Raj at Boston, MA - 1992

"Being a better Brother/Sister"

RAJ: There is, indeed, one thing I want to say. And that is: That whether or not you are Catholic, or whether you are a Christian Scientist, or a student of A Course In Miracles, or a Methodist, or a Mohammedan, you are first and last Brothers and Sisters. And any spiritual course of, shall I say, study or training, should be helping you to be better Brothers and Sisters. Not better Catholics, not better students of the Course, not better Christian Scientists, not better Methodists; better Brothers and Sisters. If you will remember this, you will keep your perspective. And you will know where the attention and where the actions are that are to be valued. And your studies will not become a means of separating you, one from another.

At the bottom line: Thereís one thing to learn. And that is to Love. And I will tell you what Love is: Love is the willingness to recognize that which is Realówith a capital "R"óin each and everything, which means in EACH and everyone that you discover or find to be in your experience in your world. The willingness to see beyond whatever ego presentation that other one might be sending in your direction. Love is the willingness to find God in your fellow man. But you know something? You canít find the God in you, you canít dare to find God in your fellow man else you will feel one down.

And you know, in the process of awakening all you are doing is arriving at a point where you can find the equality of you and your brother in the context of the Allness of God, which necessarily means, in the context of your both being Divine. It is letting go of the self-definition that is less than the direct expression of God, called you, that allows you to release your brother and sister from that very same definition. In releasing yourself you release your brother, because you will find that you will not want to be alone in your Divinity.

And you know, when you are willing to embrace the fact of your Divinity and then acknowledge it in your brother that constitutes joining, which is the exact opposite of the one single element that has kept all of you in trouble for so long. That one element is the distinct intent to be separate and individual, different from, unique to everything else.

You are not going to find your Real originality until you stop trying to be different, and better, and further up-front, further ahead of the crowd. And when you abandon that challenge, you will begin to find yourself feeling so utterly safe that you can dare to be original. And originality will begin to emerge out of your peace. And your originality will never take away from anyone else and it also will not control anyone else, and there will be harmony.

And so, as we proceed through this weekend, this time together, we are always going to be speaking in the context of Loveóthe willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and everything. And if nothing else, you will be able to go home with a better sense of my perspective of our equality. And it will not be quite as easy for you to insist that you are not worthy to eat the crumbs that fall from His [the Fatherís] table, but rather that as the full and complete direct expression of God it is your birthright to be experiencing Godís point of view, and not a lesser more limited point of view because you are some sinner.

I will tell you now that I am grateful to be with you this weekend. More than that, I want you to know that indeed I am always with you, and am always available; if you will just stop justifying a sense of difference about yourself, that makes you either unworthy or somehow incapable of experiencing my presence directly within yourself. The only reason it doesnít happen is because you have said, in one way or another, it is unreasonable for me to expect it to happen. And your word is all that blocks it, I assure you.


"Saying, 'Yes' to God!"

QUESTION: My question concerns something that we spoke about in our private conversations and that was about my ability to generate some income. And you had stated at that time that in November, this past November, would be a time that that would be possible for me. And I think I have been paying attention but November has gone by and Iím still in a place where I still canít see that happening. And Iím also really extended myself beyond what I have before as far as financially goes. And so, Iím concerned about that. So, if you can say anything about that I would appreciate it.

RAJ: Indeed you are in spite of your extension, not in a dangerously vulnerable position. Now indeed, you opened a door in your life. You engaged in a larger embrace of yourself, Iím going to say aspects of yourself that you were not willing to enthusiastically embrace. And as a result of your fearlessness and your willingness to open the door, there has been some significant growth that has been occurring, which employment would have blocked or made more difficult. And so, there is perfect order here because you are coming into a place of greater inner balance, because of greater inner embrace of yourself more totally. And so, there was a reconfiguration that occurred altering the November date, so that this stabilizing and yes, grounding growth that you were willing to embrace could occur.

Now you are, from my vantage point, much healthier because you are embracing more of what you wholly Are. The ground work has been laid for the employment that we spoke of to come into view now. And indeed within the next 90 days you are likely to find this aspect of your experience opening up. I encourage you to give permission for it now. And above all I encourage you to continue to embrace your guiltlessness.

I will tell you and I will tell all of you something: The more willing you are to embrace who you AreóWHO you experience yourself to be Totallyówithout rejecting it, the healthier you become, the more balanced you become, the less justification you have for hiding from the Truth and the more you are able to give permission for your fulfillment of purpose to come to view. It is a simple thing.

If you are feeling guilty, you will be reluctant to ask to know what the truth is, because your conditioning will cause you to assume that the truth will convict you of the thing that you are feeling guilty about. But you must remember that the revelation of truth, the direct revelation of truth within you always does one thing only, it uncovers your absolute innocence, because you never were anything less than the Son or Daughter of God. Thatís the only Truth that can be revealed to you. And that unconvicts you. And in the absence of a sense of guilt, you are able to begin then to enthusiastically say, "YES" to God, "fill me up with all Thou art. I no longer have the justification I use to think I had for denying my good, for denying my birthright." Thatís the end of the answer.



QUESTION: The Course talks about being still and going Home. And in your book Graduation youíre constantly saying "stop thinking" and "listen." I have a great deal of difficulty in trying to "stop thinking" and in turning off the many thoughts that run through my head to enable me just be quiet and listen. How may I and anyone else who wants to do this, improve that procedure?

RAJ: It is a good question. Understand that you are not called upon to somehow magically cease thinking forever more. I will tell you that for all of you to learn how to meditate is a very effective means of more rapidly being able to be still for longer than a moment or two. And indeed, because of the simplicity and the thoughtless nature of Transcendental Meditation, I encourage those of you who are having difficulty and do not know an effective means of meditating, to learn it. It is not necessary for you to become involved with the Maharishiís teachings. It is only necessary for you to learn the technique. That is not the only means, but it is a very effective one.

Now, on an on-going daily basis, there is one thing that you can easily do and that is that you can, on an on-going basis, assume that there is a different way to see whatever it is you are seeing. And not have such a strong conviction that your perception of a thing is what it is. And if you are able to practice thisóyou might call it doubt about what you are seeingóand you will become curious so that no matter what you are doing you just say in your mind, "Is this appropriate or not? Is this the time or not? Should I do it now or should I do it later?" etc.

If you will begin to express curiosity as though indeed there is another way to see what I am seeing, that will bring into play the act of listening. You may not be able to listen very long before interjecting some of your own thinking. But you will begin to break the habit of absolute confidence in your point of view, so that a new point of view can register with you.

