Authority Issue


QUESTION: I would like you, in your role as Jesus, who came to raise our level of thought and to make us aware of God's love and the ability to heal, as you did (you raised the lame man, you healed the leper, you raised Lazarus, as well as others who had social problems) to give us some enlightenment on this point.

RAJ: One of the aspects of your question has to do with the authority issue, because it is obvious from what you have read in the Bible that I expressed authority over the human condition, whether it was of physical bodies, whether it was of the ocean, whether it was the laws of gravity. "And the word was spoken, and it was done." No process. "The word of God is quick and powerful, and mightier than a two-edged sword," and that was what was being demonstrated.

But! It was being demonstrated in a different time and place. No, it was being demonstrated in a different frame of mind. You might say, "the frame of mind of the time" – a time when people were not even sure how many gods there were, or what God was really like. It was a time when sacrifices were made as an appeasement to God, or to the gods. There was not a clarity, even, about the singularity of God.

True, there <was> a history available, at least to the Jews, wherein the singularity of God was already an acknowledged fact. But the Gentiles had no such assurance, confidence, or even conception, much less that this singular God was omnipotent. It is an easy concept today for most.

Even though you might say there is a waning belief in God, the belief is a belief of singularity of the Godhead. But this was not the common sense of God that people had in common. And so, the function of the Christ <then> was to anchor, if you will, the awareness of the singularity of God, the omnipotence and relevance of God to them in their daily lives – as has since been said, "one with God is a majority" – and therefore, they did not have to continue seeming to be the innocent victims of gods whom they could appease through certain processes such as sacrifices. The function of the Christ was different then than the function of the Christ is today, because of the frame of mind of the time now.

We have spoken at some length here about the authority issue. This is not the time for embodying the authority of God as an expressed authority of each of you or any of you. The point of spiritual growth that mankind is at today – even in the level of ignorance that everyone is embodying – is a much higher level than it was 2,000 years ago. It is a <different> ignorance. And so, the truth that corrects it is different.

There is someone in the room who asked some years ago about my statement that "If ye have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, you can say unto this mountain, get thee hence," and the mountain will move." And I told him, "You can't move a mountain that isn't already moving" – meaning what I shared earlier this morning when I used the illustration of the kayak being let down into the river. You cannot desire and participate in co-creation of that desire if you haven't yielded into the Movement that is already occurring.

The false sense of authority has become very strong in terms of the ego. And it is utilizing all of the modern spiritual teachings called "metaphysics" to exercise this authority in the name of God without consulting God, you see – without yielding into the movement. And so, I am not generally speaking telling anyone to say to this disease or that disease, "Get thee hence!" and assert a divine authority that they have, because . . .

I will tell you something: Everyone is closer to Home today! Closer to that point of becoming fully realized than was the case 2,00 years ago. And, you are getting close to retracing <the first step away from Home>, which was an assertion of independence. And the specific undoing of that assertion of independence is succumbing to, yielding to, the Father's Will once again – willingly. Not as a means of exercising authority to get through the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven, but as a means of abandoning a private intent, so that in its place the Intent of God can register, be felt as the <impulse>, as I said, and carry you into your Sanity.

Whether this seems reasonable, and whether anyone likes it or not, especially those who are currently practicing one form or another of metaphysics, it is the truth. And I'm not hanging crepe here. I'm telling you the truth, even though it might seem that I am putting a negative into the air that will be a self-fulfilling negative prophecy.

I will tell you, if I did not say it, it would happen anyway. And so, I am telling you so that you will not be surprised, and so that when you <find out> that you're on a road that has a dead end, you can turn around rather than going all the way to the dead end and <then> turning around.

The conscious practice of authority over the world, the conscious practice of claiming your dominion over the world through metaphysical steps, is beginning to fail, and will continue to increasingly fail. Why? Because you've already learned from it what you were meant to learn from it.

First, everyone had to learn that there was a singular God – not gods many, not gods in the trees, and not gods in the lakes, <etc.>, not gods in the animals – but a singular all-inclusive infinite intelligence that was Love, the movement of which constituted Creation, and there were no other gods beside God. You see? That's the singularity.

Then, you needed to know that this God was relevant (this is in the "evolution of conscious awareness"). I'm putting that in quotes because this evolution is an accommodation to the fact that everyone has chosen to have a biased perception of the Kingdom of Heaven. So there's going to appear to be a moving away from clarity and a return to clarity, even though all that happened, I am speaking in terms of accommodations, here, so that there is an understanding of the seeming departure and return of the Prodigal Sons and Daughters.

So, I came along demonstrating the pertinence, the relevance of God to the here and now. And when I said the word, the word was done. And the people experienced the relevance. It wasn't a head trip. They saw this lame man that they had seen for years – they knew him the moment he was born – and they saw him healed. This was an <experience> of the presence and the power of God, and the practice or exercise of a dominion over all the earth that God gave man.

