On Healing

Raj at ACIM Conference - 1992

QUESTION: I’m a nurse in an intensive care unit and I see a great deal of suffering.

We had an instance recently where we had a patient with Aids. He was in the last stage, and he was dying. When this guy arrested, the nurse who was taking care of the patient had blood splashed in her eye, which means that she’s at risk of developing Aids.

And I’m having a really hard time with that—for a lot of reasons. I just don’t understand the whole situation really. I try to be fair to both people; the person who’s dying, and the family who’s dying, to give them every opportunity for them to get what they need. But on the other hand, fifteen or twenty people, however many people were in that room, were all exposed. And it wasn’t... maybe it was their choice—one way or another.

So, the amount of suffering that I see at the bedside when people die, I don’t understand.

RAJ: It is very simple. Every death is a suicide. You could say, that it is a succumbing to the dream. Each one, in apparently unique ways, arrives at a point of giving up the struggle. However, it is a giving up and going under. In effect, we have been talking about giving up all morning. But not giving up and going under; not yielding to the sadness, the exhaustion, the effort that seems to be called for, in order to survive under a sense of limitation. We have been talking about giving up by yielding beyond, consciously yielding beyond, our current perceptions.

You cannot understand death, because it is a misperception, and it is not there to be understood. You could say, it is there to be seen through. Indeed, where you find yourself, puts upon you a great call to be out from the center of your Being. To be the love that finds the one who is giving up, and those around him or her to be guiltless. To realize that this one is indeed—the perfect expression of God, the Christ. And that his or her current perception of himself or herself, has no substance to it. It is an urgent call for love, an urgent call for not believing the illusion.

Now, you cannot see anything for anyone else. But I will tell you, that to the degree that you do not join with everyone there, in their sense of limitation which grieves them, you lighten the load. You are the leaven that leavens the whole lump. And you must ask yourself whether it is worth it to you to join with them in the miserableness of the whole thing, and be conflicted yourself, or whether it is more important to you to be the love that you are, and your best centered perspective, because that leaves you unconflicted and able to be appropriate under the circumstances. Appropriate under the circumstances may well mean, having unlimited compassion, and willingness to love and nurture the suffering sense, that they are experiencing. Because words will do no good—and lofty concepts will do no good. It is indeed, a call for being willing to be with them. But be with them from your peace. Be with them from you love.

Now, this associate, (and any others who seem to have been exposed) are not bodies. They are the conscious experience of Being, which is another way of describing the Movement of God embodied. They are the Christ. Entrust them to their Divinity to the best of your ability. And do not let your imagination run away with you, with definitions of how the body works, and what the laws of the function of the body are. Because the fact is, that what is there and appearing to be a body, a material body, is the visibility and tangibility of the Movement of God. And there isn’t anything material about it at all.

Hold that one in the purest awareness of who they are, that you are able to. Thus you do not join with them at the level of their fear, and you do join with them at the level of what they Divinely Are, and that is what becomes strengthened. And that is what makes it easier for them to shift from their fear to their self-conscious awareness of their integrity—their inviolable integrity.

You are there to be the light. And you know what? If you were a grocery store clerk, you would be there to be the light. Be the Presence of that which makes it easier for another to change his or her mind. But realize that it is not your responsibility to change it. I’m going to put it very simply—you do not have access to the switch—the decision making apparatus in another. So, do not labor under the false idea that you must somehow be able to, and have the obligation to, make someone else change their mind. All you can do is make it easier for them to do it. And that is love.

One last point: No matter what the name of the illness is, it is an illegitimate imposition upon a Christ. Remember that. No one, no matter what seems to have happened, deserves to be sick. It is really too easy to say, "Well, you created it for yourself." If it’s an illegitimate imposition upon a Christ, it doesn’t matter whether they created it for themselves. They need to know that it is an illegitimate imposition; that they do not have to endure, they do not have to hold to themselves, because they’re guilty of something. They wouldn’t have, and none of you would create an uncomfortable situation for yourself, if you knew that you were the Christ, if you knew that you were the Sons and Daughters of God. If you did, you would know how inconsistent such an idea was—that you deserved to be punished and that you are required to act in an unloving way.

