Believe it or not, we are all in touch with our Inner Guidance.  Whenever you ask yourself a question and let your mind just wait for the answer, "The" answer comes.  Now that is much different than when you ask yourself a question and then your mind gets busy coming up with all kinds of ideas of what the answer could or should be.  This is the ego talking.  And the reason the ego is talking so loud, presenting you with fears and/or reasons why you should or shouldn't do something, is because it is trying to distract you from listening to your Inner Guidance. 
We are always listening:  We are either listening to the voice of the ego or the Voice for God, which I call Inner Guidance.  And at all times we have the choice to choose which voice we are going to listen to.  It is our free will to choose.  So maybe the only good use for free will is to choose God's Will for us.
Another point I'd like to make is that maybe it's not about getting in touch with our Guidance but simply learning to recognize it.  It is always there.  Jesus said He would be with us always.  We also have the Holy Spirit with us always.  Some people believe in a guardian angel that watches over them.  Some have a name of an Individuality that they call their guide.  I believe that all of these are valid forms of  Inner Guidance.  Some people simply ask themselves and then listen for an answer, which brings me to the point that we are all Divine Spirit.  If we were created in the likeness and image of God then we have to be Divine.  But we have been listening to the voice of the ego for so long that we have believed the lies that it has told us:  that we are not Divine, that we are helpless, that we are vulnerable, that we are sinners, etc. 
Now the Voice for God would say that we are Divine, innocent and the perfect children of God.  And since being Divine is our True nature, if we are not expressing that in our daily life it is because we are listening to the voice of the ego and living our lives in accordance with the lies that the ego is telling us about ourselves and the world around us.
Now even though you have been in touch with your Inner Guidance forever, you may not always recognize it or know how to access it.  Some people think it is just too much trouble or too much hard work to discipline your mind to only listen to the Voice for God.  The Bible says:  "Love God with all your heart, mind, soul."  Now when I heard this, I thought, "If I do that, when will I ever have any time for myself?"  Thinking that if I spend all my time loving God then I wouldn't have any time to do the things I liked to do.  Thinking that I would have to give up all that I knew and loved doing.  This seemed like a lot of hard work and something that I really didn't want to do.  So the ego hooked me again, got me to believe that I had to give up everything if I chose to Love God with all my heart, mind and soul. 
So the ego would have us believe that it is too hard, too much work to Love God.  Why would the ego want us to believe this?  Because if we chose to Love God and listen to the Voice for God, we will no longer listen to the ego.  And the ego will be annihilated.  So the ego is fighting for its life, its existence.  And it fights dirty!  But if we fight back we will not win, we will actually reinforce the ego.  The only way to fight the ego is to disregard it, stop paying attention to it.  And how do we do that?  We choose to listen to the Other voice, the Voice for God!
Now there are signs that can help you to recognize when the ego has its hooks on you.  Some of these signs are feeling fear, anger, stress, hate, lust, etc.  Sometimes it is simply a tension in the area of the solar plexus that is the key.  I found for me that the habit of listening to the ego was so great that I would miss the signs and would sometimes wallow in them for days at a time (even longer in some cases).  So I decided that the first thing I needed to do was to ask for help.  So I asked the Holy Spirit (you can ask whatever you call your connection with God) to help me recognize when I am hooked by the ego's shenanigans.  And I also continuously asked for my Peace as often as I could remember to do so throughout the day.  Peace, like our Divinity is our natural state of Being.  Being at peace is our Birthright.  It is a gift from God.  Use it!  Live it!
And the more and more I asked for my Peace and asked to be reminded when I was not experiencing my Peace the quicker I would remember to choose to listen to the Voice for God.
Now getting back to Loving God with all our hearts, minds, and souls, to me means that we should be listening to the Voice for God all the time.  And yet some think that God is separate from our daily life, that some things we have to do on our own.  Is that true?  Are we to do ANYTHING without God???  Could it be those things that we think we are to do without God, are those things that are causing our fears, our anxieties, our worries, our stress???  But for some reason we think God is too big to ask for help with some things.  I mean why would God care or want to help me get my work done on time and without feeling stressed out about it?  Should I ask the Voice for God to help me talk to someone on the phone who seems to be upset about something, or should I just go with my ego reaction and argue back to the person, with us both ending up upset and stressed and feeling angry?
YES!  I should ask God for guidance on how to do EVERYTHING!  So to Love God with all your heart, mind and soul, means choosing to listen to the Voice for God at all times--or at least as often as I can remember to.  And the more I ask for that help to remember the more often I remember to do it.  And this soon becomes a habit, just as the ego had become a habit.  But this habit is the road to Heaven on Earth!

Happy Listening!!!