"Abundance & Fulfillment"

From: Belgium 1992

QUESTION: Iíve experienced difficulties financially over the last few years. And Iíve got a feeling thatís going to change drastically fairly quickly, but I donít know yet how exactly. And also professionally Iím attracted towards a totally different one than the one that I can make some money just to live. I donít know which direction to take professionally, and itís bothering me a little bitónot much, but a little bit. Iíd like to know more about it. I did try a year ago to go in a different direction, but it didnít really work.

I feel Iím at a turning point in my life, but Iíve had that feeling for the last four years, and it looks a little bit long to me sometimes.

ANSWER: This also may not be what you are expecting to hear. It is important for you to find your security whether a change occurs or not. And it is essential for you not to look to a change for your security. In fact, if you make changes on the basis that the change will provide your security, you are likely not to do it with wisdom, because there will be an element of fear motivating you.

You know what? You are the Son of God and I know that that sounds like nothing more than a magnificent ideaówonderful, but not practical. I will tell all of you something: There is nothing more practical that any of you can do than be willing to dare to acknowledge that you are Sons and Daughters of God, and that the Father has withheld nothing of what He/She Is from what He/She has expressed as You.

Fulfillment is your birthright, and absolutely everything is intent upon identifying that factósomething none of you see because you are so busy trying to earn an equivalent of your Birthright. It isnít just bliss that constitutes fulfillment, it is observing your every need being met in the most practical of human terms, right here and now.

It is the Fatherís good pleasure to give you what? To give you the Kingdom. It is the Fatherís good pleasure to give you the Kingdomónot just one square foot of it. It does not say it is the Fatherís good pleasure to make you earn the Kingdom. But from the level of personality you believe it does not belong to you. And from your impoverished, separated sense of yourself you work and struggle to claim what is already yours.

Now, because it is already yours, any shift in your approach to life that denies the necessity of earning your good, because it is your Birthright, provides the opportunity for you to experience your good unfolding just because, not for any reason.

As I said yesterday, it isnít necessarily satisfying, because part of oneís sense of his or her integrity comes from the act of accomplishing, or getting that good. As I said, it can feel insulting to have something that you havenít earned, because it doesnít feed your ego. But a Son of God is not confused in that way and, indeed, would find it insulting to have to earn his good, because it would constitute a denial of his completeness.

Now, without changing a thing in your life, I encourage you to be open to, to be receptive to the manifestation of unreasonable good, the unfolding of that which is wonderful and which you were not responsible for, but which nevertheless comes to you. When this happens, it will prove the truth of what I am saying, and it will also illustrate to you that you do not as a fact have to earn your goodóthat you do not have to earn your fulfillment. When you experience this realization, you will begin to understand your invulnerability and you will never again attribute your invulnerability to circumstances.

I want you all to understand that I am not avoiding answering your questions when I respond this way; but if I were to tell you a specific step to take and if, indeed, that step did generate security, you would not understand where your real security lay. And your security from the specific step would become one that you could potentially lose, and your initial joy over the new security would fade and you would say, "Thanks a lot Raj"ówith sarcasm.

Now, does this mean that you will become lazy and do absolutely nothing except trust that your needs will be met? Absolutely not! I will tell you that the unfoldment for your good that you will not be responsible for, will keep you running to keep up with itóyou will be busy flowing with it, rather than creating it. And since it is not a result of your skill or someone elseís beneficence, you will not be afraid of losing the ongoing opportunity to keep up with your good. Peace will be yours as well as joy because you will begin to know what real security is, and that it is not your personal responsibility to provide yourself or others.

I understand that this again involves the practice of trust. But if none of you begin to practice trust, you will not have the opportunity to learn how valuable it is. I am speaking to you of that which is utterly practical. These are not wonderful, spiritual, other-worldly ideas. It is the truth here. This is the good news.

We could say that the four years indicates that you are a slow learner, not because you are stupid, but because you were looking for a learning that did not violate the level of personality, when the learning involves stepping out of that level and into a new one. You believed that a new position, a new goal was what was neededóa three-dimensional one.

Again, all of you in one way or another imprison yourself in limitation that is illegitimate and you do it by giving a word. Like a King, you say, "My job doesnít pay enough money; therefore, I am poor." You say, "The economy is bad; therefore, I cannot expect more." You say, "My wife or husband keeps me in such a state of despair that I cannot do this or that." And your word is law to your experience.

You need to give a new word! You need to stop denying your Sonship and Daughtership. "It is my Fatherís good pleasure to give me the Kingdom, regardless of the economy." And then instead of saying, "Well, if it is the Fatherís good pleasure to give me the Kingdom, where has it been for the last four years? You cannot be telling me the truth."

But I have just told you that you have given a word in denial of that. And so I am saying give a new word. "It is the Fatherís good pleasure to give me the Kingdom. And regardless of what has happened during the past four years, I am going to express curiosity rather than doubt now. And I am going to give permission for my fulfillment to manifest itself, because that is what it does, because I am." I will tell you this is not egotism.

Once you see that your fulfillment is not dependent upon circumstances, and that circumstances naturally unfold that identify your fulfillment, regardless of you as a little tiny creator of things, you will find yourself busy without fear. And you will reach for a thing because you know to do it, and not because you think it will save you from disaster.

In other words, you will do it because you know that it is congruent with the Movement of fulfillment that God is being right there, and everybody else calls it you. Indeed, what I am telling you is not beyond you, is not too advanced for you. And I will tell you it is not even idealistic; it is absolutely realistic and relevant to where you are. All of you must understand that this is the only way the concrete evidence of God with us and that which is spiritual is not irrelevant to the here and now.

Then Iím going to tell you something elseóall of youóI am not a universal answering machine. It is my function to disclose you to yourselves more clearly, with less distortion, so that you might come into the possession of your Birthright in your attitude about yourself. And so, although I do answer specific questions, I will never just do it at the expense of disclosing to you the truth about you that will ultimately wipe away the question itself.

From: Ashland 1989

QUESTION: To be a physical plane, there apparently isóI know some of the things youíve been throughóapparent manifestation of physical abundance in areas that made basic needs. So am I then to expect that I should start seeing that abundance bubbling up, or my awareness of that abundance bubbling up everywhere, from this time forth? Yes, yes?

ANSWER: Weíre going to do this backwards. You are going to stop justifying its absence. The moment you start justifying its presence you will begin to conceptualize what that presence ought to be, and then you will have moved into a mentally manipulative process which has come to be called visualization. And you will be likely to visualize what you think will constitute abundance, which might not constitute fulfillment for you at all.

And so what I encourage you to do is to avoid that entirely, by first of all recognizing there cannot be unmanifest God, and then letting go of the justification for not seeing the manifestation of God, the manifestation of wholeness and completeness. The ego says, "But I havenít punched a time clock. But I donít have a job. But nobody avails themselves of my services, so how can I have abundance?" And so you justify lackócertain preconceived circumstances have not occurred which are essential to your experiencing your abundance.

When you find yourself justifying lack, squelch it! And do that in the context of the fact that there cannot be any unmanifest God, therefore the completeness of what God is must be manifesting. And as you release the resistance to the experience of that abundance, by withdrawing your justifications for its absence, you will find the abundance in the form that identifies fulfillment for you manifesting.

Now my point here has been to uncover the fact that the things of the spirit do relate to right where you are, because there are not planes or levels that can be at odds or inconsistent with each other, and then to point out to you the fallacy of trying to create a manifestation through the use of visualization, or any conscious process. If the only way to move into the fourth-dimensional conscious awareness of Being, or enlightened awareness is to yield to the Father, then must you not also yield to your abundance? This means you cannot approach your abundance with preconceptions.

I am going to say that you must succumb to your abundanceóyield completely to your abundance, to your divinity, to your enlightenment, to your experience of your Christhood. And you succumb to it consciously, which is called life, instead of succumbing to it unconsciously, which is called deathóand doesnít actually constitute a succumbing to life.

I will say that you have been doing very well. And again, there has been great order. And you are aware of it except when the bills begin to get to you. And then it seems justifiable to be upset with God because you through your justifications have said, "I have no means of experiencing my abundance. Father you have not provided the people to avail themselves of the service I have to give." But as I said, the answer is to realize that whether people are availing themselves of your service or not, have no bearing upon the Fatherís current expression of His completeness, which therefore means that your fulfillment is at hand regardless of human circumstances. And therefore, you do not have justification for denying the possibility of experiencing your abundance.