Every single person who you find yourself dealing with, every single person in a room or in a ward that you might pass by, be aware that what they are experiencing is an illegitimate imposition upon a Christ. What does illegitimate mean? It means something that doesn’t have a source. And if something is sourceless, it is substanceless. And if it lacks substance, it doesn’t have enough of what it takes to hold it together, except the faith—the energy that one brings to it. And if you knew it was illegitimate, you would stop bringing energy to it. You would stop having faith in it’s ongoingness. And your changed perception, would be recognizable as healing.

If those who are grieving knew better, they wouldn’t grieve. But since they don’t know better they do grieve, and the Father meets them right where they are. Not with what doesn’t meet their need, but with what is appropriate under the circumstance. And so, meet them with love. And although you might wish that you could do much more (because there’s so much more that you are aware of that you could share), if they wouldn’t understand it, don’t feel like a failure, because you couldn’t do it. Love is the fulfilling of the law. Love is enough.

And you know this, but sometimes you get tired. I mean physically tired. And it seems difficult to be clear. Sometimes the monumentalness of the things that confront you, distract you from your peace. It doesn’t mean you are in the wrong place, it means that you need to nurture yourself and get your rest and get your peace.

It is inappropriate for you to abandon—not you alone, I am speaking to everyone of you—it is inappropriate for you to abandon the places of stress and strife, because those places seem to be unresponsive to that which would correct it. You must be the Christ, and you must be the love where it seems least worthy of being given—"Else there will be no light brought to the darkness." And you will not have the opportunity to find that the light doesn’t make the darkness clearer, it proves that it isn’t there. That’s the end of the answer.


Raj at Ashland 1989

QUESTION: I’ve been struggling in the last couple of years with my own issues of darkness, and I’m beginning to see a pattern, the pattern that has resulted I feel in this lifetime in my diabetic condition. And I think my question, to sum it up, has to do with: Is it possible that in Awakening this condition can be totally removed and the karma that went with this birth condition and all the things that it brought can be totally released?

RAJ: You bet your bottom dollar.

QUESTION: Well, then what relating to that would be a good thing for me to do, or to be implementing in my own life to further fulfill this—well I want to say goal—but that isn’t really... it is a goal in a way, it can seem that way, but it’s just being, and it’s learning for me to just be and to trust.

PAUL: Is what?

QUESTION: I know part of my lesson is just learning to be and to trust, totally. And I get the simplicity. I get a lot of things these days, thank you for that.

RAJ: You are welcome. Each one of you is learning what the real meaning of the word trust is—even Paul. I had the occasion just a week ago to mention to him that trust is like a muscle, it must be exercised or it is small. Trust is something you will find yourselves making an investment of more and more. And do not think that you will arrive at a point where you are trusting completely, and that you will then be able to finish your journey without ever having to bring into play further trust.

The continuing practice of trust, and the increasing practice of trust will continue until you have trusted completely. Which literally means, until you have yielded completely, given up completely—given up the sense of being a person who has to, through his own or her own efforts, achieve his or her divine status.

Now diabetes or any other physical ailment is one of the illegitimate impositions of the ego. Now the point to home in on is that it is illegitimate. The point to home in on is not that it is an imposition. Understand that it is an imposition, but do not become weighted down with the unfairness of the imposition because fair or unfair it is illegitimate, and therefore has no valid source, and therefore has no sound basis from which to actually imprison you.

So begin to claim your freedom from, your right to be free from this illegitimate imposition, because of the fact that it’s illegitimate. And do not assume that there is some karmic reason for the imposition that justifies it. From first to last it is simply illegitimate, and therefore you have the right, and it is intelligent to stand up to it and deny it as anything you need to validate or continue to suffer from.

I am going to take a moment here to address one other issue that was not involved in the question. And it has to do with what I shared yesterday about understanding. There have been rumors and discussions circulating to the effect that understanding is now becoming a dirty word.

As I said yesterday, the experience constitutes the knowing that replaces the need for understanding. But it is what you could call a divine equivalent of understanding. What you need to avoid is trying to understand your way into the Kingdom of Heaven. Because in the process of understanding and gaining an understanding you have no means other than functioning at the level of the intellect through logic, and reason, and imagination.

And when you are starting at an intellectual level, instead of an experiential level you can arrive at conclusions which have no basis in fact. And the process and the conclusions sidetrack you from having the experience that removes the need for understanding. And what you had called understanding is replaced with Knowing, with a capital "K".

Now "gaining an understanding" is part of the process that is valuable to you in your Awakening, because it helps you to arrive at a point where reason and logic prove to you intellectually at least, that it is safe to yield, that it is safe to let go of the intellectual process and allow yourself into the deep experience of your Being.