It was <still> an accommodation. It addressed the mind in its frame of reference at the moment. And it was essential to do this in the moment in order to educate the mind – being the educative process – out of its beliefs.

And what else? I said, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." My disciples knew that when I said that, the same truth was true about them. If you have seen each other, you have seen the Father.

You see, the Father, in addition to being a singular God as opposed to multiple gods, was being presented also as a God of love and not a God of wrath. This was new – a God of relevance that one did not need to be afraid of. A God Who was on their side, whom they could call upon. It was the language of <that> day in which the ideas that I have expressed here (in this Gathering) were brought up – that you have a powerful ally, a powerful companion with you in unity. It was impossible at that time for the imminence of God to be fully expressed because of the fact that there hadn't even yet fully registered the fact that there hadn't even yet fully registered the fact that there was a <singular> God, where imminent or not.

It fulfilled purpose for healings to occur – instantaneous healings demonstrating the relevance in the moment, and the power in the moment, of God. In a way, everything that was said was in code. That's what I mean by "accommodations." You understand that the parables were the Truth coded in language that could be grasped. Even today, I am speaking in codes – symbols that elicit, trigger realization so that you might arrive at a point of this commitment to trust that we were talking about, . . which was the same motive then. It's always the same function of the Christ, no matter what the words are.

So, there has been this development. Then metaphysics came into the picture 150 years ago. And what it did was to uncover just how close the imminence of God was because everyone could connect God "as the <infinite> Mind" with themselves "as mind," and they could grasp that perhaps what was fouling everything up was the <thinking> they were indulging in that God never did indulge in. And so, everyone learned that if they thought clearly and intelligently, it made a difference in their lives, a demonstrable difference. But this was <still> an accommodation.

Why did everyone need to learn that? At an experiential level, they needed to learn it so they could see that intelligence, embodied with clarity at the level of mind, had a direct and beneficial effect.

Why was that important? Well, if the next step was to yield into the <infinite> Mind which is God, where was everyone going to get the courage to do it if their concept of God was one of a loving <and > wrathful God, one who, by grace, occasionally – not very often, but by grace, blessed them, and at other times inflicted suffering upon them . . . <for their growth!> That's the absurd lie or assumption that came out of the fearful ego place.

It was only when everyone arrived at a point where they understood not only the <singularity> of God, but the fact that God was the <infinite> Mind, that they could dare to abandon their clear, correct thinking or assertion of authority, mentally speaking, and <yield> into the infinite Mind that God is, which is really everyone's right mind, their Home.

Everyone had to know the Nature and character of God by demonstration so that they could arrive at the point of <abandoning> demonstrating It and yielding into It with trust.

By <continuing> to be able to seem to express authority or dominion over the world, authority over diseases, you cannot arrive at the significant point of abandoning the separated sense of self which up to now has been what was exercising the authority and thereby embodying the truth of God.

Now, I have <not> said, "Embrace disease." The other day, someone asked, and I said, "No, you do not love your problems, and you do not love your illnesses." Indeed, you recognize them to be illegitimate impositions upon the Son of God, but you don't <then> do something highly metaphysical, with a sense of authority coming from your present sense of yourself, to get rid of it. You recognize that it is an illegitimate imposition upon the Son of God, and then you get into that place where the Son of God that You Are is able to register with you because you are not claiming a separate private vantage point from which to reflect God authoritatively! You see?

So, you do not agree with that which is illegitimate and doesn't reflect God. You <disagree> with it. But not with fear. You just recognize that it doesn't fit, and therefore it must be an illusion. And then, as I said, you let yourself into that place where you have the capacity to recognize the Real meaning, which is the presence of God in that place, and you will see healing. Not because of any authority you have exercised, but because there is really <nothing going on there> requiring authority to get rid of. And so, you yield into that place where your awareness of God's perfection is apparent to you because you have abandoned a separate vantage point, viewing place, and you are willing to let God's View fill you and be <You> in your right mind.

This is very important, and I am very glad you have asked the question. Because "the times, they are a'changing." Which really means the mental frame of reference is a changing. It's not as dense as it was. And it's not as elementary as it was, so that one must speak in parables of <great> simplicity, such as I had to 2,000 years ago.

Yes, I do speak in parables today! And I must do it so that what I say relates to your present experience of yourself, but also releases you from it more quickly, with less process to it. It is much easier today, I promise you. Truth does not have to be as "hidden" in order for It to be able to be said without being totally rejected.

I thank you again for the question. And everyone who will have the opportunity to hear the answer will say, "Thank you" also.

During the latter days of my life 2,000 years ago, I made the following statement: "The works that I do, shall ye do also. And greater works than these, because I go unto the Father." It is an interesting statement, is it not?

I want you to be aware that besides the teaching about God which my life embodied, and the teaching about who man really is which my life embodied, my life, itself, illustrated the movement of everyone's process of Awakening. My statement referred to the works that I had done – the instantaneous healing, the giving of the Word that was immediately manifest. It is the last part of the phrase that none of you truly understand. It is the first part of the phrase that has strengthened you in the metaphysical aspect of your development.