It is as though you are sitting in front of a table full of a glorious feast, and you have your eyes closed and you say, "Father, I am starving. Why arenít you helping me?" And the fact is that youíre not opening your eyes because in your belief you "know" that thereís no justifiable reason for there to be a feast in front of you. So why open your eyes? Why would it just be there if you havenít earned it?

It is there because it is your Birthright, because you deserve it, because the Father has not withheld any of what He is from you. But it is not appropriate for you to sit there and say, "Well, I hope itís not too much starches. Iím going to wait to open my eyes until Iím sure that itís mostly vegetables, and fruits and especially papaya." The table is unconditionally full for you to enjoy whatever you like, whenever you like.

Now, one point of clarification for everyone. It is better to visualize abundance than lack, because you are at least thinking positively, and you are not undermining your peace with negativity. But understand that the visualizing is still a means of control that does not constitute yielding to the wholeness of your Being. In the context of your positive visualizations and affirmations you are in a better position to have the nerve to yield.

But understand that the step of yielding must occur before you will come into the full experience of your abundance and your invulnerable wholeness. And that the visualization is not the ultimate step. You see, it is not the great skill of your mind that will save you, but the letting of the Mind which is God be in you, because there is no other Mind. And a puny little private mind supposedly encapsulated in your skull is nothing more than the definition of the ego. You do not have a private mind, although you have a very specific individuality. Thatís the end of the answer.

From: Kingston - June 9, 1996

QUESTION: Thank you. I seem to have some ancient block here about being in a financial flow. As I say, all the rest of my life is just glorious and I do feel the love that is coming from these new friends as old friends. I feel Iím with my soul group, and I feel very much that this is where I belong and everything is glorious about it. But thereís still something, and I have many interests and apparently have several talents that could provide some financial stability for me. And Iím just about exhausted trying to keep all these balls in the air until I see which one of them connects. And I guess Iím feeling that I would like some little clue as to which one of these Iím to pursue to allow that to happen, to provide an avenue for the financial prosperity.

ANSWER: There is something that needs to be done before that. And that is to let go of the fear. Conditioned thinking says, "well, when I have financial security I wonít be afraid." Now that which initiates the manifestation of abundance is the extension of love. But the extension of love canít occur when you are indulging in fear, because fear causes constriction, tightening up, defensiveness, the exact opposite of extension or gifting.

Now there seems to be many justifications for fear. Instead of finding ways to knock down those justifications Iím going to suggest that you have a different goal than energizing the justifications. And the goal needs to be being the Presence of Love. Where are the places, where are the opportunities for you to express love, caring, help, thoughtfulness? And Iím not talking about giving your soul away. But Iím talking about consciously engaging throughout your day in extending those qualities, which really are the qualities that are needed to transform the whole world.

If you will prefer to engage in activities of extending love, the suggestions that you have justification for fear will not hook you. You will be preoccupied with gifting rather than protecting. And the fact is that you are not faced with threat everyday, except the threats of the thoughts that you think that are based on fear. And those arenít real. What I mean is they are not threats that will affect your existence between morning and night. You see? If there were a tree falling toward you, you would need to move. But the thoughts that get you tied up in knots are not a thing that can harm you.

So donít try to cope with the fear. Let the fear be. Let it be there. And you choose to give your attention to every opportunity you have to extend love. Now I will tell you that to the degree that you are letting yourself be loved, to the degree that youíre letting love in, you are choosing to be loving. Because you are allowing someone else to fulfill their purpose for being, which is to extend love. You see?

I simply want you to expand on that already existing extension of love that youíre doing by taking every opportunity during the day to extend it more, instead of taking every opportunity through the day to worry and be afraid.


ANSWER: The more you love the less you have a shield up around you. And the less you have a shield up around you the more the Fatherís Love can reach you, which will always be identified as fulfillment in practical terms in your life.

So the answer to your problem is not in establishing financial security by choosing a talent that you have and using it, it is at this point to abandon fear. And you do that not by getting rid of it, but by choosing to give the majority of your attention to extending love. Thatís the next step.


ANSWER: Then the Father can come and knock on your door, or on the door of a particular talent you have and say, "share this with Me in the world." Again the key at this point is not finding out what you are going to do, but letting go of the inclination to energize fear, and extend love. And you have ample opportunity to do it, even though your conditioned thinking says, "that is an assignied thing to do because I have things to worry about that are really important." You see?

QUESTION: Uh, huh!



From: Yucaipa - May 1996

QUESTION: Well I had a different question yesterday, Raj, but youíve answered most of it. But I had a question about prosperity. Itís an ongoing subject. Iíve been a true student for many years in the Course In Miracles and I still struggle with issues of money. And Iíd just like to know how I can get out of my own way cause I know thereís no lack in limitation and truth.

ANSWER: Thereís a very simple principle, if you will. You always have exactly as much as you will allow yourself to have in spite of the fact that itís the Fatherís good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. So the gift of All is being made to you always. So instead of trying to create abundance you need to find a way to let it in. Itís there and itís yours already. So let your prayer be, "Father help me to receive all that you are giving me."

Now there is another important thing to understand about abundance and that is that abundance doesnít have to be accumulatedóstored up for a rainy day. True abundance is always having what is needed when it is needed. It is not having more than is needed when it is needed. If you understand that being, Be-ing is always the Movement of fulfillment happening, then you will only ever pay attention to the moment youíre in and the needs of that moment with an expectation of seeing those needs met simultaneously with there arising in your experience. What you want is not to amass a fortune, but to have the ongoing fluid experience of not having lack. And so if you need a newspaper, your abundance will appear as perhaps a dollar and a quarter. And thirty minutes later it may appear as the exact amount needed for some other item. And tomorrow when your car dies the hundred and fifty or two thousand dollars that is needed to repair it, you see. Abundance is always having what is equal to the identification of fulfillment in the moment youíre in.

Abundance then is not the amount of money you have, but the ongoing experience of total freedom to be and do what needs to be done. You see? Let that percolate.

From: Raj at Kingston - March 17, 1996

QUESTION: Youíve been talking around this topic all day. I want to try to ask it in a different way. Last night Mike Tyson earned $30,000,000 for a fight that lasted 9 minutes. Thereís a lot written about manifestation, and Iíd like to know more about abundance. Iím aware that there are things that are temporal and things that are spiritual, and that one might become distracted by too much money. Iím not aware how it works.

ANSWER: Ordinarily when one talks about abundance and when one hears about prosperity and "prosperity consciousness," it refers to "temporal" things. It refers to "the world of form," and learning the skills necessary to cause the form to reconfigure in what is conceived to be a desirable way. And you know, it doesnít matter whether one is trying to manifest a million dollars or whether a slight variation of that is used where one tries to manifest a yacht or a tennis court or a mansion rather than the dollars that it takes, the point is that all of it is considered and dealt with at the point of effect. And always when it is dealt with at the point of effect, one is operating in a realm where gain and loss are forever partners.

Now, abundance is an inadequate way to refer to fulfillment. Fulfillment is not something that occurs at the point of effects. Fulfillment is something that is experienced at the "level" of the Source, of That which is Moving and which is seen at the level of effect or manifestation, form. I have spoken of the body as being the visibility and tangibility of each oneís Individuality, and Individuality is the formless. The visibility and tangibility is the identification, or form.

You will find that individuals who, through good psychological or business practices, are able to achieve significant wealth, are as subject as anyone else to sudden loss of what they have achieved because itís something they can do "in the privacy of their mind." Fulfillment, on the other hand, is inseparable from oneís abiding at the point of the Source, abiding at the level of the formless Movement, the Movement of essential Being, which is an experience available to everyone in the silence within them.

You see, everyone is very occupied with sensory data. Most everyoneís life is primarily one of sensory data. And yet there is present with each individual an inner place. Weíve called it the Void, the not-knowing place, the silence, peace. And because everyone has devoted 99 and 99/100% of their lives occupied with visual and sensory data, when anyone says, "It is well for you to give attention to the Void, to the silence, to the peace that is within you," it seems like an alternative to something major.

If one begins to meditate, if one begins to value the silence, it begins to be a short time each day, or a couple of short times each day, not beginning in any way to equal the time or attention that is given to sensory data. And so, it isnít really grasped that this experience of peace, this experience of the Void is meant to be 100% of oneís conscious experience of his days, and that this is what is divinely natural to him.

So, one seems to shift back and forth from the "inner" to the "outer," from the world of form to the level of Source, the level of essential Being. And as I said, the level of essential Being seems to be of minor importance compared to the majority of the time which is spent being preoccupied with sensory data.