Now, it is perfectly workable for you to engage in self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques, or soaking in a hot tub in order to relax and become more still in your mind. For those of you who tend, as the questioner is, to be constantly thinking and for whom a word or a visualization simply contributes to on-going thinking, you can just sit down in a comfortable chair, one which does not have a high back, so that you must hold your head erect and simply take a few moments to stretch and relax your body so that you know that there is no place in it that you are really holding tense.

And then breath through your nose comfortably, at whatever rate comes naturally. Do not try to breath slowly, you will run out of oxygen and breath faster. So just be with yourself at the rate of speed of breathing that you find yourself at at that moment. And then simply pay attention to the bridge of your nose and the sensation of the air as it passes there. You can pay attention at the point of the nostrils, wherever you most easily feel the sensation of the air as you inhale and exhale. And just let your attention rest on the sensation. Do not concentrate on it. Just pay attention to it.

And if you find yourself thinking--youíll never notice when the thinking starts, but when you realize that youíre thinking--and you have forgotten to pay attention to the sensation, gently bring your attention back to the sensation. And please donít get upset with yourself for your short attention span.

The very nature of meditation is to bring about a clearer experience of peace, physically and mentally. As you relax and your body releases tension, there is almost unavoidably a streaming of thoughts that occurs. And so, when you are meditating, and you find yourself thinking a lot initially, it is because the meditation is working. And you should not jump to the conclusion that you are too much in your head and therefore a poor meditator, and give up when indeed the practice is working. It may take you two, three weeks, a month, before you have an experience of quietness that you can identify as a reasonable span of time in which no thinking was occurring, but then that will increase. So give yourself time.

Now, why would one bother to go through all of this? I will tell you that it is for more than just lowering your blood pressure, because even if you do not immediately experience an absence of thinking, you will within just a few days begin to notice that, generally speaking, you are more at peace. And specifically at the end of any period of meditation, even in the beginning, when you open your eyes you will find that you were in a more peaceful state than you thought you were while you had your eyes closed.

Now, we are not talking about a peace that is just an alternative to anxiety. We are not talking about peace that is just the absence of jangled nerves. Indeed, there is what could be measured as physical relaxation. But the experience of peace that meditation brings you to, is more than just a peaceful body. The peace is the very nature and substance of your Being. And so, the peace that you experience when you are meditating, when you are becoming still, is really constituted of one of your first direct experiences of your Self, with a capital "S," of your essential Being.

Now you know why itís important? Because it is the beginning of getting to know thy Self, in biblical terms it is what is meant by going into your closet to that within place and praying to the Father, which is in secret. The word "secret" means really silence, going within and praying to being with the Father, which is in silence.

"The bridegroom cometh when ye think not." In other words, the revelation and experience of your Christhood comes when you are not thinking. That is why it is valuable. It is not because I am trying to turn you all into East Indians or get you to change your religion or philosophy.

I am here to confirm to you that your basic philosophy is true and you need to trust it more. You are the direct expression of God. And God is Infinite Intelligence and the Father has withheld nothing of what He is from His Self-expression, therefore you must be Infinite Intelligence. You must be the All Knowing Presence that God Is, because God did not create something different from Himself. The expression of God must be God expressed. And Waking Up, coming Home, means coming back into your Right Mind, your natural unalterable Sanity; your ability to experience everything from Godís point of view.

So you have two things to help you. One: A specific period of time in which you are purposely intending to become still; so that you might begin to have the experience of being conscious without thinking, fully conscious, fully capable of being and responding to life without thinking. And the other is: To have a general on-going curiosity based upon a premise that there must be another way to see what I am seeing; so that you do not just mechanically move forward in your confidence that you comprehend what a thing is, or how a situation ought to be dealt with. That curiosity brings you to the point of listening, if youíre half way on the ball. And listening is the way you open the door to revelation.

Now, lets take just a moment here. So many of you are caught up in grand religious concepts about very simple words like revelation. Indeed, Paul shared with you that in the beginning when I first spoke to him, there were none of the connotations of some truly spiritual event occurring. Very simply, revelation is the dawning in your thought of how to be utterly appropriate; whether you are choosing between two things at the grocery store, whether you are working out a problem with your wife or husband, whether you are driving the car to an unfamiliar place, etc. Revelation is the dawning in your thought as to how to be utterly appropriate so that the Divine harmony of Being and the unity of life might be experience here and now.

As I said, your study of any spiritual path can really only have one goal, and that is not to be a better student of that path, but to be a better brother and sister. Likewise, your process of awakening will not cause you to become more and more incongruent with your world and your fellow man. You will become more congruent and more valuable, because there will be more intelligence and more love being expressed by you that allows everyone to be less defensive with you. And so, where you are going to see the Kingdom of Heaven unfold in front of your eyes, is right here. What will fall away is not the world and universe, but the scales in your eyes. And the scales are constituted of your preconceptions, your mindsets, your convictions about what things are, who people are, who they cannot possible be, etc. And your thinking reinforces your mindsets and imprisons you in them.

The only thing you will loose is the ignorance that causes you not to see the Kingdom of Heaven right here, right now. If God fills all space, where is there room for some other creation, some alternative creation? Where could sinners possibly be exiled to, if there is no outside to God? And so, if indeed you are sinners, you must be sinners in the middle of the Presence of God. There is an inconsistency there, because God is indivisible and therefore undivided. And therefore, Godís constituting Presence that fills all space, must be the only thing right there where youíre sitting. And thatís what weíre waking up to, who you Divinely Are and always have been and are at this moment.

Now watch how your conditioned thinking argues, "itís a nice idea, but what about this; if I am Divine, how come I donít feel that way"? Thatís not a genuine question. Itís a justification for not believing. The moment you say, "maybe there is a different way to feel than the way I am feeling," then you are expressing curiosity and opening the door for a new feeling that more closely approximates your birthright.

The giving permission is the way you open the door for an experience. And the experience will be so clear to you, that then instead of using your words to form questions that are really blocks to your experience to your Divinity, your words will follow an experience of your Divinity and you will be hard put to continue to express in words the Divinity of You that you are experiencing and about which you have no doubt, because itís not a head trip, it is an experience.

So, we are here in a process of giving permission to experience oneís Divinity. Still consistent with the premise of Love; the willingness to recognize that which is Real, capital "R" Real, in each and everything. Thatís the end of the answer.


"Illusion or Misperception"

QUESTION: I have a three part question for you and theyíre not related. One, who is Woldara? Two, what happens to the soul after the body expires?

PAUL: After the what?