"The works that I do shall ye do also, and greater works than these, because I go unto the Father."

What have we been talking about all of these three days? We have been talking about "going unto the Father." That is what "going into the silence" means. Because I went unto the Father and stayed there, and anchored in human consciousness, by so doing everything that my life had embodied, everyone had the clearer opportunity to say the world and have to be so, as expression of transformational love called healing. But, everyone must, as I indicated, arrive at the point where they stop "giving the word" from the point of their present sense of themselves and also go unto the Father. That is the significance of that statement. And that is where everyone is now because that's the last step Home which undoes the separation from the Father.

It literally is almost possible for us to say to you all, "Welcome Home!" And we are encouraging those who are still intent upon doing the "works" and the "greater works" to not persist overly long in that stage of their growth, but to let it go. Willingly let it go in favor of going unto the Father. You see, all Paul is doing is "not blocking the door." In Psalms, in the Bible, it says, "Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in." You are the place where God shines through. That is the function of the Son or Daughter of God. And so, when any of you goes within to Listen, you are being willing to stand as the Door.

I am standing as the Door also, with Paul. And it is the Father you hear. And it is the Father you see when you look at Paul when he is standing as the Door. And it is the Father you see when you look at each other, whether you are standing as the Doors or not. But when you are standing as the Doors, the Presence of the Father is what is there to be experienced.

When you "go to the Father," you come Home to Who and What You Are. And Who and What You Are is the Father being the conscious Individuality that You Are. And although the words I have to use speak of the Father <and> what You Are – which sounds like "two" – the experience is an inseparable experience of Unity which has not caused any loss of identity, except that that word "identity" now has an infinitely new Meaning, . . .God.

It's not the <word> "God" that you are. It's the Movement, the conscious experience of the Movement of God that is You. It is you at this moment. You won't graduate into bigness from smallness. You will just discover that the smallness that you thought was real was an illusion. And <that> will uncover the bigness of you, the wholeness of you that you have always been.

So, mankind, as a whole, is at the experiential point of "going to the Father." Why? Why, when you may not be consciously choosing it with commitment? Because there are too few of you committed to dreams to give enough substance to the dreams that the dreams will hold together. The dreams are losing integrity because of the lack of commitment to dreams within the whole Brotherhood. And so, literally – and perhaps exasperatingly – like the laborers in the vineyard, the johnny-come-lately's will wake up along with you, who came early in the morning and labored relative to your Awakening, because there is not enough commitment within the Brotherhood as a whole. There are not enough dreaming dreams with commitment to the dreams to create a sense of integrity to the dream-state.

So, what I am sharing with you, and have been sharing with you, is not only that which will help further the breakup of the dreams, but it is also to promote a conscious choice on your part to participate in waking up with conscious volition – by choice – even though the choice, as we have said, involves choosing not to use your will. It is a choice to consciously give up "choices" arrived at from the standpoint of your best reasoning and thinking.

So, it is a marvelous time you live in. Not at all like the time 2,000 years ago. And what the Christ says to one who is very close to Awakening is very different from one who is just barely stirring from his dream.

I'm going to take this opportunity to address an issue which is presenting itself, especially with regard to <A Course In Miracles>.

The suggestion is being made that <A Course in Miracles> is a divine event in the world – a penetration of the dream – which is absolutely unique, relative to nothing else. Even though it is obvious that I am the author from reading it, it is now being suggested that the Jesus of the Course is irreconcilable with the Jesus of the Bible. And I would ask you, "If they are irreconcilable, then why wasn't the Jesus of the Course called Henrietta? Why is there any reference at all to Jesus? Why, in the Course, did I make reference to my disciples or things that I said which are in the Bible? The reason is, because there <is> a relationship between the Jesus of the Course and the Jesus of the Bible. And the correspondence establishes what I'm going to call the chain of real Being that unites the centuries – in other words, the belief of time – in the design of God. In other words, in a design that is from outside time.

No matter how well-intentioned the attempt is – because of the great love for the Course that exists in the ones making this suggestion – it is unintelligent to try and make the Christ, who spoke relative to the deep sleep that everyone was in 2,000 years ago, irreconcilable with the same Christ who speaks to those just about to enter Home today.

It is essential for all of you to know that there <is> a relevance, a continuity of the design of God, no matter how much that unitary, unified design of God seems to have been broken up in your consciousness into lifetimes that seem to be absolutely disconnected.

I say this because, as we discussed in the last two days, one can, through the use of will alter your behavior toward them honestly and really and correctly.

When you do that, you will find that everyone is divine, whether <they> are able to tell you that or not, whether they are able to tell you that from a place of Knowing or not. You see?

That is the end of the answer.