Nevertheless, as one begins to value this inner place enough to let it become a regular part of his experience, he begins to find that its qualities bleed over into the periods of time when he is dealing with sensory data, the level of effect, and he begins to find his experience at that level becoming more harmonious, less stressful, where there is less lack.

Now, you asked for the truth about abundance, and so that is what I am telling you. At the level of Source, one of the first things you find is that you are not alone, whether itís the presence of God, or the Holy Spirit, or GuidanceÖor just the feeling of conscious Presence which is present with you on your behalf. You find that you are not alone.

In other words, one of the first experiences that comes right in the middle of the silence is one of relationship. And this relationship begins to add color to all relationships with those in what Iím going to call "the world of effect"óyour daily activities as you experience them from an uncentered place.

Love begins to register with you as the fundamental of relationships, the real fundamental of relationships, and you begin to find yourself sharing Love which is arising from this centered place, this place of Source, rather than reacting to and manipulating at the level of effect, which you had before.

I am bringing this up because abundance or, more truly, fulfillment, comes into view as your conscious experience when the real meaning and function of relationships begins to be actively embodied from the level of Sourceóin other words, from that place of peace within you where the real meaning of Love begins to register with you and bleed over into your daily activities.

When the Movement of Love which identifies communion with your brothers begins to dominate your behavior "in the world," all that identifies fulfillment begins to manifest. However, unlike the manifesting of abundance which occurs at the level of form, you cannot take credit for it, because it isnít the end result of steps you have specifically taken to create that result. It is, rather, a side-effect, you might say, of daring to make the gift of You, which you can only discover and let out from the level of Source, from the essential level of Being, your Being.

This abundance, or fulfillment, cannot be achieved or taken away. In fact, it will never be accumulated, but will always be equal to whatever fulfillment of Purpose is at hand. And so, not only will you not feel personally responsible for having it, you will not be preoccupied with "having it," because you will come to trust, from experience, the fact that more or less will be present depending upon whether more or less is needed to fulfill Purpose. And so the abundance, the joy of fulfillment, will be experienced, and measuring sticks of ability to create, measuring sticks of wealth, measuring sticks of personal competence, will have nothing to do with it.

You see, fulfillment/abundance will always simply be the flow of the Movement of your Being, being always equal to the full identification of Purpose. And so, you could say that if you have a goal at all, it is a goal to be on Purpose, rather than demonstrating or manifesting abundance. It is like being a boat, whose purpose is to float on water, and instead of trying to always ensure that there is enough water for it to float in, it stays where the current is. If itís where the current is, it will always be where the water is. That is as specific as I can get.

At the bottom line, fulfillment/abundance will always be what you experience when you dare to make the gift of who you Areówho you divinely Areóbecause in abandoning the vantage point of the tiny separated ego, no matter how many wonderful skills it has, you cease operating at the level of effect where itís always polarizedógive and take, get and lose, have and not have, rich and pooróand you begin to be in the world from the silence, the formless.

Love is formless, and yet it is eternally identified in form. Learning to trust into the essential level of your Being means that you are disidentifying with the level of form, where you can be not only in the flow of the Movement of Being, but you can discover that you arenít something separate from It to be in It or out of It. And in letting that Movement be all there is of you, there simply is nothing present to hide the fact that it is the Fatherís good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

Everyoneís function is Love, the being of Love. And in being the Love that you Are, instead of a manipulator of effects, effects begin to fulfill their function, which is not to be the pawns of manipulators, but the visibility and tangibility of the Kingdom of Heaven evidencing the Fatherís Will, evidencing the Movement of Love that each one of you is the presence of.

Again, this is not a spiritual answer that doesnít have much relevance to the world youíre going to go back to when you leave this house. When one asks about abundance, one is usually asking about a way to be in the world that can be abundant. And what I am saying is: The answer is to be in the world Awakeówhich means to be in your peace instead of being in the world, to be increasingly from the level of your essential Being. And when youíre being from there, the world of form, no longer being tinkered with by manipulators, will begin to identify Source.

So, donít leave here and go back into the world and try to cope with it. Leave here and stay in whatever peace you have allowed yourself to experience here, and be in your peace rather than in the world, so that you can make the gift of who you find yourself to be when youíre in your peace in the world. And then you can say you are in it but not of it.

That is the answer, and it is enough for now.


From: Raj at Kingston - January 14, 1996

QUESTION: Iím concerned about my ability to be a full time parent and still pursue a career that would allow for an economically stable life and financial independence from Steven. Iím wanting to realize more income through my artwork and how should I approach that?

ANSWER: Well first of all, I encourage you to be open to the possibility that your fulfillment may come in other terms than the oneís you just described. You see for everyone it is so easy to say to oneís self, "I know that such-and-such would be the appropriate and intelligent and loving way for things to work. Father please help me to have it this way." When the key is, literally, to start out by saying, "Thy will not mine be done. And I am very curious, Father, to know what Your Will is." And you can replace the word Father with Mother or Universe or Prime Mover. But the point is that no matter what word you use you want to express a desire to be providing no biases to the registering of your experience of fulfillment in your mind.

You cannot say, "Father I know this would be good, and so this is where I will be looking for your answer," because this means I will not be looking anywhere else. You see, when you do this you are yielding rather than controllingóyou are inviting rather than determining how things ought to be.

What you want is not what you think you want. What you want is what works! Well, what works, what does that mean "what works"? In what respect? When I say, "What you want is what works," I mean what you want is that which identifies fulfillment for everyone with whom you are involved withóyourself, your children, your husband who you are separated from, your possible or probable employer, etc. What you want is to know where you are supposed to be so that your being there truly identifies fulfillment for everyone.

Now I want to be very clear, when I said that you needed to be open to that which was beyond your concept of what would meet your need, I did not mean to imply that what you described is not the way it will turn out. But if you want to see it turn out the way it is supposed to turn out because it identifies your fulfillment, you must be willing from the outset to set aside any concept you have as to how it ought to work out so that you can let go of any tininess that you are entertaining about yourselfóand for lack of better wordsótap into the larger picture, tap into the fulfillment of purpose that it is your Birthright to be experiencing, not because you think you know what it is but because the Father is being it at this very instant and it is awaiting your conscious awareness of it. And so when you are saying, "here is what I need Father," you are sending a message rather than being in an attitude of attentiveness, whereby what the Father is giving can penetrate whatever wall may be there and register with you.

So I am addressing here an attitude. It is the very same thing I have been talking to Steven about. And what blesses him will bless you. What I have been telling him that has been the truth will bless you because the principle is the same for you.

When you say, "Thy will not mine be done," it could feel as though you are opening yourself up to infinite possibilities. What I want you to understand is that what you let in, that what the Father will respond with will not be an infinity of opportunities. It will be very specific!

And so, in abandoning any preconceptions you have as to how it ought to work out you will not be opening yourself up to a confusing array of potentials. All you will really be doing is abandoning a focus that you were bringing to the process that itself constituted a limit to the possibilities. So itís the Fatherís good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, it is your Birthright to not be experiencing a lack in any area at any time. And so when you say, "Thy will, not mine be done," you are saying, "share with me that which specifically identifies needs met," know that itís your Birthright. Thatís the end of the answer.


"Remembering How to Love"

QUESTION: Hello, itís good to be here in Washington.

ANSWER: Good afternoon.

QUESTION: This is a time of transition for me. Meg Wheatly might say Iím in a state of chaos, reorganizing through a higher order. And I hope this is true.

ANSWER: You can count on it! There really is no other option!

QUESTION: Iíve been feeling lost and unsure of my next step. I feel the urge to move but I donít know where.

ANSWER: Then donít move until you know.

QUESTION: I need to earn money, but have been unwilling to do work that seems menial to me.

ANSWER: And you will continue not to have money as long as you make that decision.

QUESTION: This is good! Iíve written a book but I donít understand where it belongs. I have a lot of energy and I donít know where to focus it. Iíve been feeling tired and angry and feeling what I have to give is invisible or invaluable. I feel caught between what is true inside and the way life works on the outside.

ANSWER: You remind me of Paul!

QUESTION: Is there a reason for me to be on the planet right now? I want to live and I....

ANSWER: Well, what is your alternative? I am not being smart here! But I am asking you so that you might realize that the question really means nothing, "why am I on the planet right now". If you truly have no alternative then you might as well pay attention to being here. Because obviously if this is where your presence of mind is being aware, then this is where to give your attentionóthis is where to be curious. But continue...

QUESTION: I want to live and I want to thrive...

ANSWER: You want to live, did you say?


ANSWER: I know you can take this. I am very glad that you want to live, because again you have no other choice. Donít want to live if you are already living. Continue...

