc., variety, but not threat, variety of life forms, but not threat by virtue of the diversity. 

This aspect of the unknown—other inhabitants of the universe—is embraced with less fear.  And so, you have now more positive renderings of other universal life forms.  Now what I have described here simply expresses a psychological development, if you will, one which makes it possible to be open with safety to the unknown, to be open with a sense of security to the unknown. 

But as I said, there is still fear.  And so the actual encounters that are occurring are being gentle, thought provoking, stimulating, but not overwhelming.  As I said, these vehicles were not visible when they landed, the rings were the only thing meant to be visible. 

I have said it before, that you will find increased sightings of spacecraft.  But I want to make something clear:  Those who are responsible for the spacecraft and their movements are totally Awakened Beings and do not need these spacecraft to move through infinity.  The spacecraft are accommodations to, shall I say, the level of ignorance, or the level of enlightenment on your planet. 

In other words, they are accommodations to the general threshold of enlightenment in mankind.  They are calculated to release mankind from the very private local sense of life, and to trigger awareness’ of a more universal Brotherhood so as to reduce the defensiveness and therefore the readiness to attack the unknown.  Because the readiness to attack the unknown constitutes the opposite of love. it constitutes the opposite of the defenselessness that lets the world and universe in so that you have a chance to experience its actual divinity.

Those who have been described as ET’s, extraterrestrials, are not so much extraterrestrial as what you would call other dimensional—in the sense that I’m other dimensional at the moment, at least as far as your experience is concerned.  We are all sitting in a group in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, and therefore it is your sense of yourself as a human being on planet Earth, a physical entity that is the result of evolution that constitutes the other dimensional aspect, or ET, or unusual and unreasonable aspect.

Now all of these movements that are occurring, that are causing expansion of awareness, an expansion of how you fit in and what you fit into, all of this is being handled with great care, always in response to the general inner desire to not be bound in the way that you have been bound, in the way in which mankind has been bound for centuries.

Sightings will increase and contact will occur.  And I am not going to give a certain number of years, except to say that it is relatively imminent.  Because I will tell you something:  What will be reported back to you from those who meet with you is the same sort of thing I am reporting back to you—your divinity, and that it is time to embrace it, that it is time to own it and wake up.  You could say it is all a plot.  But you see, you must walk into your Christhood on your own two feet, as a result of your own choice and decision.  And so you will not be pushed.  You will be invited, you will be supported in whatever steps you take.

Now, go ahead and let your imagination work in the most positive ways relative to ET’s.  Do not indulge in fearful images, because that just expresses the ego. 

The presence of space vehicles, the presence of space brothers, as you have heard them referred to, is a Reality.  But they are all members of the Brotherhood of Man that constitutes, in Biblical terms “the body of Christ.”  Which means that the Brotherhood of Man constitutes the Son of God, the infinite expression of the Father, the infinite presence of the Father seen as and experienced as the Christ, the Brotherhood.

Understand that we are quite wise, and we will do whatever works in triggering, and motivating, and encouraging you to embrace your divinity.  We will say whatever helps.  We will provide images if they will work.  We will elicit your interest, but we cannot take the steps for you. 

The Course In Miracles is an accommodation to the current level of ego thought.  It does not state absolute facts, because your present level of ego thought could not grasp the absolute thoughts, the absolute truths.  So it serves as a bridge, a bridge that supports your taking the step or leap of faith.  It encourages you to know that beyond the edge of your ability to experience yourself is more of yourself, and the opportunity to experience the more of yourself.  And it encourages you to leap, by letting you know that there is a landing point that it is worth your while to experience.

It is there, the Course is, to confirm or reconfirm to you the fact that there is a God that constitutes the very essence and substance and totality of your Being.  And that if you indeed let go of the end of the rope and give up on your attempt to be the best damn ego you can be, that you will not lose your existence, but you will fall a few millimeters into the underlying everlasting arms of the Father, and once again experience your true Selfhood.

(TAPE:  EIGHT -  RAJ:  Paul apologizes for the loss of the first minute and ten seconds have been lost on this tape.)


ANSWER:  ...distorted sense of yourself and where you are must be, shall I say, educated out of itself. 

The Brotherhood, the space Brothers, the Course, the other religious and metaphysical materials—that have been inspired materials—are all language accommodating your Awakening process.  And none of it is truly going on as a three-dimensional event in space/time.  You are not a three-dimensional event occurring in space/time.  You are the conscious awareness, the infinity in which the experiences of space and time are going on as experiences of consciousness.  But you are the indefinable, unembraceable infinity of Mind in which all of these experiences are occurring. 

As you begin to reaccess this infinite presence of Mind or awareness that you are, it will become obvious to you that any sense of your being some tiny infinitesimal part of infinity was a misunderstanding or misperception of yourself—one which was never a fact, one which never actually bound you as a fact.  And you will be free, and you will join the rest of those who are Awake and add to the infinite conscious awareness of the Brotherhood of Man until every single sleeper has Awakened, and the Brotherhood of Man, the Son of God experiences itself in its Totality—Awake.

And mind you, this that I am describing is also imminent.  And when I say imminent, I mean within the next 40 years.  That’s the end of the answer.