But understanding your way forward is not what will get you to an intellectual clarification that you call enlightenment. Enlightenment is experiential. Enlightenment is what happens when you shift from the intellect into the void, into the quiet center of you where the emergence of the experience of your Being can occur and Knowing will be what you are experiencing.

Now as I also shared with Paul, the ability to reason, the ability to use logic, the ability to use imagination, these factors are not ego factors they are divine. But you all get the cart before the horse. You try to use those faculties as a means of getting to enlightenment, rather than getting to enlightenment and then utilizing those faculties to give expression to what you find yourself Knowing.

You try to reason in order to get to Knowing, when the necessity is to get to Knowing and then let those faculties be used for the purpose of finding the words to express it—for finding the means of translating it through art, or business, or relationships—what you find yourself Knowing.

So reason and logic and imagination and understanding are not dirty words, they are not illegitimate, they are not of the ego. They have a place. But if you start with them the ego will take over, because you are not starting from the standpoint of an experience. And indeed what you call the human condition is a result of starting at the point of the intellect, rather than at the level of your Soul.

And as a result there has come to be "created" an illusory sense of everything that is going on. And thus, you walk around in the Kingdom of Heaven bumping into divine Reality, because you are out of sync with it. And when you bump into it and you say "Ouch" then immediately there comes into play a sense of your stupidity and that there is something wrong with you and that you must be paying a karmic debt.

All of this is what happens at the level of the intellect. When you are stubbing your toe, when you are up against a problem you are face to face with the Reality of the Kingdom of Heaven, but the ego is terming it a devil, a flaw in your nature, the dark forces. When the Kingdom of Heaven—so to speak, the reality of things—lets you know that you are being incongruent with Reality you tend to not rejoice at the blatant opportunity to discern what is Real that’s in front of you, and rather many of you get on your metaphysical bandwagon and attempt to get rid of the opportunity. Because when the Christ knocks at your door the ego calls it the Devil, and suggests that you had better use every resource you have to get rid of it.

So do not make a bugaboo out of understanding, but understand that understanding is not where to start, neither is reasoning where to start. Where to start is in that quiet sanctuary within yourself, where you as a little ego seem to know nothing. Start in that place where you accept yourself to the very best of your ability and allow yourself to be comfortable with who you are at the moment. And in that place where you are not required to be something more, and you are not required to do something more, listen, allow the clarity of who you really are to begin to emerge in that quietness, filling that quietness with Knowing. In other words, with the experience.

For example: You meditate, many of you, and you know what it is to become very, very still, to be in that place where there are no thoughts, but there is awareness of everything. And you think this is a wonderful experience of peace. And you do not realize that the experience of peace is the direct experience of your Self, with a capital "S", and that the peace is not just a substitute for anxiety, another emotion. The peace, the quiet, the stability, the security that you feel, the absence of vulnerability that you feel is not just some mental experience, you are literally touching directly and experiencing directly your capital "S" Self and its nature.

And when you allow yourself to abide in that peace without trying to accomplish anything, by means of the peace, and you just explore it by allowing it, you then begin to find joy rising up from the very depths of that peace, which means the same thing as rising up from the very depths of your Being.

And that joy is the further disclosure to you of your direct experience of your God Self, of who you divinely Are. And as you begin to just be aware of what you are experiencing, and as you begin to realize that this is an experience of who you Are, it begins to be quite profound. Because you are beginning, just beginning to know yourself and to know God. And as that clarity begins to energy, you find yourself knowing yourself just like you know what an orange taste like when you taste it.

You also find that there’s absolutely no need to talk about what you are experiencing. But you do find as time goes on that there are occasions when you feel motivated to convey this very simple and clear knowing about yourself, and about your brother, and about life. And this is when imagination, and reason, and logic come into play. But you see, you aren’t using it to arrive at knowing, you are using it to express an experience.

And as you bring those factors into play, what you have to say takes on great meaning for those who hear you, because they know you are not talking off the top of your head, they know you are speaking from experience. That’s the end of the answer.

Raj at Belgium 1992

QUESTION: Six or seven years ago I got diabetes. And I have done the necessary changes in my personal life regarding that illness, but in spite of that the diabetes is still there. And so I would like to know the meaning of that illness in my life, for my mission.