QUESTION: ÖAfter the body expires as we know it. And three, where have all the squid gone? Namely the Loliginidae Pealeii species along the East Coast.

PAUL: Iím sorry, this is me Paul. I didnít understand the third...

QUESTION: The third question is: Where have all the squid gone, the Loiginidae Pealeii, that inhabit the East Coast of this country. They seem to have disappeared. Do I need to repeat any of the questions now?

PAUL: No, indeed. Okay, this is me Paul. Sometimes he answers questions with images rather than words. The image relative to the squid is that they have gone into deeper locations to escape pollution or something thatís in the water that is not compatible with them. But he says they are far from extinct.

RAJ: I am going to refrain from answering the first part of your question. The second part though, you must all understand that your soul is not like your body, it doesnít have limits. You could most accurately say that Soul, with a capital "S," is Minds, with a capital "M," capacity to sense the meanings that itóMindóexpresses. In other words, Soul is Minds sensing capacity. It is your capacity to feel the meaning of Godís Creation. It cannot go anywhere, because it is omnipresent. This means then, that there is far more of infinity for you to be having the direct experience of than you are currently experiencing. Your Soul does not inhabit your body, just as your mind does not inhabit your body, just as your love does not inhabit your body. Your Soul goes nowhere, because it is everywhere. This means that, all of what you Are is always present. What you have yet to discover is that all of what you Are is always available to you as a conscious experience, even though you may not be paying attention.

Now, If there was a very bright light in your sky at night, let us say a vehicle of some sort capable of moving at light speed (at a very fast speed) and you stood there gazing at it fixedly while it was there and then it very suddenly departed, you would continue to seem to see it. In other words, there would be an after-image in your eyes, even though it had departed, even though it had gone beyond your present capacity to perceive it.

And what all of you must understand is that you have been misunderstanding what happens at this point that you call death. What happens is that the individual has moved beyond your present capacity to perceive him or her. And what is left for you to apparently deal with is what we could call the after-image left in your eyes. In fact, the reason it seems to decay is the very same reason that the after-image in your eyes of a bright light decays, because there is not the original light present to reinforce the image.

Now, this is of course a very simplistic way of explaining it, but it more clearly expresses the truth and helps you to understand that you are never bodiless. And what I mean by that is that you are never not identified. You are never not identifiable, anymore than God is ever unidentifiable. I have said it before, that God unexpressed is a nonexistent God. There cannot be God without the infinite manifestation or experience of the Presence of God. Therefore, there cannot be You without the identifiable experience of your Presence.

No one abandons a body in that instant that you call death. The one who has passed on finds himself or herself as totally identified as before hand, except that whatever seemed to cause the death, if it were a disease or injury, is no longer present because that one has the inescapable proof that the disease didnít kill them. And that realization causes the immediate release of fear of the disease and the manifestations of the fear, called disease, have not a leg to stand upon and the evidences of it disappear.

This is an important point to understand, because if you think that there can be a separation between Individuality and that which identifies it, called body; then you will not honor the body and you will also never really become curious to see what the body really is, if indeed it is the visibility and tangibility of an absolutely Divine Presence, called You. And if you donít become curious about it, you will not experience the revelation of it, you will not experience the scales falling from your eyes that cause you to have a distorted perception of your body or of your world. You will tend to neglect the body. You will tend to neglect the world. And there are even those in the name of spiritual growth, who canít wait to drop the body. Now that would be suicide, because if indeed you could annihilate the visibility and tangibility of Godís Self-expression, you would do yourself in, as well as God. So be careful, when you want to rise above this world or rise above your body, because that ultimately constitutes an act of self-denial, it also constitutes, what the Course calls, an attack on God.

Now, for some of you who are students of the Course, what I have just said creates a dilemma, because the Course says the body is an illusion and the world is an illusion. Again, there cannot be unmanifest God. God being Infinite, must be Infinitely Identified. And that Infinite Identification is what is meant by the word Creation.

Now, the solution to this dilemma comes with the very first lesson in the Course, "Nothing that I see means anything." Do not read that statement as though it says, "everything is meaningless." The purpose of that lesson is to cause you to release your convictions about what a thing is. It is to promote your willingness to abandon whatever your current definition of a thing is; whether it is your body, or your toe, or a leaf, or the planet, or the universe. Why? So that you may then become curious. "If it isnít what I think it is, what is it?" Thatís when you begin to listen is when you say, "what is it"? And this is when your Soul comes into play. This is when your capacity to feel the meaning of Godís Creation becomes activated within you, while at the same time permission is being given to receive the experience.

If you are misperceiving something and you are believing your misperception and you are believing that it constitutes the whole truth about a thing, then all you are seeing is your perception of that thing. And your confidence that that perception is the totality of itís Reality does indeed constitute a deluded perception at what we could call an illusion, because you are not open to the Movement of the Identification, or the visibility of that thing, and thus you are not seeing it. It is as though you have taken a photograph of a river and you are saying, that is the river, while the river continues to move and be an action, a movement.

A concept about a thing is like a photograph, it is a freeze-dried image. But you say, "thatís not reasonable, I canít do that." Well, I would ask you to look at a family member who you are having difficulty with, and you tell me whether on the spot, right now, you can release them from your conviction about theyíre unchangeableness? How willing are you to let by-gones be by-gones? How willing are you to truly expect that maybe they will behave in a more enjoyable manner? Youíve got them freeze-dried!

Now, let me ask you something else, if somebody has you freeze-dried and they are constantly approaching you based upon their attitude, their unchanging attitude about you that is not complimentary, how easy is it for you to be defenseless and loving with them? For how many of you is it not difficult to get angry because they are not seeing you. And then tell me this, if you express the anger, doesnít it confirm to them that their point of view is correct, and that youíre still unpleasant to be with? And so, everyone locks everyone else into a freeze-dried picture, and acts toward them on the basis of the picture, and you arenít in touch with the real living, moving, changing, growing Individuality that is there.

That is just a small illustration of the fact that your convictions about what a thing is, meaning your world and your body and your universe, stands in the way of your experiencing what it Truly Is. And if you think that the freeze-dried picture is the Real thing, and thatís what your holding to, then you are holding to something that is an illusion. The thing of which the picture is a picture, is Real and Eternal.

Thatís why it is so essential for there to be curiosity, right here! Right now! right where you are, about the things you are confronted with every day. There really is only one thing present for you to see and experience, and that is the Presence and Movement of God, called the Kingdom of Heavenófor lack of better words.