QUESTION: Do you have any suggestions that will help me to proceed?

ANSWER: Well, I will tell you that all of the things that you just talked about are nothing but distractions you are providing yourself with, distracting you from allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment as who you Are. They are distractions from your allowing yourself to be present in the moment fully enough and quietly enough to have the opportunity to experience what this presence is that you Are. You do not have to be afraid of finding out. You do not have to be afraid that you will find out that there is nothing really here of any value.

As reconfiguration occurs little elements of your life will seem to no longer relate to each other in a way that secures a sense of identity for you. And yet you will find yourself still present observing these elements that had provided you with a sense of identity and substance no longer being cohesive. You will find yourself still observing these elements no longer seeming to be cohesive. Theyíre disbanding, as it were, from that which seemed to hold you together and will not disrupt you from being the presence of awareness or the presence of mind that is watching them do this. You will remain absolutely permanently present! As these things which you had used in order to have a sense of identity seem to fragment and float away from you, you will find there is less covering You up from your Self.

You know whatís there underneath all these things? What is there about you that is eternal, forever present? It is Love! You know we talk a lot about Awakening, you hear talk about resurrection, I have spoken about coming Home with a capital "H", Remembering with a capital "R" the truth about yourselfóand Iím not just addressing her, this is true of every single one of you. And I know some of you have wondered, "what is it, what is it that I have forgotten that something in me is moving me to remember? What is it?" I will put it this way, what you have forgotten is how to Love! And what you will remember is how to Love!

Some of you have felt out of place, you might say, since you were three months old, one year old, two years old. Some of you have never felt happy here. Well, Iíll tell you something, it isnít because itís such an awful place. Itís because you have forgotten how to Love. You have forgotten how to Be Love.

Iím going to take a few moments to share some things with you. There is something quite essential to Being the Presence of Love. And what it is that is essential to it is a lot less than what you are bringing to the living of your life. In order to let the Love that you are move into expression you must give up some thingsósome excess baggage. For example, defense, judgment, plans of your own, insecurity. Interesting, you thought insecurity was something you had because you gave up security and now Iím saying you must give up insecurity? Yes, insecurity felt and practiced is a defense. It is a way to keep yourselves preoccupied so that you donít find out whatís underneath this thing called insecurity. And whatís underneath it is this Love that each one of you Areóyour essential Being. Fear is another thing that you will have to drop from your knapsack! Pride... Personal success...

Now I agree that this is nothing new. And yet it is very important for me to reestablish in your awareness that all of these things stand in the way of your being quiet enough, being present enough with this presence of mind that you are that you would have the opportunity to discover the feeling of the presence that you Are, which is a Movement of Love.

This book or yours, this opportunity to work and have income, what are they if theyíre not the opportunity to be in the Movement of the Love that you Are so that you might let it find expression. They are not means of getting anything! Who are all of these people who for whatever reason donít find value in anything you have to share? Well, they arenít somebody there to validate you by finding value in what you have to share. They are, Iím going to say, the opportunities you have to share and fulfill your purpose for being in the giving, whether itís received, whether itís understood, whether itís valued or not. Because I want to tell you something: more than the items that you would share itís the fact that you were giving without self-protection, without fear, without judgment, without self-righteousness that constituted the real gift. The real gift is when you are being present not covered over by anything whatsoever!

I want to come back to the fact that any distress you might be feeling is not because of circumstancesóany of the list that you read off, so to speak, at the beginning, but because you have forgotten something. And this is true of everyone in any aspect of their lives. You are afraid, you are judgmental, you are defensive, you are unforgiving, and on and on. Why? Because you have forgotten something, not because there are justifications for these thingsóit is because you have forgotten something. And so, the answer lies in your remembering. And this is what you could call a reconfiguration at a higher level, we could say reconfiguration at a more fundamental level. And that which is more fundamental is more universal, it is therefore more natural. It is not something you are working towards but something you are letting yourself into.

Remember, all of you please remember that you cover over the fundamental Presence of your Being which is the impulse of Love which has itís source in God. It is a matter of covering it over with distractions of fear, judgment, hate, self-righteousness, goal seeking, willfulness, doing good based upon thinking rather than the good that you would spontaneously do as a result of being Conscious of your Self as the Presence of Love. You cover over the Love that you Are with things which you have come to conclude are essential to survival. And because you think they are essential to survival they are worth every ounce of energy you can bring to them so that you can survive. And yet you have no choice but to survive because you Are the Essence and Presence of Life in action already.

The things you were concerned about in the expression of your question all had to do with survivalósurvival relative to the dynamics of relationships and the power they seem to hold over the ease or lack of ease of your survival. And I am giving you a new point of attention. The point of attention that I am drawing your attention to, is that in you which is underneath all of these distractions, which is the Presence of God which I am calling the Presence of Love. And you being the Presence of Love are the absence of fear, hate, anxiety, judgment and on and on and on. Therefore, this that I am redirecting your attention to is something very valuable, because it is you experiencing the Essential Integrity of your Being so completely that fear and all that follows fear is nothing but nonsense, is nothing to attend to because you are not blocked in anyway from being the fulfillment of purpose that God has in Mind in being you at this very instant.

I want you also to understand that although this could sound like a dissertation on the spirituality of Being, I am describing the actuality of being right here in this very instant, which is absolutely relevant to right where you areóright where everyone of you is. Iím expressing the truth of the instant youíre in and the truth of you in this instant. But you say, "Well I understand what youíre saying. But when I leave this room and go back into the world, what youíve said isnít going to mean beans, because Iím going to have to relate to the world the way the world says Iím going to have to relate to it."

Well, thereís another one of those distractions again. Itís not true. There is no reason for you to abandon the genuineness of the Presence of You that is Love and cover it over with a disguise and pretend that you are somebody else and forget who you Really Are and never make the full Gift of your Self. There is no requirement for you to do that! Iím not really picking on you, but you did ask the question. There is no requirement for you to be ingénue! You can be Present in a new way.

And the discovery all of you have waiting you is that when you refuse to be present in the world covered over by fear and defense you will not become dysfunctional. Thatís the discovery you have awaiting for you. You will not become such a radical presence that no one will understand you. You will be even more meaningful. And the primary reason that you will be more meaningful is because in your expression of your Self there will be no apology for what you are expressing because there will be no fear there. And when thereís no fear, people know they are safe. And when people know they are safe they lower their defenses and they let something in. And what could possibly cause someone to lower their defenses but the Presence of Love?

It was important for all of you to hear this today. Thank you for your question.

QUESTION: Raj, Iíve discovered that my basic needs are food, clothing, shelter, oxygen, water, love and self-esteem. And Iím trying to take care of them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Am I missing anything?

ANSWER: Yes, indeed! You missed the answer that occurred just before the break! The things that you listed are not your needs. Your need is to remember how to Love. And when you remember how to Love then all of those things that you listed will spontaneously be dealt with appropriately.

All of those things that you mentioned are what Iím going to call the things of the world that all of you when you leave here will be inclined to think you must attend to and that they have more importance than your finding every way you can to be still within yourself so that you might feel the Movement of Love that is the Movement of You. And then dare to make the Gift of That as you attend to the activities and the things you listed.

QUESTION: One of them was love.

ANSWER: However, when you used the word love in that list it did not mean Love as I am talking about. It meant love as you or others conceive love to be. Being in the Movement, being the Conscious experience of the Movement of Love that you Are does not fit any format at all. In fact, it wonít be something you do for someone. And you will not see it as something that comes to you from another. If it is the presence of utter safety, if itís the presence of the integrity of you that canít be violated, and therefore you arenít experiencing even a suggestion of violation in anywayóor threat would be another way of referring to the word "violation"óif you are not experiencing that in anyway then your very presence and your actions will be spontaneous rather than premeditated. They will be goaless rather than goal oriented.

And so you wonít love for a reason you will just be the Presence... well as crazy as it sounds, the presence of benignness, which almost sounds like no presence at all. You have no idea how powerful the presence of benignness is, how powerful the presence of no threat is. Why? Because it puts everyone and everything in your vicinity at rest, it puts everyone and everything in your vicinity in a conscious state of an actual awareness that they donít need to be defensive. And this will be the effect of your Presence, even if you were lying on the couch sound asleep, expressing nothingówillfully!

You know what? Everyone and everythingóand when I say everything I mean the plants, the animals, even the walls, the furniture, everythingówill have an actual experience of feeling Loved. If you stop and think about it, if somebody could walk up to you and by their very presence cause you to have an experience of utter safety, of fearlessness, that would be experienced by you as the most loving thing that has ever happened to you. And yet that one will not be trying to love you! You see?