RAJ: No illusion—and I am calling illness an illusion—no illusion ever has Real meaning. You must understand that always the Holy Spirit can turn every situation to your advantage. And the reason is that the illusion is an illusion; therefore, the only thing, the only purpose an illusion can serve is to ultimately uncover the fact that it is an illusion. The Holy Spirit does not turn a situation to your advantage as an act of grace, or as a special favor to you or anyone else.

You see, it is your Birthright to be experiencing your perfection, because that is the fact about you. If you find value or meaning in a problem, you give it reality. It cannot disappear until its pure meaninglessness becomes apparent to you. Even though you may grow from the experience of a problem, the problem itself has no capacity to be of value to you.

The experience of a problem is an illegitimate imposition upon your Birthright, upon your conscious experience of your Birthright. It is never to be agreed with or tolerated as though it had some unique value for you. If you find value in it you will hold it to you. Fundamentally, you do not feel that it has value, but you are open-minded and willing to consider that maybe it does. And I wish to squelch that right now. I do not give my support to that kind of thinking.

Healing is what you must expect; it is what you must give permission for and then expect to see the evidence of. That was your original approach. It was appropriate, do not let go of it.

What is an illegitimate imposition? It is an imposition which has no real source. In this instance, it is an imaginative source. I know you say it is a physical manifestation; but I will tell you that you are standing at a point of discovering that your body is the visibility and tangibility of your individuality, and not just a physical organism that you are temporarily inhabiting.

Listen carefully: Unexpressed God is a nonexistent God; there cannot be God without the infinite expression of God. In exactly the same way, you cannot exist without the visible, tangible evidence of your existence. Therefore, you will never be unidentified or unidentifiable. Your individuality is truly the Presence of God in expression.

It is a healing fact that your body is rendering visible and tangible God’s Presence. God is whole, complete, and as His expression you are whole and complete. Regardless of how it appears at the moment, that is the present fact about you. Therefore, it is inconsistent and unintelligent for you to adopt a theory that a manifestation of incompleteness is somehow valuable and meaningful. Do not validate or energize such an idea.

Your conditioning would have you believe that this physical problem is a manifestation of some flaw in your individuality and that becomes the justification for this disease. So you say, "Okay, I must deserve it," and you have no justification for a different point of view.

I am encouraging you to know that you began with the right concept and attitude, but your commitment to it has been weakened by the idea that somehow it has meaning for you. This is not true. I encourage you to return to your original stance—be steadfast with it. And I want you to know that with full commitment to that stance you will experience healing. What I have told you is divinely, absolutely reasonable.

We will be speaking further during these three days about healing.


Raj at Carmel 1990

QUESTION: I wanted to ask a question pertaining to my dog. My dog was recently diagnosed to have cancer of the mouth. And I wanted to hear an explanation of that. And, then I thought that dogs didn’t have egos.

RAJ: Surprise, surprise!

QUESTION: They do?

RAJ: Absolutely! Have you ever seen a dog pout? Have you ever heard of a dog unwinding the toilet paper throughout the house, because it was left home instead of being taken? These are manifestations of ego. And indeed, they are growing out of an ego level of operation, also. Indeed there is ego.

QUESTION: I had also heard that dogs often were kind of mirrors for their owners.

RAJ: Your whole world is a mirror of you. But if you take that in a negative way, you can end up experiencing your world as though it is standing in judgment against you, and convicting you, rather than standing as a reflection of your infinitude, and as a reflection of what you Divinely are, that proves your innocence. You see, you see always with what you are looking with. And when you wake up with a lousy attitude, your world seems to reflect back to you, that it is justified to have that lousy attitude. And on the other hand, if you are going somewhere and you expect to have a parking place right in front of where you are going, you are likely to find a parking place there.

So let’s be careful that in our metaphysical or spiritual expertise, we don’t begin to use a principle against ourselves. The Truth always stands in favor of you. That’s the end of his answer.

PAUL: Do you have a yes, but?

QUESTION: How can I help her?

RAJ: You can claim for her, her Divine perfection, because indeed, she is as much the expression of God as you are. You need not to join...

PAUL: ...It is a her? That’s me Paul...

RAJ: ...You do not need to join her in her current self-experience. And your clear perception of what is true about her, coupled with an awareness that this problem is an illegitimate imposition upon what she Divinely is, by her ego, you will be that presence, which is the presence of love that is healing. You can afford to take no other stand, whether she agrees to receive it, or not.