QUESTION: My question is on addictions, and mainly because I’ve got them and everybody I know has got one or two or three or whatever. And I’m talking about addictions like smoking cigarettes or marijuana or harder drugs, drinking, eating, gambling, whatever. I realize that we have addictions to suppress things we can’t cope with, memories from the past. And if we could face them then we wouldn’t need our addictions.

Why is it so hard for humanity? And what is the key to healing that? I mean even people on the spiritual path have also still got their addictions.

RAJ: You are only ever addicted to that which will cover up your uneasiness, your being out of peace. And what causes you to feel out of your peace is not experiencing your wholeness. Again, it is the attempt to get rid of the bell that is ringing on the truck that is backing up.

Now, if you want to deal with your addictions, don’t deal with your addictions—address your peace. Make the conscious choice for your peace more consistently. When you are in your peace, you experience absolutely no call for defense, because you feel no vulnerability. "Yes, but I have meditated and I still find I need the cigarette or I still want to get up and have a chocolate eclair or whatever."

Well, I will tell you that it is very important for you to know something that I shared yesterday, and that is: when you become still, when you yield up control and relax into your peace, it isn’t just an absence of anxiety, of nerves. It isn’t that your body has simply, for a time, relaxed. This experience of peace is a direct connection with your capital "S" Self, your essential Being, the nature of which is immoveable peace—unchanging peace.

Your very practice of meditation is proof that whenever you choose to abandon anxiety, you might say, and move into your peace, it is there. What you are not clear on is the fact that you didn’t create the peace by means of your meditation. The practice of meditation simply allowed you to move into that place within yourself where your peace is unalterably, unchangeably, eternally present.

So when you do take steps to become still and you do experience your peace, I want you to start paying attention to it as though it is a direct experience of your divinity and not just a physical absence of tension. And as you begin to pay attention to it as an actual experience of what you divinely are, the experience of your peace will begin to enlarge and more meaning will come into play in you.

Eating, smoking, any of your addictions are defenses against being uncomfortable. But they are steps taken at an ego level to address an ego experience and they will forever not solve the problem. The only thing that will solve the problem is the experience of the real peace of your Being, which is available to every single one of you at every moment.

In your peace you begin to experience equilibrium, balance—anxiety is when you are out of balance. And this balance, when you are experiencing it, is unlimited. There simply is an awareness of being big, is the only way I can put it. And so this balance is a huge balance, so huge that it’s obvious to you that there could be nothing to actually unsettle it.

I will tell you one of the reasons that it is so important to meditate—or in Biblical terms, to go into your closet and pray unto the Father which is in secret, or which is in the silence—one of the greatest reasons for doing that is not the immediate reduction of tension or anxiety, but the fact that you get, shall I say, on a regular basis, an experience of your divine Self, not as a concept or an idea but as an actual experience. And if you do it regularly, this experience of who you are and what your nature is becomes more familiar to you. And the more familiar it becomes to you, the more you will spontaneously make a choice for it.

Now I would encourage all of you to not think of your addictions in terms of levels of seriousness. Addiction is addiction. Addiction is a compulsive grab for whatever will cover up your experience of imbalance, without correcting the imbalance. It is the ignorance, it is the absence of the experience of your peace that causes you to take steps to atone for it by insulating yourself against it, which really doesn’t constitute atonement.

Everyone’s attempt to succeed in life against the odds is an addiction. And it is no less or more morally judgeable than addiction to a drug.

Indeed, everything that I have been sharing with you today, yesterday and will be sharing with you tomorrow, is directed at uncovering to you your innocence and your fundamental nature so that you might consciously choose for it, rather than choosing for that which blocks your experience of it and seems to provide you with insulation against your discomfort.

Addiction to the challenge of life... Life isn’t a challenge. Life is an unfoldment. Life is a Movement. And at the bottom line—it is a Movement of Conscious Awareness. And you are not experiencing it as the Movement of the Conscious Awareness that you are, because you are presently identifying with a small portion of the infinity of you called your body and your own little mind that seems to be in the middle of and subject to this Movement.

At the bottom line: All of you are addicted to escaping yourself; escaping the infinity of you that is inseparable from the presence of the Movement of God called Creation.

So now, does that mean that you stop condemning the ones that are addicted to drugs and you get on your own case? No. Let go of the judgment, and begin to consciously choose for your peace, even if it means that you are meditating only twice a day for twenty minutes, or once a day for twenty minutes. The point is to begin on a somewhat regular basis to provide yourself with the experience of your peace; because that is the first step of the experience of your wholeness, of your balance or equilibrium, in which there is nothing present to insulate yourself from. And, therefore, nothing compelling you to grab for relief.

So everyone is in the same boat. And everyone, no matter what the name on that boat is, is worthy of getting out of that boat. And you get out of that boat by daring to begin to have a different view of who and what you are. And the easiest way to peg who you really are is to use the word divine. Because the divine has no dualistic or negative connotations to it, except that you think that being divine will mean you won’t be too popular. "Nobody likes a nice guy," the saying goes.