The list that came out of your mouth so rapidly is the rat race that everyone is caught up inókeeping so busy, keeping everything in order that they say they donít have time to be still and feel the Presence of them Selves that is there underneath all the busyness. Fortunately whether any of you or all of you have the time or think you have the time to become still, you will find that reconfiguration will occur of the sort that prompted your question. And all of these things requiring your attention will seem to fragment and it will be harder and harder for you to keep juggling all of the factors and keeping them straight, until finally they fly out of your hands and your caring for this long list that you were so sure of will become unachievable for you. That can be very disconcerting.

But I have shared with you today what the facts are. And as a result you donít have to wait for an unasked for reconfiguration to occur. You can begin to be less attentive to that list and more attentive to whatís there in the Presence of You underneath all the busyness of taking care of these things so that you can ultimately attend to them from that Genuineness of You. That will promote reconfiguration without the stress. The reconfiguration will be more graceful.

Iím glad you asked the question.



"Letting go of Control"

QUESTION: Well the question that I had spent some time on for quite a long time... Iím sorry, your name?


QUESTION: The answer that you gave to Henley was for me too. But let me just run through this. Iím feeling really out of syncójust way out. I donít know whatís going on. This past year has been the pits! And Iíve had some physical problems that are very distressing, particularly with my eyes, neck and circulation. And I think all this could become resolved if I could become still, but Iím having a lot of problem with that. I canít shut up long enough for meditation anymore. And all the things that... the answer that you gave to Henley... My question is, I know that..

ANSWER: Before you continue, Iím going to suggest that you learn from someone a chant.

QUESTION: A mantra?

ANSWER: No a chant! Like a Buddhist chant, where instead of being silent you must with your voice repeat the chant.

QUESTION: My husband would put me away. Which is not a bad idea. (laughter)

ANSWER: I did not say that you had to shout the chant! The activity of saying the word out loud or the words out loud will cause you to be unable to be noisy in your mind. It will silence the thinking and will help you move into a place of quietness so that you can then stop the chant and pay attention to the silence. This will be very helpful for you. Continue.

QUESTION: Okay part of my problem in being still is being uncomfortable and trying to get past the discomfort and become still...

ANSWER: Physically?

QUESTION: Yes. And itís a vicious circle. I think that the answer that you gave to Henley... My question is how do we do this? How do we drop all these things, all this baggage?

ANSWER: There is a place in you, and there is a place in each of you that longs to remember. Your Sanity accompanies you no matter how far into insanity you willfully move. It is impossible to totally forget who and what you are and what your purpose isóyour reason for existing. I donít mean reason for existing in this lifetime on this planet, I mean your reason for Existing period, with a capital "E". "Well, Iím here to help my husband on his spiritual path." "Iím here to help my wife." "Iím here to save the dolphins." You are here because God is expressing Himself/Herself and it looks like you and you and you and you. And the Presence of God, which is the Presence of You cannot be totally denied, not even in the imagination. So there is that in you which longs to remember, longs to have the experience of Who and what you Are so that Your/Its fulfillment isnít denied and isnít buried but is being consciously experienced.

So no matter how faint it is you are not unconscious of it. Connect with it. Iíve said it before, whenever Paul sits down to speak with me he says, "I allow only for that which expresses the Christ Consciousness." "I allow only for that which expresses the Christ Consciousness and only that which is in harmony with the purpose of capital "B" Being, the Fatherís Will." In other words, he expresses a desire, a focus if you will, an intent for what is to follow, for the time that is to follow. And then he says, "Thy Will not mine be done. Let the reign (r-e-i-g-n) the divine truth, Life and Love be established in me and rule out of me all self-will. And may Thy word enrich the affections of all mankind and govern them." Not meaning the words that are going to come out of his mouth, but may His word enrich the affections of anyone else who has and expresses the same desire that He has expressed and govern them.

So feel, no matter how faintly the feeling is, the desire that you have to remember Who you Are. And then say something similar to what Paul has said. "I allow nothing else.."

QUESTION: I use the exact words!

ANSWER: Okay. Do it often. But like I said, do find someone who can share with you a chant, not a long one, a short one that you can repeat over and over. And perhaps have them sing it or say it so that you can get the feeling for inflection. In your occupying yourself with saying this chant you will not be able to occupy your mind with thinking and you will find it to be a very effective way of moving you into, we will say, another space, which is another way of saying moving you into a state of peace that you wouldnít think this little practice would accomplish.

Now I want you to remember that no matter how much you have become used to thinking, reasoning and coming to conclusions in an orderly manner so that you might have an orderly life God has still been the one in charge. And if you abandon the sense of personal responsibility for keeping everything orderly, chaos will not result because God will continue to be in charge. But in the quietness of the inactivity, you might say, of not keeping everything straight yourself, you will be able to experience more peace, and you will find yourself able to attend to what needs to be done. More than that, you will find yourself feeling without going through a thinking process, you will find yourself feeling a knowing of what is appropriate when it comes to dealing with those things. And as that begins to happen youíll feel more secure. And you will feel even less need for being in charge by means of orderly thinking.

It is difficult for many to let go of being in charge, especially if they have been excellent at itóespecially if the practice has contributed to their sense of being valuable. Being valuable... But thereís a blessing that you have been missing, there is a blessing that all of you have been missing who have become pretty efficient of your being in charge of your long lists of things. And that blessing is, the blessing that has been missed is that God Loves you. And that it hasnít been necessary for you to scrounge through life like a common man when by Birthright you are Royalty and your fulfillment is your Birthright.

So, as you express this desire I want you specifically to include the desire to experience Godís Order in your life without your having to create the order yourself. As I said on another occasion, you might say, "If indeed I am loved by God, might I be given an experience of what that feels like."

The distresses physically that you have spoken of are an attempt on your part to try to be responsible when you are losing the ability to be responsible. Hereís the way it works: You have gone along in your life and things have been relatively smooth and now it seems that things like eye sight and aspects of your physical body are, well Iím going to say, failing in one way or another, to one degree or another and then you say, "well Iíve got to get control of this." And itís not working! What you didnít know in the beginning was you werenít responsible to begin with for the perfect or smooth functioning of your body.

Now as I mentioned to Henley, when things start seeming to move out of your control, no matter what the details are whether theyíre physical, whether theyíre circumstantial, whatever, it means that reconfiguration is occurring. And I am not speaking of a reconfiguration called deathóultimately! Itís a point of growth where there truly is a Movement occurring from the essence of you that says, "Youíve got to let go of control. Youíve got to let go of this wrapping, this garment of responsibility that you have wrapped around yourself and hidden yourself in the fullness of your Birthright with. And so I am assuring you that what is happening is not a call for fearóand do not be frightened by this wordóit is a call for succumbing to the fundamental You who has slipped your mind for a lifetime or so, but whom it is time for you to remember.

Your desire that arises our of something in you that knows that thereís something you have forgotten and therefore there is something for you to remember, your desire to feel that and let that be the springboard for inviting inspiration and revelation, that is what will allow the graceful move into a greater experience of fulfillment. And I mean by that: More health, clearer vision, no glasses, no systemic irregularities and on and on.

Now if discomfort seems to get in the way, I am not going to suggest as many do that you continue to sit there being uncomfortable as though that is nothing but a distraction that you must get past as part of your practice of meditation, of becoming still. Change your position, be radical and get up and move around as you continue the chant. Do the chant while you wash dishes. Allow spontaneity and freedom and common sense to be part of this. Donít sit there and endure discomfortómoveóbut stay with the desire, stay with the chant! You see?

I canít say this too often, "It is the Fatherís good pleasure to give you the Kingdom"óthe whole Kingdom! All that God is God gives to you as your Self. It is like having a bank account that has all there is of the wealth of the Universe in it and it awaits your going to the telleróto the window as it wereóand saying, "I am ready to make a withdrawal." Itís waiting for you! Itís gifted to you! But you will not enjoy the gift until you say, "Yes, Iím ready to receive it!" It is inevitable because this wholeness is part of the Sanity of You that accompanies you into whatever degree of sanity you enter into. Itís because it accompanies you that it is inevitable that it will finally override the willful insistence upon lack of any kindóthe willful insistence upon working for your wholeness when itís an apprioried gift that you couldnít abandon even if you tried, and therefore you havenít succeeded in abandoning since you have tried.