Why should we call it the Kingdom of Heaven? Because that helps you not settle for the current concept of a material world. If you will label your world and universe as the Kingdom of Heaven and you will honor that choice of words, you will either have to frustrate yourself or create frustration within yourself by continuing to treat it as though it is not the Kingdom of Heaven, or you will have to bring into play curiosity to see where the divinity of it is.

And so, Iím using the words to promote a curiosity, where most everyone tends not to be curious at all because theyíve got it pretty well pegged, pegged well enough to function fairly well. And after all, the point is to get everything pegged so you can sit back and enjoy life; which means, not have to learn anymore, not have to adjust, not have to grow.

You and your fellow man are the Christ. And the world and universe is the Kingdom of Heaven. And waking up is the result of a willingness in you to see past your definitions and other peopleís definitions, and see the essential Son and Daughter of God everywhere you look. But it wonít happen until the curiosity is there. And until the curiosity is there, there isnít really Love. The saying is that, "curiosity killed the cat," but I guarantee you, your curiosity will wake you up and save your life, from ignorance and the effects of ignorance.

There is more that could be said, but that covers your question for the moment. Thatís the end of the answer.


"Changes in Government"

QUESTION: Weíre experiencing in our country a lot of chaos and disintegration it seems...

RAJ: Glory hallelujah...

QUESTION: And it doesnít seem that we have enlightened, conscious leadership. So Iím wondering what as a people we can do about that, and what as an individual I could do to contribute or assist in that?

RAJ: Literally be ready to roll up your shirt-sleeves and participate in the change, not the change that is NEEDED, because that is a preconceived change. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and participate in the change that is occurring. Donít try to plan it, you will have trouble keeping up with it as it is. Why? because no man is in charge of it.

No man, no political group, no country, was responsible for the fall of the Berlin wall. No man, no institution, no country, was responsible for the dissolving of communism in the communist block.

"An idea whoís time has come," is here, but it isnít a conceptual idea. People are beginning to feel. And as with the last question, there is junk sitting on top of what they are feeling. The junk is the repression of what has been felt. And it is what has surfaced in Los Angeles recently. And it has seemed alarming. But why would you be alarmed, because something that needs to be looked at is no longer being successfully covered up with a false sense of peace? All of you must begin to trust your fundamental innocence and therefore your fundamental integrity.

Everyone says, a true democracy in your country would be dangerous, because if everyone had an equal vote, there are so many of you who are politically and otherwise ignorant, that your vote would tend to pull everybody down. Wake up, thatís the beginning of dictatorship. And what you are asking for is half a dictatorship. At the present time, your system in your country is half dictatorial, because you have a representative group who does the voting for the masses.

It isnít going to work, because waking up is happening. In other words, the uncovering of the conscious experience of each ones divinity is happening. And it is happening, because there are more who are awake than there are who are asleep. And thus, there are not enough joined together in a false perception of things, to allow it to be reinforced and so the misperceptions, the ignoranceís are beginning to crumble. And that which is essentially Divine about each one of you is being felt in his or her humanity.

And again, weíre coming back to this fact that before you are a Protestant, or a Catholic, or a Jew, or an American, or a Russian, or a South African; you are brothers and sisters. And so, the Divinity of each of you and of everyone on this planet is beginning to emerge spontaneously at the level of each oneís humanity. I will warn you right now, that it is going to mean being more involved and not letting Washington do it.

You are watching a revolution in your world and although there are some pockets of diehards, if I may put it that way, who are resisting the healing and are shooting at each other and generally not reflecting the unfolding harmony. There is, nevertheless, a revolution occurring that is not destroying everyone in the process.

Donít be so arrogant as to assume that the United States is the fore runner, because the United States is dragging itís heels. Who is the United States? You.

And so, when I am talking about becoming still and going within and connecting with who you Divinely Are as an experience rather than an intellectual explanation so that you might spontaneously know of your brotherís Divinity; Iím not just talking about getting into the Kingdom of Heaven. Iím talking about all of you getting into the Kingdom of Heaven and recognizing that here is the Kingdom of Heaven, even though it isnít the total extent of the Kingdom of Heaven.

And so, as I have been sharing, there really is going to be change. It isnít just going to be a new intellectual perception. Your innocence awaits your experience of it. Your experience of it is going to involve the arising within you of feelings, and Iím not talking about emotional reactions, Iím talking about SOUL responding to what is Real. And there will be such joy, and there will be love. But you know what else? There will be a spontaneous conviction, not an intellectual one, a conviction born of experience that will cause you to be willing to go to the ends of the universe to express your love for your brother.

Unity, does not mean harmony of an infinite number of isolated units that somehow are not conflicting with each other. Harmony is the conscious experience of oneness that involves your willingness to be in total participation with every other individuality that exists, with absolute defenselessness and therefore without fear. But you know what? Itís going to start in very real ways, right here in River City, right here in Boston, right here in Philadelphia, right here in Los Angeles, right here in Russia, etc., with Real people. You. Me.

Now, if you want to be truly idealistic, be realistic, so that you donít forget that your idealism must relate to where you are; not only must it relate to where you are, it is going to. Having the conscious experience of being Divine is going to be very different from your experience at this instant. The way that will exhume from you will be incredible and very different from what you are experience of it, at this moment.

But more than anything, is this willingness to walk the extra mile, the willingness to go out of your way in uncovering your brothers Divinity and treating your brother and sister on the basis of their Divinity that you perceive to be there, because you have let yourself into the conscious experience of your own Divinity.

Donít call peace the result of escaping from the call for change. Be willing to be with, to be present with your brother and to be present with the situation where transformation is occurring, with that active desire to experience what is Real, right there. If you have a loved one who is apparently on a death bed, you find yourself willing to be there for and with that one. Be willing to be there for and with all of your fellow men, because that is what will allow for graceful transformation for everyone.

I am not meaning to make transformation sound like hard work. But if it is misunderstood and if it is resisted it will feel laborious. It doesnít need to be. It wonít be if all of you will be constantly curious. If something is happening it has to be the Movement of God perceived clearly or through a glass darkly, but it cannot be anything else. And so, the call is for letting go of the biases and the preconceptions and the mindsets that cause the Presence of God to be seen through a glass darkly. Right where a problem seems to be going on, right there must be the Presence of God misperceived. So right there, let us desire to get past the misperception into the true experience of it. That desire is what always heals the misperception and the effect of the misperception. Remember that.

You are likely by the end of the day tomorrow to be sick and tired of the word curiosity. But hopefully you will have heard it enough times to remember it. And hopefully remember it with kindness and fondness. Thatís the end of the answer.