But to experience your divinity is to experience your integrity. And to experience your integrity means there is no experience in you that feels like holding itself back—being a wall flower, being shy. And so you make the gift of you in any circumstance more easily.

The answer to your question is that your release from addiction comes from the experience of your peace. And so your peace and a consistent experience of it is what is called for. You can delve into all of the psychological reasons that you can find within yourself, but that is not going to solve the problem. Without understanding what all the psychological motivators are for your addiction, you CAN choose for your peace and practice it, by praying in the sense of going into the silence within you and desiring of God to be filled with the clear experience of who you are—or meditating.

And as I said, in the midst of the experience of the equilibrium of your divine Being, the so called psychological triggers to your addictions, even if they don’t dissolve, will not trigger anything anymore. And in not triggering anything anymore, they will dissolve.

So I encourage all of you, relative to your addictions, not to set up a task for yourself of self-analysis, which because of the great complexity of your psyche is necessarily going to take a long time before you can reach that peace of mind that would allow you to wake up. Just begin to value your peace.

And as I said, remember the experience of your peace is not just the absence of physical anxiety, it is a direct, real experience of your essential capital "B" Being—your divine Self. And that realization will allow for an embellishment, an expansion, of the meaning of the peace of your Being and your clearer experience of who you really Are, right here, right now without dying and going to Heaven.

Now, you thought I was finished. Connected with the release of any addiction is necessarily a subject of forgiveness. Forgiveness can become a lengthy complicated process—another time consumer. And what you need to know is that, indeed, when you come into the direct experience of the peace of your being it is impossible for you to hold a grudge; and forgiveness happens spontaneously.

I realize that it sounds like I’m taking all of the fun work out of getting better. After all, there would have been some satisfaction to have worked your way through your problems and solved them. You could give yourself a pat on the back. It’s just another way the ego has of keeping you preoccupied from actually waking up for a little bit more time.

And you know what? Most of what I am saying to you, at one time or another you have had an experience of. You have had an experience of peace, where your concerns were absent, your anxieties were absent, and you had a clarity about you that allowed you to act or behave appropriately. But you thought it was a transcendental, temporary experience—a glimpse of how it will be at another time and another place. When actually what happened was, you became defenseless enough for a long enough moment to have a Real experience of being in the now. That’s the fact!

And the lesson of it is that at any moment or for consecutive moments if you allow yourself to be defenseless, that will be your experience—without having to gro-o-o-ow into it, de-vel-l-l-op into it, impr-o-o-ve into it. "Father, I didn’t do anything." No, you just let, you just let it happen and it happened. No, it’s not very satisfying to the ego, "can’t take credit for it." Who cares whether you can take credit for it if you’re experiencing it, and if what you are experiencing is you in full embrace of your Sanity experiencing your Wholeness.

Again, this improvement, this development, is all part of addiction. Climbing up from the bottom of the barrel—boy, wait till you can tell everybody that you got to the top. Why not cut a hole in the bottom and fall through.

Getting in touch with your Being is like allowing yourself to be at the bottom of the barrel and giving up. Because what you’re giving up is the addiction. The addiction to being successful in a frame of mind that is not natural to you.

I am very glad you asked the question. (Applause)





Awakening to Our Divinity

QUESTION: Can you talk about some of the ways we can be awake more frequently than we are currently?

RAJ: There is really only one way, and that is to desire to wake up. You see, the desire to wake up makes a statement to the effect, that you acknowledge that you are asleep. That is an honesty which is essential to waking up. It is the equivalent of saying, that what I am seeing is illusion. It simply means, I acknowledge that I am not seeing anything in its ultimate, natural, primitive state.

When doubt is cast upon what you believe at the moment, it opens the way for clarification to occur. But, as long as you are positive that you understand things correctly, you are a closed mind.

Now, there is one practice, which is essential in one form or another to waking up. And that is a practice which causes you to become still. And it is the equivalent of the biblical instruction, "to go into your closet" and "to pray to thy Father which is in secret," which means—which is in the silence—which is in the absence of your busy ego-thinking. And so, the practice of becoming still, which is generally described as meditation, is essential in one form or another.

I would encourage you not to use any form of meditation which involves posturing, such as yoga, unless you are already highly skilled at it, and have gotten to the place where you are not having to get past your body and the complaints about the postures.

It is not complicated to wake up. It does not require a rigorous exercise or physical process, it simply requires becoming quiet. To be conscious is not the equivalent of thinking. It is quite possible to be absolutely, totally conscious with no thought whatsoever.

Now, when one becomes still, one becomes definitely established in the moment of conscious experience that he is in. The process of meditation pulls you out of the future and the past. It allows you to be totally present with everything in the now. And the now is the holy instant, the now of conscious experience.

You wake up, by moving through dead center of the moment of conscious experience that you are always in. If you understand that, you will not see yourself as moving toward your salvation, and that maybe, someday, sometime, some lifetime, you may achieve it. It’s right smack dab in the middle of the moment you are in, at this moment.