And so it is inevitable that transfiguration will occur. It is inevitable that you will wake up. And itís inevitable right now, you see. Itís not in a CD that you canít cash out without a penalty until three more years has elapsed. You see? I tell you this so that when you become discouraged and argue against the possibility of your experiencing it in this lifetime that you might be able to say, "No, Raj says the Whole gift has been made and is mine and it is inevitable that it will register with me and therefore I will persist with my desire. My desire to say, ĎYes, Father, Iím willing to receive it.í"

And you know, no matter when you finally say, "yes," whether itís here or here-after, whenever you do it for you it will be now. And since whenever you do it will be now, let now be the now! You see what I mean? It doesnít have to be the next lifetime. It doesnít have to be a year or two down the road after you have spiritually grown to the point where you deserve it. Whenever the now is that you do it, because youíre not yet awake when you make that decision you will feel that you have not grown equal to it. So even if you wait two lifetimes from now to say "yes" you will still feel no more worthy of it. And so I am saying to you that concept is bull shit. Any now that you choose to say "yes" you will get it. Because... well the vault is full of your abundance, of your fulfillment, and the vault is straining at the seams, intent upon your recognizing it and saying "yes I will receive."

I said earlier that the thing you all have forgotten is how to Love. Well, the Father hasnít forgotten how to Love and the Love with which you are Loved by the Father is what is in the vault and it cannot be contained. And so it insists its way through the walls of the vault that you have built in order to keep it at a distance from you so that you might have this glorious experience of creating your own success on your own. You see?

And so when I said you need to become quiet and you need to let go of all of this excess baggage so that you might experience the essential genuine presence of you and discover that this Presence is the capacity of Love, the capacity to Love which isnít blocked in any manner, what I am saying is that you will have remembered to let the Presence of God in where you are. And the Presence of God is what is really right there where you are. And it is Godís purpose that is your purpose, your reason for being here, wherever here might be, however infinite here might be.

A Course In Miracles says that love cannot be taught. That means that love cannot be practiced. And the reason love cannot be taught is because it is the Movement of God, the present, spontaneous, genuine Movement of God right where you areóthe Movement of Love being the Movement of Creation in this instant.

Itís all the things I described earlier. So when you are remembering who you are and what you are, it means that you have become defenseless against God. Thatís what the quietness isóthe stillness. And the Movement you begin to feel which has nothing to do with fear, or goals, or justice, or any of the long list of things, the Movement you feel which feels like being Loved and is the impulse for being without fear and without righteousness and without defense, this is the way you come home into your Sanity.

Now I have described something that in a way could seem magnificent, but I donít want it to be turned into a lofty idea. Hereís the practicality of it: When you say, "If I am loved then I desire to have an experience of what that means," we are talking about something that will allow you to sit next to Henley without any defenses yourself. And whether Henley knows where itís coming from or not she will involuntarily find herself feeling no need for defense either. To remember who you Are, to have the experience of being Loved by God allows you to be able to be a presence that is recognizably new to your Brother, to your husband, to someone sitting next to you who youíve met for the first time today and be a transformational Presence. You could say in the simplest of terms that remembering how to be Loved is remembering how to be present with your fellow manóuncovered by anything that blocks you from making the Gift of what you Are.

And so you could say it is as though there is a veil and you are on one side and God making the Gift of Himself to you is on the otheróGod making the gift of Himself that is the Presence of You is on the other sideóand what God is is insisting upon penetrating the veil. And when you on the other side are saying, "I desire to remember what it is I forgot," you are making an invitation, you might say against the veil also that is in harmony with, which is synchronous with what the Father is intending. And when that happens there is less of what it took to maintain the veil.

Now thatís not the whole picture though, because the reason for desiring it, the reason for remembering who you are is so that you can be that with your fellow man, here. You see? It isnít something between you and God and to hell with everyone else. If you have forgotten how to BE Love you have forgotten how to Love your Brother. It hurts your heart not to be able to Love your Brother. That is the fundamental thing that everyone is suffering from. They just didnít know it was their functionóthey forgot it was their function.

You could say, "Father help me not be in a way that causes my Brother to constantly feel the need to reinforce his defenses. Help me remember what I have forgotten. Fill me today with all Thou Art. Because I know when you do I will remember who I Am. And when I remember who I Am I will be able to be Me. I will be able to be Me with joy. I will be able to be Me with my Brother."

Iím going to end the answer to your question by simply stating this for everyone: Be careful you donít get sucked into believing that the world is an illusion and everything in it that you see, because if you do you will have no brother to be the fulfillment of your capacity to be Love. You will have no reason to remember what you have forgotten. This is very important. Weíll take a break.



QUESTION: Youíve probably gone around my question all afternoon today, but Iím feeling dense I guess, so I still have nibbling feelings. Lately Iím experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety over money. And Iím going to school full-time and not employed at this time. And my time seems to be very full with school and related things. And I think itís my ego telling me Iím not being responsible, I need to do something about this, I need to get myself better organized. And when I put that together with things Iím reading and hearing about the economy and then I get into all this fear stuff about my future. And Iíd like to know how to get rid of this fear?

ANSWER: Like a trick-or-treater hold up your bag. The Father knows nothing about the economy. What Iím going to encourage you to do is when there is something you need write it on a piece of paper. I am not saying that if you need money to pay the rent that you write down money, I am saying write down rent. Write down the thing thatís needed. And once you have written it downóand I would suggest putting it on your refrigerator door or on the wall across from your toilet where you can see it frequently. Once you have written it down say, "It will be interesting to see how the Father unfolds this." You see? Do not take personal responsibility for its solution yourself. You may well do something, you may well be involved in its coming into your experience. You may be driving the car and see a garage sale sign and feel like going, and go and find the very thing you need in excellent condition, perfect for you. But you will not have taken on a false sense of personal responsibility, so that you can afterwards claim that you have been a responsible person. You see?

"It is the Fatherís good pleasure to give you everything that meets your need." But few of you consistently practice turning it over to the Father and you justify it by saying, "God helps those who help themselves." Well thatís the ego saving its ass.

You donít need a more profound answer than that.


"Remembering How to Love"

QUESTION: It was brought to my attention that perhaps thereís one more step around all of the talk today in realizing your loveórealizing Love. And I guess I can in a sense talk from my own experience, but Iíve felt before that when Iíve been free of defense, free of judgment and insecurity and a number of those things that you listed, and felt that Love, Iíve also felt that the person with whom I was communicating was sort of attacking me.

Now first of all, does that mean that I wasnít experiencing that. And second of all, if I was, what is a person to do in a situation like that, because your first tendency is to become defensive?

ANSWER: Well of course, before acting in response to someone who seems to be attacking you, you need to answer this question: "Is what is happening, whether real or not, justification for me to abandon being the Presence of Love? Is it truly justification for me to abandon the peace, the fearlessness I am experiencing? Is it truly justification for me to engage defense knowing as I do now that my act of defense causes me to hurt because I shut myself off from the experience of who I Am?" Thatís the real issue at that moment.

Now if you makeóI do not need to describe what would follow your making the decision to become defensive, because youíre familiar with that experienceóif the decision is made for not abandoning this experience of being at Home, this experience of perfection about you that youíre experiencing, if you donít abandon that you will then learn what you will do under those circumstances. You will learn on the spot! And you will be IT on the spot! I will tell you this, that you will not respond in an abusive way, you will not respond defensively. But you will also not respond in a way that confirms the attackers stance to himself and seems to put you in an ongoing circumstance of being abused. Because Iíll tell you something, when youíre not covered over by a false sense of what appropriate behavior is, you know how to be appropriate. In your clarity, in the clarity of mind that you experience there in that connectedness with the Love that you Are you will not allow abuse to occur, you will not subject yourself to the attack.

I can only talk around this because being the Presence of the Christ, or being the unblocked Presence of God expressing Himself/Herself will always be original and specifically appropriate to the apparent circumstances of the moment. And part of the whole thing that we have been talking about today is the fact that itís never premeditated. And what you do in that moment with utter appropriateness will not become a bit of learning that you will log in the file to be brought up as an appropriate response the next time you seem to be faced with attack.

What you need to know in order to dare to make commitment to not abandoning your connectedness, your connectedness with the experience of what you areóLoveówill never put you in jeopardy. Your connectedness with it will never put you in jeopardy, nor will it allow you to be a participant in someone else putting themselves in jeopardy. It will never cause you to become dysfunctional so that you might say, "the hurt you want to inflict on me is an illusion therefore go to it." You see? You need to know that love is not and cannot be something else! Love is not standing there and taking it. Just as love is not standing there and dishing it out.

