It is the intent of my body to identify the presence of my Individuality perfectly.
I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning and I withdraw any prior conscious or unconscious authorization to the contrary.
I am under no laws but God's.
What more of the Presence of what God is Being right now, right here in the mirror is available for me to see?  What more of my undeniable perfection is here for me to experience?
Father help me not be in a way that causes my Brother to constantly feel the need to reinforce his defenses.  Help me remember what I have forgotten.  Fill me today with all Thou Art.  Because I know when you do I will remember who I Am.  And when I remember who I Am I will be able to be Me.  I will be able to be Me with joy.  I will be able to be Me with my Brother.
If indeed I am loved by God, might I be given an experience of what that feels like.
I know I am divine, but I also know that I don't have the faintest idea of what that means.  And I want to know what it Means.  Please fill me with the experience of what that Means.  Please help me release whatever I am doing that blocks that experience.
"Thy will be done" means, let all that Thou Art be established in me, and rule out of me not only my sense of inadequacy but my commitment to it, as a fact. 
I would like to be experiencing the Idea that God has in Mind which is the reason I exist in the first place. I would like to experience God's Idea which is my Presence. I would like to experience It the way God is intending It at this moment and at every moment. I yield up all of my conscious justifications for not looking utterly beautiful, for not having the manifestation of perfect health and perfect symmetry and perfect harmony. I yield them up and yield instead to God's original, current Idea, which is Spirit that patterns the energy that makes me experienceable.

I am alive now, therefore, my Life urges are stronger than my death urges.  As long as I go on increasing my Life urges and decreasing my death urges I will go on living in increasing health and youthfulness!
I am whole.  I am Complete. I am healthy because God made me that way.
Jesus said, "As I hear, that I do!"
Human effort is the enemy of the flow of the Spirit of God.
I confess that I am not feeling Divine Love for this person or situation.  I confess that my heart and the heart of God is One and the same.  I ask that whatever hardness in my heart is blocking God's Love, be removed.
(Stay with the prayer until the work is done.)
You are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it.  You are at that point and must understand yourself therefrom.
I live beyond disease.  I do not experience disease or illness of any kind.
Jesus said, "According to what we believed, understood and embraced in our thoughts, would be what we would experience.
I Am the Light sent to the darkness to heal it.
Healing with:  "God Is!  This isn't!  And that's that!
Sickness is not a power!  God is the only power Omnipresence of all Life, which occupies all space. 
God is Onmipresent.  God is good and God occupies that space where you thought evil, sickness, etc. was.  God has always occupied that space and always will, with the goodness, wholeness, harmony and balance of Eternal Life . . . the sickness has to go away when you speak this one truth.
What you are calling the World and Universe is, the Kingdom of Heaven seen through a glass darkly.
I blame him/her for nothing, and I forgive him/her for everything.
Hating is like you taking poison and then wishing the one you hate will die.
When you hate you are actually hurting your own body.
Misperceptions are the way you see something when you are looking at it without God.
Redemption:  Bringing back to its original state.  A broken bone would become whole again.
My body is perfect as God is perfect.
What you have refused to accept, you will NOT experience!
I sometimes say, "Cancel" when I hear something I don't want to accept and experience.
When you have guests in your home it is like God is coming into your home.
You are Christ, pure and innocent.  All is forgiven and released.
We must undo the madness of what we have been taught.
Sickness has no power, except the power you give to it by claiming it!
God is the only power, Omnipresence of all Life, which occupies all space.
Appearances are created from our thoughts and beliefs.
Healing is seeing beyond the appearances.

I have experienced appearances as being like a cassette tape that plays over and over in my mind with a dialog about what I think I am experiencing.
So when I witness the dialog going on I simply say, "Cancel," or I see myself cutting the tape.
I authorize the release of whatever conditioned thinking  is present that would keep me from moving through this and experiencing my freedom.

What more of the Presence of What God is Being right now, right here, is available to me to see?  What more of the Presence of God can I see here in the reflection of the mirror?  What more of the undeniable perfection of my Being is available to me to experience?  I forgive myself for not seeing the ultimate of what God is Being right here in what is reflected in the mirror . . . and because it is my Birthright to be experiencing it, I desire to experience it.  I desire to experience it and I ask for help in seeing what is really there.    ~Raj
This page was last updated: June 4, 2019
It is the purpose and intention of God for your Life to manifest His beauty, His order, His perfection, His goodness.
God has a plan for you to come out of this situation (illness, problem, etc.).
God wants you out of this situation (illness, problem, etc.) more than you want out of it!
I want to perceive the Presents of God right here where the threat appears to be.