Tell her, that she is a Divine idea in the infinite mind of God, eternal, and eternally perfect, and that is the Truth about her. And do it firmly but lovingly. Tell her the truth about herself. And point out to her, that there is nothing that can stand in the face of the omnipotence of God successfully. And that she, along with you, can expect healing, because that is what is Divinely natural. And love her.

And, when and if you are bothered or plagued by what the vet has said, acknowledge that indeed this is the furthest that his vision takes him. But it doesn’t tell the whole truth, and then, you stick with the whole Truth. I would also encourage you to ask your guide to have your healing team work with her, relative to this problem, daily or nightly. That’s the end of the answer.


About The Animals

QUESTION: I have a question about... since we all are living in the Kingdom of God, right? I have a question about the other animals, like the monkey, the ape and the cat and the dog and what not. How do they fit into the Sonship according to the Course? And as far as the reincarnation thing that I believe in or choose to believe in, have they chosen to be a monkey, or ape, or cat, or dog? And like we chose this state that we’re in, and visa versa, can we somehow choose to be a monkey again, or did that happen? In other words, what is your thing on that, to clear it up?

RAJ: No, they have no more choice than you had. What’s more, when you are fully Awakened you find that every creature, every expression of life that you are aware of, is the full expression of God and, therefore, does not constitute a lower order of intelligence, or a lesser capacity to be able to express.

Therefore, you will find that you will be able to have complete and total communion—or what you would call communication—complete and total communion with the dolphins, and the trees, and the blades of grass, and the pine needles, and the cats, and the dogs. And in that experience of their Wholeness that is as complete as yours, you will wonder that you ever thought they might want to be a different form of expression, as though they were a lesser form.

It is important for you to understand this so that as you relate to your pets, or to the flora and fauna in your life, you may realize that the potential for communion is there, and that they are not lesser expressions of intelligence and that the fullness of what God is is present there to be experiencing.

Do you see how willing you have to be to unconditionally be open to seeing the Presence of God everywhere? And can you see how important it is to value and revere all forms of life? You miss opportunities.

Living where Paul does means that he is in a place where there are very often celebrities. And of course, word travels around when somebody of notoriety is there. One day Paul realized on the way to the post office that he was scanning everyone in the on-coming cars to see if this particular notorious person was to be seen.

And indeed, I reminded him: Why not look to see if the Christ was in any of the other cars. And when I said that, he realized that he would have to look at every single person in any of the other cars. You see, as long as you have your mindset or definition of who is in the other car, or who is beside you, you miss the opportunity to experience the most profound thing there is to be experienced—the Presence of God right next to you as the Christ.

I am not going to go into a discussion of reincarnation. I will tell you—which you did not ask—that animals (to use the vernacular) do have souls. They have souls as much as you have souls. And to tell you the truth, not a single one of you has a soul, because each one of you is Soul Itself, embodied and expressing. Soul isn’t a possession. Every single thing you see is an expression of Soul, is the Presence of Soul.


Raj at Winnipeg - 1989

QUESTION: I’ve been sort of puzzling about how to frame my question. I would like to know more about animals, and plants and our relationship to them. And I think the reason I have a problem framing the answer is because I view the animals from an ego perspective, as I see myself much as an ego. My question is basically I guess, what are the animals? If they are expressions of God, why do the seem to have a lack? They don’t seem to be as intelligent as we are, or some of the abilities. What is our relationship to the animals?

RAJ: Yes, the animals are expressions of the Father, of God. They are part of the infinite self-expression of the Father. They are absolutely as divine and eternal as you are. And they seem to lack and they seem to suffer, because they have egos also.

Now, they appear not to be as intelligent because you have lost the means of communion. You have no language for communicating. And just as when you are around someone who does not speak your language well, they appear not to be as intelligent as you, because you must find more grade school level terminology in order to communicate with them, even though they may be a physicist, or a graduate of a university. Likewise, with the animals that you have no means of communicating with, they appear to be less intelligent.

But I will tell you something: Every living thing is conscious, even a tree. And anything which is conscious, is consciousness. And consciousness is Mind, and Mind is God. And, therefore, all that God is is fully embodied in every single form of self-expression that the Father has expressed Himself as. And so the means of communicating must come forth. And there is, indeed, some progress being made.

