My First Remembered Miracle

Miracles happen everyday.  Some seem small.  Some seem big.  Some people call them coincidences.  Some people don't even notice them, or at least they pretend they don't, thinking other's will think they are odd, or crazy.
So some people accept miracles as miracles and recognize them for what they are (and give thanks for them happening).  And some people deny them, saying they never happen to them.
Well, I have experienced many miracles--small ones, big ones, some that seem bigger than life!  The one I would like to tell you first is the first one that was pretty big in my experience.
I was about 22 and living in Clearwater, Florida.  One day I was driving with a friend of mine over to my apartment to get some LP record albums (that's what we called them in those days!).  We were stopped at an intersection that was like a T, although another street came in on the right hand side (so you could say it looked like this:  /T ).  I was the first one at the red light facing the top of the T.  My friend and I were talking when suddenly the car behind me started to honk his horn.  Normally I would have started to put my foot on the gas as I looked at the light to make sure that's what he was honking at and that the light was green. 
Well I didn't move!  I looked at the light!  It was green!  He honked again and I just sat there.  Nothing but my head was moving, and I remember just wondering why I wasn't moving.  And yet, I didn't feel anything restraining me.  I felt very much at peace and yet not a muscle was moving except from the neck up.  I looked at my friend and he looked at me and we looked at the light and then we looked back at each other as if we were asking the same question (in silence, since we weren't talking).  This all took probably 5 to 10 seconds.  Then suddenly this big pickup truck that was hauling about a 22 foot cabin cruiser on the back end of it, came through the red light from the left-hand slanted street.
Of course, my friend and I looked back at each other and then we looked up and in unison said, "Thank You!" 
Once the truck was through the intersection my body was working and moving properly again no adrenaline flowing, just peaceful driving the car as usual.
I have often wondered what the driver behind me thought about that experience.  To this day I'm not sure who it was who was saved.  It might have been the person behind me that would have gotten hit and probably killed.  But it's also possible that it would have gotten both of us as big as the truck and boat were.