So, become still and then ever so quietly desire to know the Truth about anything you want to know the Truth about. "What is the Divine Reality of my toe that I stubbed today, that is killing me? What is the Divine Reality right there where it is throbbing? I want to know the Truth about my toe. I want to know the Truth about paying my bills appropriately and in a way that meets everyone’s needs when I don’t seem to have enough.

Desire to know whatever you need to know. If you don’t have any burning issue, just open yourself up to Knowing, with a capital "K," not the ego beliefs and reasonings—desire and silent listening are the key. It is that simple. Keep it that simple.

The Kingdom of Heaven and the Divine Reality of You do not constitute prizes which you must win or earn; they are your birthright. You must claim your birthright. It must have priority over and take precedence over any other goals.

Now, as I said, gently desire it. The more gently you do it, the less ego control you bring to bear upon your desire. Desire it gently and then be still and allow it to unfold in and as your experience. Let it in. This is the real definition of love.

Love is not something you extend to something else. It is the acknowledgment, the letting into your conscious level of awareness, the Reality of each and everything you see, including yourself. Love is an act of receipt. When you desire to experience yourself Divinely, that desire is the opening of the door that allows you to experience yourself as you are.

As you know, the ego is nothing more than a simple defense mechanism. It is an act of defense. It is an act of blocking. And if you think love is an act of reaching out over your defense system and over someone else’s defense system to reach them, you are sadly mistaken. Love is the letting down of your defense system, so that, that which is Divinely presenting itself to you—even though it thinks it’s an ego and acts like an ego—can be seen and acknowledged by you, is what constitutes the act of love. It is what is healing. But it isn’t something you have extended to another, it is something you have let yourself experience. You have let the Divinity of that one in. You have not defended yourself against perceiving it. It’s much easier than trying to project it through space, through your belief structures, through the others belief structures and somehow connecting with him. Neither his defense systems nor yours will allow you to succeed in that endeavor.

So, you make a conscious choice to experience what is Real in yourself and in others. You invite the experience of the Reality in. There is nothing that can block the fulfillment of that desire, because the process does not engage the ego in any way. It does not violate the ego’s structures. It simply disregards them. The ego has no defense against disregard! Withdraw your attention from it, and it has no power. Fight it and you substantiate it.

There isn’t any process to waking up. Regular church attendance, even doing the daily lessons for three hundred and sixty-five days, will not get you into the Kingdom of Heaven. They contribute to your arriving at a point of giving up, of relaxing and allowing the Holy Spirit or allowing your guide or allowing your inspiration and enlightenment to fill you. They help you arrive at a point where you can logically and feelingly release your defenses, so that the Kingdom of Heaven can begin to get into that place where you have been hiding behind your defenses and register with you. Love is letting in, that which is constantly confronting you, Divinely speaking.

QUESTION: Raj, the "Course In Miracles" teaches "In our defenselessness our safety lies." And I’m still not clear what I am defending. Is it this personality that you talked about earlier?

RAJ: Absolutely.

QUESTION: My body? This ego?

RAJ: You defend your feeling of vulnerability. You feel vulnerable, because you do not experience who you Are, really. You defend a very finite experience of your Totality, because you are experiencing everything through the five physical senses only. You feel small. You feel separate. You see this tiny ego sense is a very small area of the Totality of your Being. And this is important to understand. It is not a separate reality. It is a finite or limited part of the infinity of your Being. With this partial experience of what you totally are, you end up with a very biased, incomplete sense of self, which cannot help but feel vulnerable, because it’s totality is not available to it to substantiate its invulnerability.

In this biased frame of mind, change cannot be allowed. Change threatens whatever the status quo is that has been able to be established by this finite sense. Change increases the sense of vulnerability. And so, everyone defends themselves against their fear. And their fear is of change. And so, everyone defends himself or herself against his enlightenment, because enlightenment is going to mean changed perspective. It is going to mean experiencing yourself differently. This is one of the reasons that there are guides. This is the reason there is the Holy Spirit, to help you grasp that that which is beyond your limited sense of self, is your Self, totally unforeign to you, because it is you in your Divine actuality.

Now, the ego cannot perceive the meaning of what I have just said. And if you have understood what I have just said, then that means that that part of you, that part of what you Divinely are, that is constituting this limited ego sense, is hearing and understanding. No matter how much you close down your Infinity, no matter how tiny you make it, still what is embraced within the boundaries of the ego structure is what you Divinely are. And so, it is always present to recognize and respond to the Truth. This is why, when you are willing to love your brother as yourself, it strengthens him, because whatever degree of your Divinity you are able to own and acknowledge, allows you to recognize the truth about your fellow man and acknowledge it in him, and it strengthens him, and it strengthens you.

What are you defending yourself against? The Kingdom of Heaven. What are you defending yourself against? Your Christhood, your fulfillment, your experience of your Inviolable Eternal Being. Understand, that to deny that, is totally sensible to the ego, because it is a defense mechanism. And the only territory it has to defend, is the territory it has created, by means of imagination. But understand, that territory is right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, Reality.