Basically I have answered this question before, and on general principles, if someone says or acts out the intent to injure you, you must say, "no." And if they say, "but if youíre the presence of unconditional Love you wouldnít tell me to stop," and try to hook you with your own spirituality, but if youíre not off balance because youíre grounded in the genuinenessóyou are grounded genuinely in the essence of Youóyou will never agree to such a ploy and you will not remain and continue to provide the opportunity for one who is committed to their attack, because they arenít ready to be defenseless.

That is really the most I can say about it. The key for you to remember is that we have been talking today about remembering that you are the Presence of Love, remembering how to Love. And that it takes a commitment to letting go of everything elseóthe defense, the self-righteousness, the fear and on and on. And you are not doing this for your Brother, you are doing it for your own Sanity, because it hurts not to have remembered Who you Are.

Now I know this seems to contradict what I said a moment ago, but Iím going to break it down, it seems experientially as though there are two parts to it. The first is that you want to stop hurting yourself! You want the struggle that life seems to be to one degree or another to not be your experience anymore. And the first stage of the solution to that is remembering that your function is Love, and that you have forgotten how to Love. And because of that you by your choice have blocked yourself from your experience of Who you Are.

The second stage of that does involve realizing that the reason, ultimately, that you want to experience your Sanity is so that you can express this Love that you have forgotten how to express, and who you will be expressing it to is your Brother. But you donít do it because your Brother needs it, you do it because if youíre not doing it you continue to hurt, you continue not to be Sane. You see? And your Brother or Sister is faced with the same two steps. Itís not your responsibility to convince them about their step. Itís essential one-by-one for each of you to come back into this conscious experience of your capital "F" Function, your capacity to Love.

This has been your subject today. I did not have an agenda. What you brought out of our gathering together today has been a wonderful gift to each other. Itís been my pleasure to participate. Thank you.


 "Journey Without Distance"


From: Raj at The ACIM Conference - 1992

ANSWER: Good morning. Yesterday the question was asked if the sign of an Awakened One is the experience of perfect peace. And the fact that everyone around that One experiences perfect peace, how is it that the crucifixion could have happened? In other words, how could those around me not have experienced the peace and the gentleness of Love, and thereby have been unable to engage in the act that has come to be known as the crucifixion? It is a good question. But it illustrates what the Course calls level confusion.

How many of you understand what level confusion means? How many do not? Those of you who do may be surprised to find that you do not either. Level confusion is not something to have an intellectual concept of. And Iím going to share something at a more experiential level that will help you to know what it means, without yet being able to put it into words.

Many of you have had the experience of being asleep at night, and when you were children your mother would call and say, "itís time to get up." And you were having a dream and in the dream one of the characters is hollering, "itís time to get up." Or, somebody comes while you are sleeping and shakes your shoulder and in the dream, the person standing next to you reaches up and puts his or her hand on your shoulder and shakes it gently to get your attention. That is level confusion. Where an event that is happening at another level is interpreted as an event within another level. That is level confusion.

Now, this is very important because itís going to change the way you approach the rest of this conference as well as the way you approach your daily life when you return to your homes. The Course and the voice for Truth do not address you from the level of the dream, but from a level outside the dream to rouse you to a different order of awareness.

If you are having a night dream, and you are in a righteous argument with someone, and indeed your mother or someone calls the Real you to wake upóis that going to create a feeling of satisfaction for the one arguing with you in the dream, if you are going to completely withdraw from the dream? No!

So, are you here as students of the Course to have a clearer perception to make everyone else be better or happier; or are you here to wake up to a different order of things? Really speaking, with a capital "R", there are no such things as levels. But if you are caught in an experience of fantasyówhich is what a dream isóthen there do seem to be levels because Reality seems to be unavailable to you at that moment and your dream has become the substitute for Reality. True, it is said, that as you begin to reach beyond your conditioned thinking, as you begin to desire to wake up and know the Truth, with a capital "T", the unhappy dream begins to shift to a happy dream.

But thatís not the point. It is a "benny" you get; a "perk" you get. It is very easy, especially as one begins to study and embrace and attempt to embody the principles of the Course, to think that itís purpose is to change everything for the better. And so, it can begin to be used as a means of control of the dreamówhich is not the point.

And so, indeed there are many Course In Miracles meetings that are far from peaceful and loving. And there are families, where non-Course members of the family, and Course members of the family, begin to experience strife, as though the conveying of ideas and principles, and the use of particular language, is what constitutes embodying the Course. When the point isóthe internal shift of awareness that causes you to feel less and less the need for defense so that you may be more genuinely you and express the love that you find is indeed the substance of you, which almost no one in your world will object to.

Now, there is a necessity for me to be very precise, because in the use of the illustration of a dreamer in a night dream and the fact that what is experienced is pure fantasy, and when you wake up the world of that fantasy disappears, that illustration cannot be used appropriately to give you a context in which to understand waking up. It is instead the daydream, such as you had when you were in school and the teacher was talking, and you were gazing out the window and were a thousand miles awayóor imagining yourself out in the yard playing. Here your fantasy is a modification of Reality, not a total substitute for it. In effect, the Course is the loud noise of the teacher getting your attention while you are daydreaming, so that your attention comes back to a proper perception of Reality, rather than the modified one that you have engaged in, as a means of escape from boredom.

It is important to understand this, because at this very instant thereís only one thing going onóGodóright here. And it looks like me, and it looks like you, and it looks like a building, and it looks like grass, and it looks like cows, it looks like a group, it looks like food, it looks like camaraderie, but itís all God. If God is, indeed, Omnipotent and Omnipresent, where is there room for another creation? There is none. Therefore, you are at all times confronted with Reality, with a capital "R". At all times, you are confronted with the Kingdom of Heaven, and you are either seeing it clearly or through a glass darkly.

Through the lens of the ego you have a misinterpretation of it, a misperception of it. And that is why the Course says, that ultimately, perception will disappear. Perception of what? Perception of the Kingdom of Heaven. You will no longer have a perception of it, you will be the conscious experience of it. Any perception you have of it, must necessarily be biased, partial, incomplete.

Divinely speaking, you all have the capacity to imagine. But if you imagine and you join with another in that imaginationóif another joins you in that imaginationónow it is not imagination, it is misperception. And the bonding between the two of you in the mutual agreement as to the reality of that misperception is what constitutes a special relationship. You think that a special relationship is a word that describes every relationship you have and especially the most important ones to you, the ones with your husbands or wives or children. The special relationship is the mutual agreement to treat a daydream as though it were real, and as though Reality were not going on at all.

Now, I picked the subject, the end of an "ancient journey," because that is what waking up is and that is what the end of a special relationship is. I want to be very, very clear on something: The end of relationships with each other is not the embodiment of a holy relationship, is not the end of a special relationship. Be wise, because the ego will suggest to you that you are in a special relationship and you must get out, and that will be representative of your spiritual growth. The fundamental basis of the ego is, to not be in relationship at all, but to be independent, separate. "But Father, Iíd rather do it myself. But Mother, Iíd rather do it my way. Iíd rather see things the way I want to see them."

Iíve said before that relationships are the crucible of Awakening. Why, and especially committed ones? Because that is where the greatest opportunity is to let down your defenses and be present with. How can you join, if you are not present with? Value your relationships. And know, that it is not a teaching, and it is not a language, it isnít verbiage that exalts a relationship, itís loveóthe willingness to recognize that which is Real, with a capital "R", in each and everything. Relationships are essential to Awakening. They are essential to joining and yielding up the false sense of self-satisfying separateness.

Now, you are here. You seem to be listening to me and you are at this conference and you seem to be listening to a marvelous banquet of spiritual expressions of Truth. But all of you are listening to what you are seeing with, or listening with. And if you are listening with insight, you hear that which is insightful. And if you listen with defense, you hear that which justifies your sense of separateness. So, are you really listening to me, or are you listening to what you are listening with? And if you are listening to what you are listening with, are you not in a process of finding yourself in your world?

And so, can there really be those who are more enlightened than you, or more worthy of listening to than you? If you are hearing anything of value from them, it means you are listening from that place of value and are hearing yourself, and discovering the oneness of that which seemed to be separate.

Iím going to give you another way to think of "the journey without distance." It happens that this statement comes from Christian Science literature, but truth is truth no matter where it appears. "You are neither behind the point of perfection, nor advancing towards it. You are at that point, and must understand yourself there from."

This "ancient journey" is a journey that has happened while you have been the Christóthe direct expression of God. And it has happened smack dab in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven. Because you as the Son or Daughter of God, and the Kingdom of Heaven, are the only things that are Real and truly available to be experienced.