"You Can Only Change Yourself"

QUESTION: My question is: What Iím trying to express is that, Iím trying to heal a relationship that I have with my sister-in-law. I donít seem to get any peace with it. And recently Iíve seen a therapist about it and the suggestion was to make space for yourself and to distance. And basically what Iím asking for is some peace with this relationship. And if you have any suggestions, because it is definitely a freeze-dried situation in both ways. And yet there are so many mixed feelings. Itís so jumbled, I canít seem to sort it out. And it feels almost like some form of mental illness on my part. And I wondered what you thought about continuing with the therapy as a means for healing it? And it is difficult for me to explain it well, but I would like healing.

RAJ: I understand. I do understand. I am going to confirm the advice of your therapist. It is important for you to have some space, so that you might find out that indeed you are not mentally off balance. The relationship is such that it calls upon you to invalidate yourself, which is totally inappropriate. Iím not saying that your sister is supposed to be invalidated. What I am saying is that it is important for you to be feeling your integrity rather that having it called into question.

Now, I encourage you to stay with your therapist, not because you are mentally off balance, but because you need the wise and simple confirmation of your sanity that your therapist is able to give you, and which you will more easily be able to recognize when you stop trying to convince your sister of something she is unwilling to embrace.

Now, you must understand that the practice of love, is not a means of controlling anything. It does indeed, provide an environment in which revelation, or change, or transformation can occur most easily. But as each one of you know, until you are willing to change, change will not occur, no matter how surrounded you are by those who are loving you and those who are supporting you in your clearer awareness of your wholeness and your well-being and your integrity.

Now, you just Be Love. Keep some distance so that you may remain clear. You can love from a distance. And I encourage you to wait until she approaches you.

I know every one of you has someone in your life that you would like to be able to help, with whatever clarity you have arrived at at this point in your life. And it seems to you that something that has meant something to you ought to have meaning for someone else. And that what you have learned ought to empower you to make positive changes occur. But it does not work that way. Revelation of Truth does not give you power over anything. But it does allow you to have a degree of clarity within you that brings forth your experience of peace, which allows you therefore to be a more benign presenceóBenign, meaning non-threatening. And when you are not trying to change anyone, you are perceived as safe. And when someone perceives themselves to be safe, they can let down their defenses.

Give your sister space and give yourself space, indeed. And in the space that you provide yourself, you will have an opportunity to find out that you have always been balanced mentally.

I would go quite insane, literally, if I thought that because I was the direct expression of God I ought to be able to heal every single one of you of your ignorance, at this moment, whether you wanted to be healed or not. And the reason I would drive myself crazy, is because I canít do it. Now, some of you think that anyone who is empowered by the Holy Spirit, anyone who is Awake, anyone who is consciously the Son of God ought to be able to override something illusory, called the ego.

Well Iíll tell you something: The ego is so illusory that nothing can be done to it. It isnít your ego that has power. It is that in you which is essentially Divine empowering a false belief that you are harboring. And the minute you withdraw your investment of energy in a belief, or in what you would call the ego, you will find the ignorance, the distortion of your perception yielding to the clear perception of reality. You are the Sons and Daughters of God and I cannot override you. In other words, I cannot enforce your good upon you. At the bottom line, if you are not experiencing your good and your fulfillment, it is because of a decision you have made. And until you unmake that decision, by power of your own everlasting authority, you cannot hear truly of the good that I would share with you.

Now Iím going to put it a different way that you might not have thought about. I cannot inflict your good upon you. I cannot override your free will. You cannot override each others free will. And as soon as all of you recognize that, you will become more self-responsible. And you will stop waiting for me or someone else to change you. And in that realization you will feel immediately empowered, less able to interpret yourself to yourself as a victim. And you will be able to more conscientiously embrace your birthright as the Son or the Daughter of God.

Now, although I cannot change you, I can be and am present at all times, standing in conscious and conscientious support of your clarity. The gift of my undistorted perception of you is constantly being provided to you, not only by me but by all of the brotherhood who are Awake. In order to receive it, you are going to have to let it in. In order to let it in, you are going to have to become defenseless. In order to become defenseless, you are going to have to let go of your convictions as to what things are and how things work. And you know what? I donít hold the key to the door. You do! I donít have access to the switch that makes your decisions. You do! No one else in your family or your world is able to get to that switch.

And most of you who are "helpers," have not yet become clear on the fact that you donít have access to the switch. And you do frustrate yourselves with attempting to make changes that it is not in your power to make. Those of you who have gotten the idea, those of you who are "helpers," and I am speaking of psychiatrist, and psychologist and therapists; do not engage in attempting to be the healer, but you empower the ones you are working with by telling them that they indeed have the power, as I am doing right now with you. This empowers that one and relieves you as the helper from a false sense of responsibility and the frustration that comes from not being able to carry out that responsibility.

Now, indeed, give yourself space and wait until your sister has indicated a readiness to be open to a new relationship by coming forward to you and saying, "can we talk." And do not labor longer under the idea that you by virtue of your love ought to be able to make a change, even if it isnít wanted. It is not appropriate for you to be suffering from a sense of failure, when there is no possibility of success, because the power isnít in your hands. And I want you to be happy, genuinely, truly and appropriately happy.

A post script: This does not constitute abandoning your sister. It simply means that you are becoming wise and expressing and living the wisdom. It is not necessary for you to maintain a freeze-dried picture of her. But it is also not necessary for you to go in and try to break up the freeze-dried picture. And so, even though you withdraw from the arena of attempting to make change, it does not mean that you must have a negative picture of her. You can still recognize the fundamental truth of her Being.

And there is something else you can do too: You can entrust her to the Father; you can entrust her to the Holy Spirit; you can even entrust her to her guide. She is not helpless! She is not without help! You know what happens when you do that? It means that you see her as being worthy of Godís Love. And that constitutes a joining with her, at the level of the Truth about her and that does strengthen her, even if you do not see her, even if you do not write to her, even if you do not talk to her on the phone. Be at peace. Thatís the end of the answer.


"Caring What Other's Think About You"

QUESTION: Hello guys.

RAJ: Indeed, there are not only a lot of you here; there are a lot of us here.

QUESTION: Thatís wonderful. Well, I have a couple of things. First is: Through the healing that Iím doing these days, I have discovered that something I have been doing since very early in my life was, lifting out of my body, energetically. And Iíve been trying to focus on being more grounded lately. And Iím wondering if you can share any insights on appropriate ways to do this.

And the second thing was: Sometimes Iím at a mental level I know that this is an ego thing and so forth, but I end up finding myself trying to conform to projections that I make about others perceptions of me, at any given encounter. And Iím looking for a way out of that trap.