This evening is a Divine event, of Christ’s sharing. That is what is really happening. Not one of us is more important than the other, or less important. And whether you see it or not, a Heavenly event is transpiring; Reality is going on perfectly in this spot. And all that keeps you from seeing it, is your fear that if you let it in, you will lose your identity. And I tell you that you will gain your identity and lose the artificial imagined sense of yourself, that seems more real to you at the moment. You will lose only the limitation. I want you to understand though, that even if you do not let it go in this moment, it does not change the fact that every event is a Divine event and is going on in the middle of Reality or the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not a "far off" to get to.

You have nothing to protect yourself against. And understand, that your defense creates that which you must defend yourself against, because with defensive glasses on, all you can see is the need for defense. Defensive glasses see attack all around it, right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s preposterous! And you say, "but I must do this, and I must do that, and I must go through this process, and I must yield up this" and so on. All you need to do is take off the glasses! or at least stop squinting and saying that you cannot see the perfection.

You see, it is in the relinquishment of the defensiveness, that you put yourself in the position of being receptive to the clearer perception, which you call the healing of a problem. It is something you are absolutely conditioned against doing, by the ego. You are told that it is idiocy; that it is foolish to love in the face of hate; that it is foolish to be centered in the middle of a crisis. And yet those who dare to do so, find all evidences of a crisis dissolving.

Do not be surprised that you feel the need for defense. It is not justification for self-criticism. It is perfectly understandable from within your present frame of reference, but there is a greater frame of reference and you have the option to desire to experience it and not blindly assume that things are exactly the way you are perceiving them at the moment, based on the information you presently have. The information that you presently have is not enough to give you peace, is it? But that’s no problem. The information you need is present and available, because all of what you Divinely Are is present. And the steps that will identify resolution, as opposed to conflict, will come to you when you stop validating what your mind is telling you is happening, what your conditioning is telling you is happening.

I want you to remember that at this instant and at every instant you are in the middle of Reality, Perfection, the Infinite unfoldment of Life, God, and that It is You and You are It. You cannot even say that you are inseparable, because there isn’t even that much separation. And therefore, when you seem not to have enough information to be at ease, you can assume that the information is nevertheless present, available to you and just waiting to be let in.

You are inviolable. Your well-being is inviolable. Believe it! If it is inviolable, the experience of inviolability is available to you, it is active at this moment and anything that your reasoning is telling to the contrary is illusory. Be willing to invalidate the illusion. Do not energize it by rehearsing it in you mind, by playing it over and over and feeling the feelings of fear and at some level enjoying the drama.

Be willing to even assume that your inviolability is an active vital fact and then take time to be at peace and desire to experience it. And understand that the experience of it relates to everything going on in the three-dimensional frame of reference. And therefore, the experience of your integrity will constitute the integrity and harmony of your life on planet earth. It will not be etheric, untouchable, but wonderful to feel, while you are starving. That’s not integrity. Right where the illusion seems to be, Reality is functioning flawlessly and it is right where the illusion seems to be that your fulfillment is present to be experienced. Not in a fluffy pink cloud, wonderful spiritual nonsense, fulfillment is the meeting of the need, right where you are. And the reason it can be fulfilled right where you are is because Reality is the only actual thing happening right where you are.

Now, Reality might not conform to your concepts or to your goals, but it conforms to you. It conforms to everything that is wholesome, healthy, fulfilling, satisfying and meaningful; today, with your dense body. Reality is always present at all belief levels and available to be experience in language of present perception. That is so important to understand. You are never absent from your Good. And as long as you seem to be bound in the ego frame of reference, you will always find your Good, with a capital "G," available in language, in terms that meet the need in spite of the ego sense. Again, the reason being, that no matter what you belief, you are always smack dab in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven.

QUESTION: Raj, how can I have a Holy relationship and experience unconditional love?

RAJ: By first of all realizing that a Holy relationship is not a very special, special relationship. (Laughter)

A Holy relationship is a relationship in which you honor yourself wholly; w-h-o-l-l-y. You are not half of something. You are the full representation of the Father. You are the full expression of the Father. All that the Father is, constitutes You. "All that I have, is Thine," that is the dictum of the Father, the nature of the Father.

And so, if you want to have a Holy relationship, go into it in a whole way, not to get anything and honor your partner in the same way, as whole and not needing you.

Need is the prison which couples generally bind themselves in and believe it is "true love." But, need always employs control, manipulation, in order to see to it that the need doesn’t surface too much, so that it isn’t felt too much.

I guarantee you that when you are not confronted by a needy person, it is much easier to be defenseless. When you are around somebody who is cloying, who would hold you, who would entrap you in order to make him feel safe and secure, you will be hard pressed not to become defensive. "Give me some space." The real experience of being needed by another is not comfortable or pleasant. If you have to be defensive, you will not have the peace, or the obvious capacity to give willingly. A demand for your gift invariably causes the giver to pull back. An obligation for a gift causes one to tighten up and withhold.