However, there is such a strong belief that trees, plants and animals are lesser forms of life. There is a great resistance to, even an unwillingness to actually have, shall I say, communication, to actually experience the discovery of the fullness of the self-expression of the Father in a particular plant or tree or animal, etc., especially the ones you do not like, like centipedes or snakes or spiders or mosquitoes.

The bad relationships that you experience with these creatures arises from an inability on your part to identify them properly as fully the expression of God, an expression of God which embodies all the intelligence that God is, just as you embody all the intelligence that God is.

They get a bad rap, because you make the assumption that they are a lesser form of life, that there is not intelligence there, but just knee jerk instinctive reaction. And it is only the very few who dare to deal with "pests" from, shall I say a metaphysical standpoint, a willingness to communicate with them and say, "It does not work out well for us both to occupy the same space, but there is a place for you just as there is a place for me. And, therefore, I will be in my place and I will ask you to be in your place."

Those who are beginning to see the connection and to acknowledge the intelligence that is there, and to actually address these "pests," are finding them moving out of their immediate experience, and so there is freedom for both to live without imposing on the other.

There is a willingness to attempt to communicate with the dolphins. But you see what has happened, man has come to a point where he’s willing to assume that maybe the dolphins are as intelligent and maybe even more intelligent than man. And so man is, the researchers are, truly looking for evidences of it, with an expectation of finding it. And that is what is beginning to open the door.

Now, you have a new way to approach the life forms on your planet. Understand that these life forms have egos. In other words, they are experiencing a limited sense of what they divinely are also. And when you see your pet behaving from an ego stance of impatience or distress or frustration with you, because you didn’t take them with you when you left, and you come home and you find your favorite purse torn up, or the toilet paper roll pulled out all over the kitchen, and they have obviously had an ego temper tantrum and are letting you know of their distress, understand that just as with your fellow man you are not to respond from an ego level of retaliation.

But what is being called for is your acknowledgment of their intelligence, of their divinity. Talk to them. And the next time you go somewhere, say to them, "I cannot take you with me. It will not work out right now, but I will be home in an hour, or I will be home this evening. I will see you then." Let them know that you care. It is not as foolish as it sounds. They do not have to understand English. But do express the words that focus or crystallize a meaning in your mind relative to them, an intelligent meaning and assume that they have the means to grasp the meaning and understand what needs to be understood.

I’ve said before that love is the willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and every thing, Real with a capital "R." Extend this to your pets. Extend this to the creatures in your environment. And watch the harmony and the order that unfolds. That’s the end of the answer.


On The Crucifixion

From: Dublin, Ireland - 1992


QUESTION: Could you say a few words on the meaning of the death of Christ?

PAUL: The death of Christ you said?

QUESTION: Yes, thank you.

RAJ: To put it into perspective, it was for me an experience very much like what Paul is experiencing at this moment. It was a "suffer it to be so now" because it fulfills purpose, even though for me it fulfilled no purpose. I mean that in the sense that it did not, shall I say, promote my growth or exalt me in any way. I was—and this is where the likeness is to Paul—I was allowing myself to be the place in which fulfillment of purpose was occurring. It was not meaningless for me, but the meaning came from the willingness to love enough to let that which fulfilled Divine purpose in penetrating human ignorance to occur.

I will be very frank with you. I was only on the cross for a very short time. Indeed, at the point that everyone else believed I went unconscious, I simply removed myself and stood on a nearby hill and watched, watched as everyone dealt with their perception of what was happening and grew.

I remained separate, shall I say, from the body until about two hours before the stone was removed from the door of the sepulcher. When I "returned" to the body, there was what I will call an upgrading of the body, molecularly. In other words, the density with which I had held it—allowed it to be seen by everyone—was released so that the body of light was unhidden. And in that surge of radiance, the imprint that everyone has questioned for so long on the Shroud of Turin occurred on the fabric. It was not intentional. It is just what happens.

I remained there in this fully illuminated sepulcher—illuminated by the light that I was—I remained there for approximately two hours before I left. I want you to understand that for me the whole procedure was experienced in perfect peace. I also want all of you to understand that I never ever said, "My Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?" I was not in the state of ignorance that would have conceived such a question. Just as Paul is experiencing perfect peace as he engages in movements and expressing the words that I am sharing, I was also in perfect peace. You must understand, that if I really thought anyone could kill me, I would have died and there would have been no resurrection and no ascension.

It is very important for you all to understand this--because there is no one guilty of my death because I did not die--there was not a moment in which I was unconscious, nor unconscious of myself. And even when I was apparently separate from the body which was on the cross, there was still present where I was, that which identified me, although you would have said it was rather intangible and spooky.