And so, the journey has been a dreamófantasyóexperienced right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven. It has constituted an ignoring of the Kingdom of Heaven, and the energizing of a different perception of the Kingdom of Heaven, that you and someone else have agreed upon so that you might have the experience of a different point of view from the Fatherís point of view. Which really means, a point of view different from what feels like Home to you. A point of view different from you feeling the congruence of you.

And you cannot have that different kind of feeling without, what I call, "garbage truck bells." When a garbage truck is backing up and there is greater danger, there are bells that ring. And so, if you are going to indulge in a limited perception of the Kingdom of Heaven, which constitutes insanity, there will be bells; there will be what you will call fear, because it is not natural to you. And it is really, initially not fear, it is just a warning bell that says, "Donít linger too long in this limited perception. Get back Home." Fear is not a punishment, anymore than the bell says something is wrong with this truck. It just means, be alert because there is not enough clear vision for you to be safe.

And so, there is no penalty for having a partial private view that is handed down by God. Itís just that when you are out of sync with your capital "S" Self, or what you Divinely Are, you are going to feel the uncomfortableness of not being in your natural place.

Now, if the only thing confronting you here and now and during this whole weekend, is the Kingdom of Heaven and Godís Truthóbecause there truly isnít anything else Real happeningóthen if you are willing to look at it with curiosity to know Godís Truth, and if you even grasp a little bit the fact that the truth that you see is the truth that you are willing to listen with, and therefore it is a conscious experience of unity and perfect equality, then you provide yourself with the greatest opportunity for your perception to be cleared.

And the likelihood is, that you will go home beaming with great joy and great news for everyone else, about how marvelous this workshop, or this conference was. And what I want is for you to go home and not neglect to be aware that it was the wonderfulness of what you chose to listen withóit was the wonderfulness of you that you are so happy to share with everyone else. And if you get that idea, if it registers with you deeply, you may well go home and say, "You know the conference itself was so-so, but my perception of it was marvelous. And I learned something. I learned to look with better eyes. And thatís the good news I have to share with all of you."

So, learn to look with new eyes. Learn to abandon the confidences you have in what the meaning of everything is, because at the present time they are definitions you have arrived at, without having asked God what the meaning is, without saying, "what is Godís point of view here?" Godís point of view is your point of view, truly.

Now, the ego is a defense mechanismónothing else. And it is superb as a defense mechanism. Donít think that you can use the principles of the Course to overcome the ego. You canít. But what is the one thing that the ego canít defend itself against? Disregard.

So, how do you get off the wheel of history? How do you truly consciously experience the end of an "ancient journey" that was not a journey at all, because you never left Home? You do it by turning your attention to some other source than your conditioned thinking. You join with the Holy Spirit. You join with the Father. You join with me. You reach out with curiosity.

The ego will be most happy if you will just stay in your nice little cell and be happy. The way you disengage from the ego is by reaching out to that which is different from it and neglecting the ego. And because you have, for so long it seems, been incarcerated within the limits of the ego, it seems as though you are reaching out to something beyond yourself. And that doesnít seem to be such a wise thing. And the ego will say, "be careful, youíre giving your power away." It will use psychology against you. But there is no way at the moment for the reaching out to seem to be different from reaching out to that which is beyond you, because you are at the moment, by definition, a circumscribed limited entity. Thatís the egoís perception, which you seem to believe is true of you. And thatís why trust is the fundamental point, because you must dare to trust.

What most of you think trust is, is confidenceósomething that you have confidence in. Confidence will not get you to wake up, because it will always be confidence in something you are already familiar with. Trust takes you beyond what you are familiar with. And therefore, it will always be trust into the unknown. What you already know keeps you bound.

Now, what is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is your Divinity held in trust while you dally with the ego. Therefore, when you are reaching out beyond the limits of the ego; when you are trusting into the unknown; when you are turning everything over to the Holy Spirit, so that it may turn your experience to your advantage, you are reaching out to and joining with that disowned part of youóthe rest of the infinite of youóthat you temporarily ignored while you had the exciting, thrilling, fearful experience of limitation. It is important to understand this, because it will reduce your fear. It will reduce the degree to which the ego can try to scare you out of waking up.

This is how you come to the end of the "ancient journey." Some of you contemplated the title of this conference gathering, and discovered that the word "ancient" has warm, meaningful connotations; as though that which is ancient might be closer to the truth, that which is ancient is that which has endured and therefore, must have substance to it. Donít value the ancient.

It isnít the end of an "ancient journey," itís the end of a journey of ancientness. And what I mean by that is, when you sacrifice the infinite view (Godís point of view, which is your birthright to be experiencing) when you sacrifice the infinite view, infinity immediately gets stretched out on a lineópast to future and immediately there is history. Immediately Omnipresence becomes ancientness and infinite unending potential. But itís a perception, a misperception of infinity; your capacity to be conscious wholly without limit of any kind.

And to consciously experience the infinite Movement of God as the Movement of You, not a little ego experiencing this infinite movement, but the You that you truly Are, experiencing your birthright to have the Mind of God, you might say.

God self-expressed is not man. God self-expressed is God, and if you want to call it man, and woman, and tree, and birds, and grass, etc., fine. But donít get too hung up on the words you use to define it. The infinite manifestation of God is GOD expressed, not a different presence from the Father. And if God is the infinite Intelligence, the infinite Mind, and the Father has withheld nothing of what He is from His Self-expression called You, then you must be that infinite Mind. That infinite awareness must be your natural conscious experience of being conscious. Indeed, you are not a body you are Mind, in which all conscious experience of form is going on. When you identify with a form, you lose your infinite perspective, and it seems to be material; not of God, capable of dying, etc.

I will tell you something to set the record straight: When you wake up, everything will not disappear. Your limited perception of it will be gone, and you will see it as it is, and you will not seem to be in the middle of it, or inside it. You will also not be preoccupied with it. Because as that conscious awareness or Mind, that is the Presence of Godís Mind, you, your attention, your experience of your aliveness, your vitality, etc., will be inseparable from the conscious experience of the Movement of Creation.

People talk about being co-creators with God. Co-hyphen-creator, implies two things cooperating and that is not what it will be. You will, by virtue of not claiming the right to your own private mind, find yourself to be the conscious experience of the Movement of Mind, that is God Being Creation. And the experience of that, will be where your attention will be; not on the specifics, not on the visibility and tangibility of that creation. Where you give your attention will be different, but everything will still be present except for the misperception of it.

Now, I am able to be conscious right here in this room without sacrificing my infinite awareness of every aspect of the Movement of God, which is infinite. Divine awareness is specific and universal simultaneously, and there is no way to explain that. But that will be your experience.

In order to get to that experience you must begin to value where you are, and you must begin to value each other, and you must not see the Course as that which helps you rise above such mundane things as human relationships. There isnít a single human being in this roomóyou are all Christís. You are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it.

So let go of the ethic of progress, and begin to, as you go through the the rest of this conference, see with fresh eyes, see with curiosity. "Nothing that I see means anything," means, "nothing that I see means what I think it means. And so Iím going through this conference with curiosity to discover the truer meaning as it is being set into motion by the Movement of God."

Now, peace, when you allow yourself into it, by going into your closet and praying unto the Father which is in secret, which is in the silence, does not give you an alternate experience, an alternative to anxiety. It is not just another arena of emotion, it is a direct experience of your Being, of your Self, with a capital "S", your Being with a capital "B." It is a direct experience of God, and you cannot avoid being aware of the oneness of you and the Father. And when you allow yourself to experience this peace, the fact is that you will generally find a happier dream occurring. You are likely not to find the resistance that I did, or seemed to. But more important than that, is that you have allowed yourself into a new order of conscious experience in which you may have the opportunity to get to know yourself more truly. And in choosing for that truer experience of who you are, you get closer to the little gap. That place where all control is lost, and where you can easily slip through into your conscious experience of having a will that is not separate from the Fatherísóand wake up.

Curiosity is the active means by which you abandon your confidence in what you think a thing is. And when you abandon what you think a thing is, you are neglecting the ego. In being neglected and having no occasion for defense, because it is not being attacked, your connection with the disowned part of you, called the Holy Spirit, can occur spontaneously. Donít be curious about the here-after, be curious about the here-and-now, because here-and-now is where the opportunity to wake up exists, because it is the Kingdom of Heaven and you are the Christ.

The end of an "ancient journey" is over, because it never began, and that is why it is a "journey without distance."

It is good to be with you. I am going to say, it is good to be with you, knowing that you know I am with you. And indeed, I am always with you. You hear what you are listening with. Listen with new ears, and with an expectation of an answer. And that is the way you abandon the ego and end the journey.