The gift you must bring to a holy relationship is the best sense of your wholeness that you can bring to the relationship and a desire on your part to connect more significantly with your wholeness within you, without laying a trip on your partner to provide that sense of your completeness.

Remember that I said, love is really a matter of receipt, the letting in of that which is Real in each and everything. If you are not feeling whole, you will feel defensive because you will feel vulnerable. And as long as your defenses are up, you will not let in the experience of recognizing the essential Divinity of the one you are with. Out of your peace comes the ability to join with your partner without any sense of need.

Whenever somebody is around someone who is not expressing need, that one feels comfortable and at ease. One feels spontaneously light, because there is no edge of defensiveness, no uneasy feeling that could be interpreted as, "I don’t think she likes me. I better be careful, something funny is going on here."

The key to waking up in relationships or simply in life, is being willing to be quiet; to go within; to be the door through which the Father moves into expression now; to be the place where your Being can flow without obstruction into appropriate actions. And as you take the time to nurture the experience and you experience it and feel the integrated joy of it and the immovable peace of it and you recognize that this is the experience of what you essentially are, as I said before, you will discover what is truly lovable in your partner, whether he sees it or not yet. And your vision, which is really coming from a level of experience, will make it easier for him to let go of his defenses, because you are harmless.

A Holy relationship is a relationship in which, to the best of your ability, you be what you Divinely Are. It is a relationship in which you do not magnify the ego, you do not gather your information from the ego’s memory banks. It is a relationship in which you desire to know the truth, you desire to know what you need to know to be in absolute harmony with who you Divinely Are and who your mate Divinely Is.

When both desire to live out from the holy spirits guidance, more than proving who is right or who is wrong, more than either one of you getting what you’ve always wanted all your life, you will have a joy and a peace and a living proof of the reasonableness of being defenseless.

It is work, because the ego does try to get in there. And you must make a choice for the ego or for your Being, with a capital "B," for the ego or for the Holy Spirit.

As I have said before, but not this evening, the Holy Spirit is the ninety-eight percent of you that you are not presently accessing; that you are presently rejecting by means of this little ego boundary, this line that constitutes the little gap. The Holy Spirit is your Self, held in trust while you play around at being a little ego.

And so, if you wish to have a Holy relationship, you will be constantly making a choice for your Self, with a capital "S," not your ego. Your Self, with a capital "S," and your partners Self, with a capital "S," are inseparable, in absolute harmony and yet there is distinct individuality. And when both of you are willing to take guidance from the Holy Spirit, which as I have just said is truly each of your capital "S" Selves and you act out from that level, you will exist in a beautiful harmony. And you will set the tone for the reestablishment of the Brotherhood of man, as an actual experience on your planet. Okay, that’s the end of the answer.

QUESTION: Do you have a message for this group? At this moment? In this now?

RAJ: Only this. You are Whole, even though you are presently experiencing, let us say, but two percent of what you are in your Totality, your Totality is present and functioning flawlessly. The ninety-eight percent of your Self, which you are defending yourself against, is of course, intent upon not being divided in any way. And so, it is constantly insinuating itself through these ego structures that constitute the ego boundary.

So, my message to you is, that your Being has a message for you. It has had, and it has constantly been goading you out of your limitation. And the only necessity there is, is for you to start actively listening. The moment you begin to listen, you are not energizing your defenses against your Awakening. You become in harmony with your Being. You can see in this way, that each one of you is your own savior. That which you Divinely are, is what will save you from what you think you are.

Do not look outside yourself. And when you think of the Holy Spirit, no longer think of it as a part of the trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as though it were in some way Divinely separate from you, but available to you, to help you in your piteous trek to spirituality. This Holy spirit is your disowned Self, your rejected Self, which your ego sense has rejected. It is YOU that you are listening to and the Holy Spirits perfect wisdom is Your wisdom. And when you own it, when you allow it, then you discover that you are the Son, that you had thought of as part of the trinity. And you will discover that the Son, is the Father in expression. Absolute unity, Oneness, Indivisibility and therefore the total absence of conflict. And you won’t even talk about the Father and the Son, you will just be what you are and what you are is just the Father Being All.

I am not here to do anything for you. I am here to encourage you to dare to be like me, your Self, because there is no difference, except in your belief. And you must dare to think well of yourself. And you must stop playing into the role of being this worthless nothing, that isn’t even supposed to eat the crumbs that fall from God’s table. Your place is at the table, it always has been. And you want to know something? You have been sitting at the table for Eternity, you haven’t stopped for an instant from being what you Divinely Are. But in your imagination, you have dreamed many dreams and believed them. You don’t need a savior, you need to discover that you Are what you are looking for. You need to dare to own it. You need to dare to incorporate it.