Now, I did say something very important, which to this day has not been grasped, and to this day I have not shared. I said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." That was not a statement absolving them from guilt, because they couldn’t do anything to me that they could be guilty of. When I said, "Forgive them for they know not what they do," it meant, they don’t realize that they aren’t doing anything. And I said, "Forgive them," so they could hear that they were innocent!

I will tell you a very sad thing. For two thousand years now, everyone has been feeling guilty for something that never happened. And everyone, in one way or another, whether it is in 1992 or whether it was in 1392, has been told that they carry, jointly, the burden for the death of the Son of God, another one of those things you can’t do anything about, except feel bad. And that is what is sad, because it is an imposition on your natural joy. It is an illegitimate imposition upon your natural joy. It is a burden of guilt that is absolutely false. And it is time for everyone to put down this imagined burden of guilt, that they have been convinced of, and dare to feel their joy.

Now, two thousand years ago it is a fact that the majority of the people were ignorant of God—more ignorant than in this day and age. Confusion prevailed. God’s many—gods of the trees, and the rivers, and the rocks, and anything. This ignorance needed to be penetrated with the more universal comprehension of God, and God’s nature as Love. And so, that is why I was here at that time.

And then there was something that needed to be taught, that could not be taught in words. What needed to be taught was that not only was everyone there then and everyone here now the Sons and Daughters of God, my Brothers and Sisters, my equals, but because we are the Sons and Daughters of God, we have only our inheritance from God, which is eternal life. But that cannot be taught.

So heavy was the belief of the physical nature of life, and the fact that there were only less than a handful of individualities prior to my coming who had ascended, that a demonstration of the deathlessness of life was essential to penetrate the conviction with which everyone incarcerated themselves in a sense of physicality, and of a short duration of life with nothing before it and nothing after it. And so, the crucifixion that never killed me, occurred.

It was essential for everyone to know that that body which they had looked at and seen as it was alive, was as dead as any other person’s body who has died. And then, the Resurrection needed to occur, so that they could see that there was an order of Intelligence and life that went beyond their limited physical perception of it, and the tentativeness of life, the temporariness of it.

And then the Ascension served two purposes. It showed that it is quite possible to move from this place to another place without a vehicle, something that at the bottom line it is important for all of you to know, because if you are going to wake up before you pass on, how in the world are you going to leave this place? I am not really being facetious there. I mean what I am saying.

The other thing that it showed was that there was an order of Being that was presently invisible to everyone, that there truly is that which is beyond everyone’s present perception of it. And this occurred as a teaching process, to teach something that could not be conveyed at an intellectual level. And so, the penetration of the truer concept of God, if you will, occurred. And when the penetration of God, when the penetration of Reality breaks through the human condition and the human perception of things, it is a revelation and it is never forgotten. And so, it set the tone for everyone to wake up. But then this sort of sad twist occurred, where everyone was made to feel guilty for this most marvelous illuminating penetration of Truth that had occurred in the human experience, except that it was defined as the crucifixion of the Son of God.

I am going to take this moment to stress another point. The words are not appropriately used when they say that, "I am the only begotten Son of the Father." I am begotten only of the Father just as you are begotten only of the Father. You have no other Source, no other Real Source. There is nothing about you that characterizes anything other than the Father. But if indeed, you believe that I am the only begotten Son of the Father, then indeed you cannot possibly be that. And then, if those of you who are not that, killed the only begotten Son of the Father, how more sinful could one be? This burdensome sense of guilt for what your forefathers did must be released, because they never did it! I never died. I almost laughed when you asked me to speak about the death of Jesus, not critically, but in an amused sense.

I will tell you that the deepest reason for relinquishing the sense of guilt is not so that you won’t hurt as much, but because in letting go of it you begin to feel and express what is natural to you, that brings you into alignment with me, because you are embodying and energizing what is natural to both of us. And you could imagine it as the equalizing of the pressure on the inside and outside of an air-lock, or an equalizing of the water on the two sides of locks that ships go through.