RAJ: I will tell you that, the only way out of that trap, is to be looking to a different source than others expectations or your best judgment as to what their expectations might be. You need to have a source that is more original. Obviously, your projections will have to be based upon past experience or memory. That means that it is impossible then for your behavior to be original. And as long as it is not original, it means that everyone around you is deprived of the gift you have to give, which is to be that angleónot the best word, but it worksóthe best angle of expression of the Fatherís will. You are here. You exist. You experience existence because you are the direct expression of the Father; not identical, as I said earlier, with any other individual expression, even though you cannot be unidentical. Therefore, the specific expression of you is essential to the whole, if I may put it that way.

Therefore, I encourage you to withdraw your attention from what others say they expect of you. And I encourage you to withdraw your investment of energy in what you project they expect of you. And I dare you, I challenge you to start listening deeper within yourself and know that what you are feeling for is something you will recognize as that which you love. In other words, you will feel perfectly congruent with it. It will feel like fulfillment of purpose to you. And then begin to let it flow and let the chips fall where they may.

Well, Iím going to put it this way: If Paul came in here today and decided that he was going to answer your question and everyone elseís question based upon his memory, rather than listening at the edge of the unknown; he quite possibly could speak in a stimulating fashion; but not for long, because he would constantly be gauging his answers on everyoneís responses. And slowly he would give up his allegiance to his memory and would begin to serve the nods, or the frowns, or the shakes of the heads, or the tears, or the joy. And where initially he might have sounded stimulating, he would become boring, because you would not get from him anything that your behavior didnít allow for. And you wouldnít come back tomorrow and I wouldnít blame you.

That which is real, that which is meaningful, that which is original, that which not only fits but promotes inspiration and insight and revelation, comes from your willingness to stand at the edge of the unknown in you so that you might watch and feel the coming forth of the expression of God that you are the embodiment of.

Now if you have--and you have--if you have developed an agreement with those you deal with, whereby you will respond in certain ways to them and they know that they can expect you to behave in a certain way; and that in effect they have a certain amount of control over you; if indeed this kind of mutual agreement to do a limiting dance with each other has occurred; then if you begin to listen to a different place and you begin to be a clearer expression of the originality of you, O-o-o-oh it is going to elicit some negative response because you didnít tell them you were not playing the game anymore. You didnít tell them that you were not going to dance anymore. And you had an agreement! And you know what? Youíre going to have to say, "tough luck, find someone else to dance with."

Now, just for the sake of clarity here: To not be doing the dance anymore, does not mean it is an act of independence and separation. Actually, to dance the dance with them, according to a mutual agreement for behavior that the two of you have come to, that has constituted withdrawal and separation from what you Divinely Are. You could ultimately say it has constituted a withdrawal from God and a decision to stand by yourselfómeaning separate from Godóand with someone else on the basis of a mutual agreement as to "appropriate behavior," but that appropriate behavior does not involve being connected with yourself. And so, you have lost the originality; ALL of you have, to the degree that you have this mutual agreement with someone else. And in terms of the Course, that mutual agreement with someone else to something that does not in anyway relate to the Fatherís will, constitutes a special relationship.

That is what a special relationship is: An agreement to accept a certain thing as truth without checking in first to see what Truth is. And the mutual agreement to validate something that doesnít relate to Truth; in other words, an illusion, is what constitutes a special relationship. You break the special relationship and gain your freedom by listening, giving your attention to a different place.

Now, all of you have had a good feeling about untying the umbilical cord or cutting the umbilical cord. I want you to have that same kind of positive feeling when it comes to breaking off a special relationship; a mutual agreement to behave in a certain way, where both parties get a certain amount of satisfaction and peace, while still not being connected with their essential Divinity. And you break the special relationship by establishing contact, you might say, with your essential Being, or by establishing a relationship with your guide, or me, or the Holy Spirit, or the Father, because you can count on it. If you are listening to the Holy spirit, it will not cater, it will not cater to any lingering ego self-definitions. And it will promote your being original rather than repetitive mannerisms and thoughts that arise out of your memory.

And there are those of you in the group, aside from the gentleman Iím speaking to, who know I am speaking to them also. The originality of your Being is bound to come forth because it is the Movement of God right there where you are. And as long as one is engaged in a special relationship, which doesnít take God into account, one cannot be comfortable because one is not taking oneself into account. And you cannot be in a state of self-denial and be comfortable.

There is a real simple answer to your question, stop doing it! just stop doing it! Thatís the end of the answer.



QUESTION: My question is: Iíve been working with a couple of guides for quite a while and every once in a while I feel a switch from one guide to another. I can perceive the entity, or whatever, right next to me, whether itís a guide or my higher self. And right now Iím feeling a switch from one peaceful, loving, secure entity to another. And I was wondering whatís actually going on? I have more trust in it, because itís happened before. I have more faith that I can be secure in that. And I just wanted clarification on that.

And my other question is: Someone mentioned about changing names or finding their name, and I keep coming up with within myself a name that Iíve always had an attraction for. And Iím wondering whatís that all about? And my oldest daughter came to me last week and said she wanted to change her middle name to the same name. And Iím just curious about those two things.

RAJ: As regards the name, I encourage you to listen further, and let there be the conscious intent to have no preference whatsoever. There is further clarification for you in this respect and it is not appropriate for me to comment further about it.

What was the first part of your question about?

QUESTION: My guide or higher self. I believe itís a guide switching from one, I feel like Iím changing channels.

RAJ: I understand. Although you have only one guide, and for lack of better words, I will say specifically assigned to you. There are others working with you in conjunction with your guide. I do encourage you to allow this shift to occur. I also want you to know that you do not need to be hesitant to ask challenging questions or to say, "why is this happening? Why is this switch occurring? What purpose does it serve?" Do not feel that you are being too nosy.

Again, practice curiosity so that you might have a clearer picture. And enjoy the proof of the fact that thereís more than one with you. And this is true of everyone else as well. But you are speaking of having the experience of more than one standing with you on behalf of your awakening.

Now, Iím going to encourage all of you not to value understanding quite as much as you do. (Laughter) I cannot say this too often: You cannot understand your way, you will not understand your way into the Kingdom of Heaven. You will feel your way in, not gropingly like a blind person, but you will feel your way into the full conscious experience of the Kingdom of Heaven with your Soul. Even more accurately, you will feel your way into the full conscious experience of the Kingdom of Heaven AS Soul.

Understanding is something you require when you need to be in control; plain, pure and simple. And if you are in control you cannot possibly be yielding to the Fatherís will. Again, letís steer clear of grand religious definitions of words such as, yielding to the Fatherís will. Your will, when it is not covered over by your belief systems, is the Fatherís will. And ultimately, when you are yielding to the Fatherís will, you are coming home into your right Mind and your true conscious experience of your ability to have an intent.

And so, you are coming back into your Sanity when you are yielding to the Fatherís will, meaning that you are not any longer choosing to have a point of view different from the Fatherís but matching some cohorts point of view, with whom you have decided to join in a special relationship.

If you will allow yourself to be in the not-knowing place without any intent of understanding anything by virtue of the conscious use of logic or thinking, you will find revelation occurring, you will find yourself beginning to know things. And because of the knowing reflects the all knowing mind of God, it will be understandable but the understanding will not have been arrived at through logic or reasoning. And then when you express yourself from your knowing, everyone around you will say, "what wisdom he has. What wisdom she has. How clear I feel when I am around him or her. I love being with him or her." And you will have respect, but not because you have earned it by understanding anything through an intellectual process. You value your thinking and your ability to reason, as though that was what identified you and gave you value. And that is where you tend to agree with one another and hold each other to that activity of good clear correct thinking and reasoning.

God is all Knowing. And it is the word "Knowing" that needs to be stressed, and not the word "all." True God Knows everything, but it comes from being All Knowing. The Conscious experience of Knowing is God Being or God being God is a Movement of Knowing without any thinking associated with it.

Now, the statement, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free," takes on new meaning. It isnít what you know that sets you free, it is letting yourself into that place where revelation can occur and you find yourself knowing something, that what you know sets you free. What sets you free is the Movement of God in your consciousness, not a movement in your consciousness, whereby you arrive at a conclusion and can make a decision that everyone else can applaud.

I will tell you something: You donít know what truth is until you listen for it. The Movement of God is best expressed in the words, "Behold, I make all things new." It is a Movement of making all things new, therefore what was revealed to you yesterday must be listened for again, today.

Do not listen and then think out of habit that you must accumulate what you have heard and store it away for further use, because your ability to be appropriate, your ability to be congruent, your ability to embody the Movement of God requires you to be listening in the moment in which God is Being; which is always the moment of conscious experience that is occurring now.

Do you realize that that means you donít have to accumulate skill at living life. You only have to, let us say, develop skill at paying attention in the moment and then knowing how to be appropriate in the moment will be automatic. That does mean entrusting yourself into the moment. It is a most gratifying and fulfilling experience. So, be careful, as I said, not to value your understanding to highly. Thatís the end of the answer.


"On Being You"

QUESTION: I want to know if you can make any comments about this energy that seems to be stuck in my throat and seems to have something to do with integrating my emotional side. Itís been with me for a couple of years. And I donít know if I need to say anymore about it.

RAJ: No, indeed. Who are you trying to save by not expressing yourself? You do not have to answer that. You are sitting on your own feelings. You are sitting on your self in order to shield someone from you. And you cannot do it and feel comfortable. Actually, you know who this one is. But I will tell you that this ONE is just being used as an excuse by you for not simply going ahead and being you.

Paul understands, because there are times that he tries to protect people from me. (Laughter) But you see, you cannot engage in that action for very long without depleting yourself, without being uncomfortable. You need to love yourself enough to stop justifying squelching yourself. All you are protecting anybody from is something quite wonderful. And Iím not trying to butter you up, Iím telling you the truth. And you must stop.

The only reason this gathering is occurring is because Paul is willing to be present and throw caution to the wind and let the chips fall where they may. It pays off because it is indeed all of your thinking and your judgment inside your head that provides the blocks to the meaningful expression of the presence that you Are. And so, instead of protecting everyone, you are depriving everyone. You arenít really doing them a service. You know, whenever any of you try to avoid making waves for someone else, you are depriving them of the Movement that they can get hold of to move, to grow, to feel the fullness of life.

Do you realize that you canít do anything without affecting everyone, even doing nothing affects them; it means that someone is one car length closer to home, or one person closer to the cashier.

Let it all hang out. And donít feel that you must let it out perfectly. The more you entrust yourself to the movement of letting it out, the more perfect and more beautiful what comes out will be. And I will tell you something else: You can go around and check out with some psychics, or with some others who are channeling, perhaps in hopes of finding a more complex explanation, but donít waste your time avoiding simply letting it all hang out. Thatís the end of the answer.


"The Holy Spirit"

QUESTION: Please tell me all about the Holy Spirit. Lately in my life, I have a need for Him, and Iíd like to know a lot more about Him. Thank you.

RAJ: I am sorry to disappoint you, but the Holy Spirit is a her, (lots of laughter) ...and a Him. Youíre going to be glad you asked.

The Holy Spirit is your Divinity held in trust while you dally with the ego. If you are the Daughter of God, or you are the Son of Godóif you are, in other words, the direct expression of the Father/Mother Godóthen where on earth do you think the infinity of You goes, or has gone, while you have explored an experience of limitation? It canít go anywhere! Itís infinite. And so, while you ignore It in favor of exploring a limited perception of the Kingdom of Heaven, It remains and It is called the Holy Spirit.

When you re-access your Divinity and you are no longer holding yourself apart from the Father with your own private, personal vantage point or perception of the Kingdom of Heaven, there will no longer be a thing referred to as the Holy Spirit. There will be the Father and the Son, or the Father and the Daughter. There will be the Father in action that constitutes the Son or Daughter, and there will not be a Trinity. And, in fact, the two-ness of the Father and Son will not be referred to either, because in all cases the Son or the Daughteróas you currently perceive itówill be experienced to be identical [to the Father].

Why do you suppose that the Holy Spirit is able to turn your every experience to your advantage when you turn things over to It? Because in turning it over to the Holy Spirit, you are turning your present sense of yourself over to what you Are already, infinitely speaking. And it is a giving permission for congruence to occur. And when congruence occurs, clarity occurs and your misperception goes out the window and you say, "I have an improved experience," or what the Course refers to as a "happy dream" instead of an unhappy dream.

What do you think Pentecost was? I will tell you at the bottom line, it was a day of great grief. A day of such grief on the part of my disciples, that you could say they abandoned all hope. In other words, they were not exercising their own free will. They did not feel personally competent. And in giving up, you might say, on being competent, they became receptive to the Holy Spirit, which filled them. In other words, that which they Divinely were filled who they seemed to be, humanly speaking, and everything that they did began to have meaning.