And so, as you begin to allow yourself to embody and embrace and feel the joy of your Being without the guilt, it is as though that which was artificially low is able to come up to its natural place, which is equal with me and equal with all of the rest of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood that is Awake. And when that pressure or equilibrium has occurred, it is very easy for the last whisper of difference to dissolve, to be penetrated forever, so that you consciously join all of Us in our Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

But as long as any of you continue to carry a sense of guilt, and as long as you feel that I am the only begotten Son of the Father, therefore special and unreachable,--in terms of your being like me—you give a word to yourselves that serves as a law to you, that absolutely inhibits you from coming into the full experience of who you Divinely Are and have never stopped being.

You must have the means to conceive of yourself as the Sons and Daughters of God, just like me. It does not constitute arrogance at all. It constitutes Sanity. And it is an insane belief to believe that you are less, and that you are by virtue of it, unworthy.

Please understand that the experience of Awakening, of enlightenment is truly going to mean change of the most marvelous nature. I’m not talking about egotistically, excitingly satisfying, but rather an experience of coming Home into your right Mind, which you will recognize and you will feel grounded, absolutely grounded. And when I use the word "grounded," I do not mean brought down, but I mean anchored in an eternal innocence and invulnerability in which fear will forever be an irrational nonsensical idea, rather than a potential experience. Where Love will be the unavoidable experience, because when fear is absent the Love that is the very substance of your Being is inescapably present and alive, and it’s You.

When Paul learned from me that I was the author of the Course, and therefore the one known as Jesus, he was disappointed, because he felt that that identification of me would somehow narrow down those who would find what I was saying of value. Like now, only Christians would want to talk to me, where before anyone would talk to me. But I told him that it was absolutely essential that this be known, because the present concept of me in the world is such that it absolutely inhibits the penetration of Truth that will transform each of you by virtue of uncovering your Christhood. The great sense of difference, coupled with the feeling of guilt that has been laid on you makes it impossible for you to even hear the idea, much less embrace it as a fact that we are Brothers, equal and Sisters, equal. And until that is corrected the reunion of the Brotherhood or the Family cannot occur. And so, I let him know that he had better be willing to let me do what needed to be done and not shrink from it for whatever reason.

Now, I cannot control Paul and it is not appropriate for me to do it. And so, you may know that his sitting here relaying to you what I am saying is even harder than yesterday, when all I asked him to do was say the word prick. It is more difficult for him, because indeed he feels that what I am speaking about is of more value than the word that was used yesterday and more potentially transformational. He is not resisting it, as you can tell because of the gentleness and the smoothness of his voice. He does express it with love.

What I am saying is that it is time for all of us together to come into the fuller conscious experience of our equality. I told my disciples, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." And you can say to your fellow man, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." In other words, that statement applies to you too, not just to me. And you can say to yourself, "If I have seen you, I have seen the Father."

If you will just begin to acknowledge that that might happen to be the truth, then instead of waiting for me to come in a cloud you will begin to look for the Christ in the person sitting next to you. You will begin to be curious enough to look beyond surface appearances and you will dare to look beneath conditioned responses. And that’s what I described as Love yesterday—the willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and everything.

It is not necessary for the rest of you to go through crucifixion. Maybe your egos will have to be crucified, but only your ego will hurt. You, the Soul Presence that you Are, will rejoice at the uncovering that occurs. Resurrection though none of you will miss, and Ascension.

Ascension... you coming back into your Right Mind, you coming back into your Sanity, your guiltless, sinless Sanity where you recognize the guiltless sinless One, who for untold time have walked around in tiny asylum rooms saying, "I am a sinner. I am guilty. I am unworthy." And you pace in an endless circle, rehearsing your credentials, "I am a sinner. I am guilty. I am worthless." You see, it is almost a catechism. It is most sad. Why? Because it’s not the Truth! It is a belief! It is a simple misperception that is being believed!

And you know all of the rest of the Brotherhood, you might say—this is all sort of an allegory—all the rest of us are circled around the asylum looking in through the windows as you do yours, and we are saying, "Come out and play with us." Because until you do, we can’t experience the wholeness of the Presence of the Brotherhood or Sisterhood or Family."

And allegorically speaking, the interior of the asylum has been so musty and dusty that even though you walked past windows in your endless repetition of your credentials, you didn’t see that we were there. And now, there are too few inmates in the asylum to keep the valuing of the credentials alive. And everyone is beginning to be able to at least recognize that there is something going on outside the windows, and that is why we can talk today. But until you were ready to hear what I said today, I could not say it, because there had to be enough curiosity to look out.

I assure you the gentleman who asked the question was not a plant. I love you. And now let’s go feed your stomachs.