I had said to them, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father," and they had the experience of being that. When youóor any of youógive permission, give the invitation to be filled with the Holy Spirit, you are inviting the conscious experience of connection with your Self in Its Totality. And because your Self is the Presence of the Movement of God, It is then the Father Who is there and everything that you are being takes on meaning. So that you are even heard by those in other languages, than the one with which you speak, or you could also say that you are heard on different levels than just the intellectual level.

Waking up is indeed a matter of letting in the Totality of You, letting in the Holy Spirit, which, once reestablished as the Presence of You, discloses the Presence of the Daughter of God or the Son of Godóthe Christ.

Do you know what? The Presence of the Christ in the world is not going to stand out like a sore thumb. It is going to be like here, today. Simple, to-the-point, relevant, but transformational. And you may not realize how transformational until the middle of next week, or a month from now, when you realize that you are responding to something in an entirely different fashion than you used to. And you will say, "Oh, my goodness! Something happened. Iíve changed. Iíve grown."

You donít see the Christ because you are looking for something too other-worldly. You must remember, THIS IS the Kingdom of Heaven, and all of you are the direct expression of God. And so, it is the here and the now, and all of you who are experiencing the here and the now that will be uncovered in your Divine reality, which means that everything about who and what you are, and what this world is will be enhanced, not wiped out--healed, you might say. But again, itís a matter of the scales falling from your eyes. Itís True perception--replacing misperception.

Now, there were women here who were glad to hear that the Holy Spirit is a her. Men! Be grateful that the Holy Spirit is a Her. And women, be glad to know that the Holy Spirit is a Him, because Him and Her are embodied in each one of you.

Remember, the Holy Spirit is your Divinity held in trust while you dally with the ego. Now you know even more firmly what the advantage is to going within and connecting with your Real Self. Not only are you going to experience the Presence of God as the constituting Presence of your Being, but you are going to connect with the Holy Spirit, which is your True Identity. And so, the experience is going to be very relevant to you. It wonít be a head trip. Itís going to be a very grounded, real, and meaningful experience of you.

It has nothing to do with theology, nothing to do with theories. It has to do with the Reality of you and the Reality of the world. And, as I have said, the Reality of it will begin to register with you when you are willing to say, "Nothing that I see means anything." "Nothing that I see means what I currently think it means." That constitutes the chink in the wall that lets the new perception in.

So, each one of you has the experience of Pentecost with you at every moment, ready to in-fill you the moment you give permission and express enough curiosity to move into the not-knowing placeónot-knowing, humanly speaking.

Now you can use the experience of the disciples to confirm for you your experience of Pentecost. And I want to say one other thing. The in-filling of the Holy Spirit may come through such an expression of joy that it will not come out in recognizable words, but is that what is happening today here? Is what I am saying unintelligible, so "far out" as to be weird?

You can expect reunion of you with your Selfóor the Holy Spiritóto cause you to be more recognizably intelligent and more real and more congruent with that which is meaningful in your world.

I will tell you, that we are not disembodied spirits, floating around in the nebulousness of some spiritual Kingdom of Heaven, speaking in tongues and just having an emotional "hit."

I said that you will not understand your way into the Kingdom of Heaven, but I did say also that when you let revelation occur you WILL understand! And understanding is not nebulous and itís not unintelligible. So, as you invite the in-filling of the Holy Spirit, as you invite the experience of the Wholeness of You, you need not be afraid that they will put you away, because you have become so weird and irrelevant that you frighten everybody to death. It IS important to know that, because such illogical reasons as, "I will sound like a fool" are used as justification for not inviting in the experience of your Divinity. And another illogical justification is, "Well, if I wake up, I will be translated into the Kingdom of Heaven and I will not be able to be with my family. WHY would I want to wake up?"

Waking up will not separate you from that which is Real. And everyone in your family and everyone in your community is as Real as you are. There are a lot of ignorant justifications that everyone is using for not becoming clear, for not waking up!

There was a time when a member of Paulís family went through a stage of being afraid of flying. There was a point at which it was necessary to take a trip. And this person asked me, "What will happen if I donít go?" And I said, "You will miss the opportunity to see the face of God." And she said, "Thatís exactly what Iím afraid will happen." This person went and there was a marvelous healing in the process and indeed this person was able to experience God in every aspect of the trip and it was beautiful. And that one did not lose the ability to be with and enjoy the company of her family. Thatís the end of the answer.


"Don't Do What You Don't Like"

QUESTION: My question is: Iíve read a lot of spiritual things from spiritual people and there seems to be an ultimate morality. And Iím wondering if you can speak on this in terms of especially in the Bible and Jesus putting forth all these rules and regulations in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and many other spiritual teachers speaking...

RAJ: O-o-o-oh I didnít give a lot of rules.

QUESTION: O-o-o-oh, well, they wrote a lot down. (Much laughter) I donít know.

RAJ: I gave what you could call two rules: "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and mind and soul, and your brother as yourself." And that was what weíve been talking about all of the day today. Learning to go within, into the silence, so that the peace of your Being might be experienced by you as an actual experience of your Divinity. Out of that experience of your Divinity comes the spontaneous and simultaneous realization that this Divine One that you are is what each of your brothers and sisters would find if they went within and listened also. And that realization within you, forever will CHANGE the way in which you approach and treat your fellow man, because again, it is an understanding that isnít logical or intellectual, but it is an absolute awareness.

And so, to find God in the experience of yourself, spontaneously precipitates an event that you could have interpreted as a second rule or a second commandment, "Love your brother as yourself." You will not be able to avoid it. And so you could sayóand Iím going to be cautious hereóyou could say that instead of rules I was giving a formula for waking up, for being able to be the Presence of Love that does truly characterize you.

So, it isnít complicated. And there isnít any morality in it. You do not do this to get gold stars or to receive the favor of God, because you are already the Daughter of God and the Son of God, from whom the Father has withheld nothing of what He is. And so your blessing is whole. And you do not need a divine dispensation. You only need to dare to embrace what is already true of you.

Morality... and ethics, etc., are the best rules human beings can come up with to maintain a decent and humane behavior; decent enough and humane enough to allow for survival to occur with some reasonable amount of peace. But when you experience who you are within and in that experience find that you know what your brother and sister really is, you cannot help but be the Presence of transformational and clarifying Love; you cannot help but be immaculately appropriate, manifesting harmony. And there will be no call for a practice of certain behavior patterns that express a definition of morality. Your very Presence will in itself be healing, not because you are trying to be, but because in that state of mind you cannot help but be.

Until such time as you have, all of you, until such time as you have this experience of your Divinity that I have described; then I do suggest that you do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or put another way, donít do what you donít like. Mind you, I didnít say do whatever you want; I said donít do what you donít like. Thatís the end of the answer.